Rolling Stones (2/Cd) Indianapolis Motor Speedway 2015

Rolling Stones (2/Cd) Indianapolis Motor Speedway 2015
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Rolling Stones (2/Cd) Indianapolis Motor Speedway 2015
2015 America Gokigen live the Stones to Independence Day went of, yet superb sound source that has been caught in the ultra-clear audience recording appeared once again! Moreover, it was selected to the venue of the Independence Day Indianapolis Motor Speedway. So, we have Stones Live show of using the site of the famous racing circuit in the Indy 500 was done. Indy 500 and the signal of the start of the race speaking the “Gentlemen, start your engines!”, But is also of Stones Live opening will be vacant during strange where it was called to “Ladies and gentlemen” (this is interesting) , it echoed the announcement of the usual “The Rolling Stones!” and from there a little. Even just by listening to the scene of so far, will you are able to confirm that this recording is a substantial high-quality sound.

Well ~, this will get amazed at the beautifully on a sound image. Yet clearness also perfect and freshness is also outstanding. 2015 Zip Code Ultra-recording comparable the seat of ultimate audience recording to unwavering thing as the Citrus Bowl in tour gave us finally appeared! Moreover, Stones of this day is not discouraged even between strange announcement (laughs) top form of rolled skip from opening. It would thing exhausted because of be heard in such ultra-record on the fan favor. Although audience recording of the sound image, such as if the play comes imminent has been produced many in Zip Code tour, there is no such things as sound is broken to say whether, also is Mick vocal to sound pressure of playing such it is also not as pushed, just perfect recording state. Although it is this tour that playing voltage is calling high that reputation in each live, this day even as usual a peppy performance, please enjoy by all means superb sound quality.

I whole band from opening as in the previous are playing is waged with a united speedy, but among them uplifting plenty performances of “Bitch” is great! The Zip Code tour is the same song that violent play has been showing off every day, but the wild playing here among such is exceptional. Still, but because playing wild Stones There are those that dance chest, “Before They Make Me Run” in rowdy first time in Keith explodes (laughs). In Zip Code tour it is also attractive that naughty the first time Keith was glimpse, but a splendid performance sore in this “Before They ~” was a really your stunning can. Speaking of maximum Kiki thing this day “Midnight Rambler”. Even just like pulling and Guigui the playing than usual Mick, there is intense enough to be nailed by listening atmosphere. In addition, this day that he at the performance of the tempo has dropped hum a verse of Robert Johnson, “Come On In My Kitchen”, ultra-thrilling deployment goose bumps thing. And anyway because the sound quality is superb, it would be attractive release to audience recording maximum of this time because taste far in the listed wild in the realism of as many of the tension increased playing is fresh. Clearness of Mick vocal listed before the thing spectacular, but “Miss You” and “Sympathy For The Devil” Daryl Jones of the base-play thick enough feeling recordings state also excellent of in. In particular, “Miss You” based solo to be heard, etc., I will no longer become likely to illusion or sound board level. After all yet clear sound is near. If familiar with this ultra-recording and hyper-performance (“You Can not Always Get What You Want” is of course reprise) release determined by the limit of the press CD, it is not absolutely hear you miss. Absolutely loss not allowed to is the emergence of the name sound source, please do not miss!

Disc 1(63:32) 1. Intro 2. Jumping Jack Flash 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 4. Let’s Spend the Night Together 5. Tumbling Dice 6. Out of Control 7. Let It Bleed 8. Wild Horses 9. Bitch 10. Honky Tonk Women 11. Band Introductions 12. Before They Make Me Run 13. Happy

Disc 2(68:06) 1. Midnight Rambler 2. Miss You 3. Gimme Shelter 4. Start Me Up 5. Sympathy for the Devil 6. Brown Sugar 7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with the Butler University Chorale) 8. Satisfaction