Rolling Stones Cd - Take Me Out To The Crowd

Rolling Stones Cd -  Take Me Out To The Crowd
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Rolling Stones Cd -  Take Me Out To The Crowd
Odeon Theatre Birmingham England September 19, 1973 First Show. Than Stones specialty label mayflower, Birmingham performances September 19, 1973 will be the release. This is the famous Birmingham performances in high-quality sound, but the present work is subjected to pitch adjustment, thoroughly clean up the sound. Originally, but play had been close to recording, to further Tsubudata Mickís vocals, it was reborn addition to high-quality sound. This is listening to Come sample sound source, I think I want to confirm. And this name sound source making it the high-quality sound decision board. Wonderfully really performance of this period Stones, sense of speed Afururu rhythm in glossy guitar ride, that powerful vocals column, and I felt once again thatís era that had just shining.

Stones latest work mayflower label, the Birmingham performances September 19, 1973, recording in high-quality sound

ODEON THEATRE BIRMINGHAM ENGLAND September 19, 1973 First show

01. Introduction 02. Brown Sugar 03. Gimme Shelter 04. Happy 05. Tumbling Dice 06. Star Star 07. Dancing With Mr. D 08. Angie 09. You Canít Always Get What You Want 10. Midnight Rambler 11. Honky Tonk Women 12. All Down The Line 13. Rip This Joint 14. Jumping Jack Flash 15. Street Fighting Man