Rolling Stones (2/Cd/Dvd) Adelaide 2014

Rolling Stones (2/Cd/Dvd) Adelaide 2014
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Rolling Stones (2/Cd/Dvd) Adelaide 2014
Adelaide Oval, Adelaide, Australia 25th October 2014 period of December 5 (gold) – December 9 (Tuesday), over-the-counter or by mail order, the general system Beano, Tricone, Uxbridge, TRIAL, Wardour, ZION, MP, LUXOR, etc., progressive system of Amity, Gravy Train, Virtuoso, Sigma, Sirene, Ayanami, Windmill, of metal-based Shades, Power Gate , Rising Arrow, DTB, Langley, Calm & Storm, also is an introduction of the item of gift items to customers items capped two purchase of “Import Title” of this corner. ★ However, you will be subject only hope of customers. When you purchase, telephone, over-the-counter, order form, please tell us by e-mail. ★ multiple of hope of the same title, please refrain. Was me finally pleasing appearance and fan, 2014 “14 On Fire” of October 25 Adelaide performances of Australia tour the first day, audience recording and complete recording take you up to 2 hours 12 minutes. The world of fan media that postponed and became Australia tour of premiere is the hottest the performances. After performances, not for some time recording absolutely up of live, where you had stew is not a fan you are thinking “this day live in I want to listen to the whole picture!” Said, is why book sound source that appeared happily But, this sound source is to have been recorded in the “iPhone6”, actually in the sound source equivalent of habit, say or if pregnant suddenly badly think that became clear, and like Iyamoni sound like a flashy noise of “Heather” is incurred, It was a recording of 30 points position in the 100-point scale. Since the hearing have happen to be too many things, contrary to referred to as “Now what is?” and would listened in a different interest, it is pretty messed sound source. However, actually you can not the unpleasant and “not listen” like a distortion of the input excessive level, since or listen listen part fine, will no doubt be still for the fan is a must-have sound source. Or is blocked by the cheers (break the sound in the audience cry!), And or modulation is essential tone, “how much important performances press even in recording of the impossible” found in the already second song of Let’s Spend The Night Together is that The reason is lead to, but (When compared to this euro towards the tour the first day of the Oslo concert sound source you have strong, was an honor student recording.) The fact is or there here and there is also far from let very good, it is not reckoned with. Will appear in all sorts of sound problems, but in fact it is very rare version is that pretty “listen”. In the future, you do not Alternative recording of Adelaide performances appeared, because this is not a must-have-important sound source, the time being, it is recommended that it should be get and keep. The third piece is recorded takes of compilation “Adelaide On Fire” on the day of the You Tube video was popular in the gift of up to last week. Been taken from here and there of the venue, which from a variety of live video, which is up to You Tube immediately after performance, select a high-level take that would withstand Watching a DVD, was rearranged in song order street concert in, that the 14 songs 83 minutes, to complete recording is far from content, but the quality itself is excellent, you can enjoy fine. Processing of connecting between the songs, of course, I have been also applied polite sound processing, compared to Omoto, you Yes finish much easy to see the video. Only Gimme Shelter, which was taken from the second floor, is regrettable is somewhat of sound distortion feeling, but others there is almost no problem. Sympathy For The Devil that same person is taken, You Can not Always Get What You Want or just enjoy without most problems, especially the latter, has become a very attractive take from a long distance. In Satisfaction intro how the pass to Mick picked something that Keith is lying on the floor, you can check the quality screen shot. It is the video unique also know that it went this way.

Disc 1(76:08) 1. Jumping Jack Flash 2. Let’s Spend The Night Together 3. It’s Only Rock’n Roll 4. Tumbling Dice 5. Wild Horses 6. Doom And Gloom 7. Like A Rolling Stone 8. Out Of Control 9. Honky Tonk Women 10. Band Introductions 11. Happy 12. Can’t Be Seen 13. Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor)

Disc 2(56:27) 1. Miss You 2. Gimme Shelter 3. Start Me Up 4. Sympathy For The Devil 5. Brown Sugar 6. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with Young Adelaide Voices & The Adelaide Chamber Singers) 7. Satisfaction (with Mick Taylor)

DVDR (83:03) 1. Jumping Jack Flash 2. It’s Only Rock’n Roll 3. Tumbling Dice 4. Wild Horses 5. Like A Rolling Stone 6. Out Of Control 7. Honky Tonk Women 8. Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor) 9. Miss You 10. Gimme Shelter 11. Start Me Up 12. Sympathy For The Devil 13. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with the Young Adelaide Voices and the Adelaide Chamber Singers) 14. Satisfaction (with Mick Taylor)