Rolling Stones Cd - A Beggar's Opera

Rolling Stones  Cd - A Beggar's Opera
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Rolling Stones  Cd - A Beggar's Opera
1. ~ Band Introductions ~ (Chapter Title) 0:45 (unidentified) 1969

The Rolling Stones

2. Jiving Sister Fanny (Jagger/Richards) 3:12

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (unidentified) 1969

The Rolling Stones

3. I'm Going Down (Jagger/Richards) 2:51 (unidentified) 1969

The Rolling Stones

4. I Don't Know Why (Wonder/Rise/Hunter/Hardaway) 1:59 (unidentified) 1969

The Rolling Stones I DON'T KNOW WHY - Mistakenly credited to Jagger/Richards when it came out on Metamorphosis and released as a single, but this is a Stevie Wonder penned song. The Stones were in the middle of recording this tune with Mick Taylor when they were interrupted by a phone call early in the morning of July 3rd '69, informing them that Brian had died. They did not feel like playing anymore after that and the song was finished a few days later. 5. Downtown Susie (Wyman) 3:36 (unidentified) 1968

The Rolling Stones Taken from the mis-pressed reissued "Trident Mixes" 2 LP set (skips,pops and Surface noise)

London, UK 5/13/68-6/68, Olympic Studios

This is a great little song written by Bill and recorded by the Stones in May '68 during the Beggars Banquet sessions. Great acoustic guitar on this one. Wasn't released until '75 on Metamorphosis, too bad. Mick shows us he can sing a B.Wyman tune and when you listen to this one it sounds as much a Stones song as any other, more so than Bill's In Another Land, his only other penned song released by the Stones. I have seen this tune mistitled on boot as Sweet Lucy. 6. Blood Red Wine (Jagger/Richards) 5:01

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (unidentified) 1968

The Rolling Stones Olympic Studios 7. You Got The Silver (Jagger/Richards) 2:50 (unidentified) 1969

The Rolling Stones

8. Family (Jagger/Richards) 3:58 Take 1 May 1968

The Rolling Stones Olympic Studios 9. Family (Jagger/Richards) 3:58 Take 2 Jun 1968

The Rolling Stones

10. Still A Fool (Morganfield) 9:20 (unidentified) 1968

The Rolling Stones London, UK 3-5/68, Olympic Studios

Nicky Hopkins on piano

Still A Fool: Mistakenly referred to as Two Trains on many occasions. This is the studio version of the Muddy Waters classic. Distorted vocal maybe through a harp mic. 11. Dear Doctor (Jagger/Richards) 3:21


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Take 1 Rehearsal May 1968

The Rolling Stones Vocals and harmonica part in particular are great to hear Nicky Hopkins on tack piano, Dave Mason on guitar; with totally different lead vocal and no backing vocals

Olympic Studios 12. Outro ((Chapter Title)) 0:31 (unidentified) (date unknown)

The Rolling Stones