Rolling Stones Dvd - Stones In Color Vol 2

Rolling Stones Dvd - Stones In Color Vol 2
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Rolling Stones Dvd - Stones In Color Vol 2
A colorized version of an image that previously existed only in monochrome. Full-scale introduction of the latest AI technology to achieve natural colorization. It was so complete that I thought it was a color image from the beginning, and when I saw this, I could never return to a black-and-white image 1964.6.13 The Hollywood Palace 01. introduction 02. Not Fade Away 03. I Just Want to Make Love to You

1964.9.22 The Red Skelton Hour 04. introduction 05. Tell Me 06. Carol 07. sketch comedy 08. Itís All Over Now

1964.10.25 The Ed Sullivan Show 09. opening 10. Around And Around 11. commercial 12. Time Is On My Side 13. ending

1964.11.20 Ready, Steady, Go! 14. Off the Hook 15. interview 16. Little Red Rooster

1965.1.20 Shindig! 17. Oh Baby 18. Down the Road Apiece

1965.3.11 Top of the Pops 19. The Last Time

1965.8.11 Shindig! 20. introduction 21. Little Red Rooster 22. How Many More Years (Howliní Wolf) 23. The Last Time 24. Play with Fire 25. (I Canít Get No) Satisfaction 26. Good Times 27. Mercy, Mercy 28. (I Canít Get No) Satisfaction

Mayflower. MF 160