Rolling Stones Cd - Aftermath – Expanded Mono Edition

Rolling Stones Cd - Aftermath – Expanded Mono Edition
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Rolling Stones Cd - Aftermath – Expanded Mono Edition
The Rolling Stones’ first all-song original & stereo monumental album “AFTERMATH”. Therefore, although it is an album that has been overwhelmingly treated as a stereo board not only for CDs but also for LPs, it is still an album released in 1966, so naturally a monaural mix exists. The monaural version, which is such a rare existence, will be released this time on the limited press CD. “Huh? It was released on Monobox in 2016, right?” Although it has not been released as a single unit, it has already been made into a CD in 2016. It was a monaural “AFTERMATH” that was released on a sunny day, but the official remastered it using the latest technology, so it’s flashy. “It was none other than Prof Stoned who felt dissatisfied with that.” Originally, “AFTERMATH” was his favorite, and it seems that he had been searching for the best condition of that mono record for a long time. That’s why the remastering and first CD in 2016 was unsatisfactory, and he carried out a clean transfer based on the best condition board he finally got in 2020. .

As evidenced by Simon & Garfunkel’s mono albums, which are already on sale with great popularity, Prof Stoned’s ability to transfer vintage LPs from the 1960s is another dimension of ultra-clearness. Such outstanding work of his will explode again this time. On earth, how can a vintage LP be transferred so beautifully? That alone makes it suitable for a press CD release, but what is most overwhelming is the attractive finish that fully conveys the natural and warm taste of mono and analog. For example, Wings’ album “WILD LIFE” was newly remastered in the 2010s and turned into a “normally available album”, but “WILD LIFE: UNRELEASED DCC 24K GOLD DISC” still reached the third press. There is a reason why it is so popular. In other words, the current remaster may not be the best (although I think the Beatles’ albums have been remastered accurately). “High And Dry” is the perfect song for listening to and comparing the 2016 remastered and Prof Stoned versions of such monaural “AFTERMATH”. The base of the building that resonates here, and the texture of the entire band is completely different between the 2016 version and Prof Stoned. While the 2016 version is loud and not a little overwhelming, the Prof Stoned version’s rich and natural bass is overwhelming. Just by listening to this song, you can feel that “there is a match”.

Stereo has become too popular on this album, so the feeling of listening in monaural is completely different from stereo. Overall, the dry finish has a stronger impression of being closed and tighter than stereo, and it gives the impression that Mick is singing beside you and the band is playing right in front of you. “AFTERMATH” is really fresh. However, when it comes to mix differences for each song, there aren’t many, except for the long and short fade-outs. The tight and dry finish of the whole is more outstanding by Prof Stoned, and the difference that is easy to understand even if you listen to it as a whole appears in the things of this album. And with the same concept as the best-selling “IN STEREO 1964-1966”, it covers mono singles from the same period (although this is mainly from recent CDs). However, in “19th Nervous Breakdown”, Prof Stoned’s commitment to borrowing only the intro from the LP of “HOT ROCKS 1964-1971” is still alive this time. A splendid Prof Stoned version that allows you to easily enjoy the texture of “AFTERMATH”, the original version of which is very popular among the Stones’ 60’s albums, even on CD. I don’t know what to say, but for those who want to hear only the monaural “AFTERMATH” on CD, and the box version is a little… I can recommend it with Prof Stoned version (laughs).

01. Mother’s Little Helper 02. Stupid Girl 03. Lady Jane 04. Under My Thumb 05. Doncha Bother Me 06. Goin’ Home 07. Flight 505 08. High And Dry 09. Out Of Time 10. It’s Not Easy 11. I Am Waiting 12. Take It Or Leave It 13. Think 14. What To Do

Bonus: 15. 19th Nervous Breakdown 16. Sad Day 17. Ride On, Baby 18. Sittin’ On A Fence 19. Paint It, Black 20. Long Long While 21. Out Of Time (USA Version)