Pink Floyd Cs - Disappearing Bust Of Division

Pink Floyd Cs -  Disappearing Bust Of Division
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Pink Floyd Cs -  Disappearing Bust Of Division
May 5, 1994 Sound check of Tampa performance ■ High sound quality sound board recording.

Pink Floyd announces the album ‘vs.’ in 1994. It was also the topic for seven years since “depression” indeed, and it became the world best seller. Gilmore’s leading album was intermittently done since the previous year, and Richard Wright who had withdrawn from the confrontation with Waters is also an official member and also lead vocals . The lady who was in charge of lyrics in this album will later be Mrs. Gilmore. Pink Floyd carried out a large-scale world tour “THE DIVISION BELL TOUR” that is 112 performances, reflecting the release of the album and favorable sales. From this tour live album “P.U.L.S.E” was born.

This work is not the main part of the concert of this DIVISION BELL TOUR, but on the day of Tampa performance on May 5, 1994, the state of the sound check performed at the venue is recorded on the sound board. From the songs of the album “Madness”, not only the songs that are constantly playing on the stage such as “Mad Diamond” “You want me to stay here”, “Lost for Words” “Bell of Fate” We are playing a wide range of songs up to the latest songs. Even though it is a sound check, it is a genie pro that is doing quite seriously, and it is a sound source overflowing with another charm of Floyd which is different from the tour main part.

May 5, 1994 Sound check before the concert at Tampa · Stadium recorded with high sound quality sound board.

TAMPA STADIUM, TAMPA, FLORIDA U.S.A. May 5, 1994 SOUNDCHECK 01. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 02. High Hopes 03. Breathe 04. Time 05. Breathe reprise 06. The Great Gig In The Sky 07. Lost For Words 08. Wish You Were Here 09. Money 10. Us & Them

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