Rolling Stones (2/Cd) Let It Bleed Sessions

Rolling Stones (2/Cd) Let It Bleed Sessions
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Rolling Stones (2/Cd) Let It Bleed Sessions
London,Olympic Sound Studios 10th Feb 31th Marth 1969 & London Olympic Sound Studios April 17th July 2, 1969. From Mayflower label has released material which selected carefully as the new and old Stones specialty label, studio sessions in the 1960s will be series of. I is the title that covers the outtakes album “Let It Bleed” this time.

The features of this series, except that instead of the album order, It is collected for recording the order will now be explained with reference to the historical fact only and so on. Olympic Studios in London, this work is recorded in Hollywood recording Los Angeles between February to September 1969. Outtakes of famous tunes such as “The World of heartlessness” and “Gimme Shelter,” which is played almost every time on stage as a Stones classic fully enjoy now.

Studio Session Series of Stones is a board decision that was covered over a two disk session sound source excellent record of “Let It Bleed”

DISC ONE LONDON, OLYMPIC SOUND Studios – 10th February to 31th March 1969 01 You Got The Silver II (MJ/KR) – 16/02/69 – (MJ Vocals) 02 Gimme Shelter I (MJ/KR) – 23 to 25/02/69 – (KR Vocals) 03 Honky Tonk Women I (MJ/KR) – 9 and/or 16/03/69 04 Gimme Shelter II (MJ/KR) – 15/03/69 05 You Can’ Always Get What You Want III (MJ/KR) – 15/03/69 – (w/0 Choir intro) 06 Sister Morphine II (MJ/KR/Marianne Faithfull) – 22/03/69 – (w/o piano) 07 And I Was A Country Boy (MJ/KR) – 23/03/69 – (Instrumental) 08 Sister Morphine III (MJ/KR/Marianne Faithfull) – 28 or 30/03/69 – (Early mix)

LONDON, OLYMPIC SOUND Studios – 23rd April 1969 09 Downtown Suzie II (aka Sweet Lucy) (BW) – 23/04/69 – (Released on Metamorphosis) 10 The Boudoir Stomp (CW/Nicky Hopkins/Ry Cooder) – 23/04/69 11 It Hurts Me Too (Pledging my time) (Hudson Whittaker) – 23/04/69 12 Edward’s Thrump Up (CW/Nicky Hopkins/Ry Cooder) – 23/04/69 – (Instrumental) 13 Blow With Ry (CW/Nicky Hopkins/Ry Cooder) – 23/04/69 14 Interlude A La Hopo (CW/Nicky Hopkins/Ry Cooder) / The Loveliest Night Of The Year (Juventino Rosas) – 23/04/69 15 Highland Fling (CW/Nicky Hopkins/Ry Cooder) – 23/04/69

LONDON, OLYMPIC SOUND Studios – 17th April to 2nd July 1969 16 Country Honk I (MJ/KR) – 12/05/69 (w/o fiddle)

DISC TWO LONDON, OLYMPIC SOUND Studios – 17th April to 2nd July 1969 01 Loving Cup II (MJ/KR) – (Full length) 02 Jiving Sister Fanny I (MJ/KR) – (Early mix) 03 Jiving Sister Fanny III (MJ/KR) – (Realeasde on Metamorphosis) 04 I Don’t Know Why I Love You I (Wonder/Riser/Hunter/Hardaway) – 30/06/69 (Early edited mix w/o brass) 05 I Don’t Know Why I Love You II (Wonder/Riser/Hunter/Hardaway) – 30/06/69 (Released on Metamorphosis)

LOS ANGELES, HOLLYWOOD, SUNSET SOUND Studios – 17th to 26th October 1969 LOS ANGELES, HOLLYWOOD, ELEKTRA Studios – 18th October to 2nd November 1969 06 All Down The Line I (MJ/KR) – (Acoustic) 07 I’m Going Down II (MJ/KR) – (Full length) 08 Hillside Blues (aka I don’t know the reason why) (MJ/KR) 09 Gimme Shelter (1st Guitar track + some percussions) (MJ/KR) 10 Gimme Shelter (2nd Guitar track) (MJ/KR) 11 Gimme Shelter (Bass track) (MJ/KR) 12 Gimme Shelter (Percussion track) (MJ/KR) 13 Gimme Shelter (Piano-Guitar-Mouth organ track) (MJ/KR) 14 Gimme Shelter (Vocal track) (MJ/KR) 15 Gimme Shelter (MJ/KR) – (Backing Track – OutFake)

LOS ANGELES, HOLLYWOOD, RCA Studios – 7th to 25th July 1968 (backing track) 16 Sister Morphine by Marianne Faithfull (MJ/KR/ Marianne Faithfull) (Released on 21/02/69)

MIDDLESEX, TWICKENHAM Studios – September (or later) 1969 17 The Wild Colonial Boy (Trad, Arr: Shel Silverstein) – (Released on Ned Kelly Sountrack 24/06/70)