Pink Floyd (2/Cd) The Wall Tour At Nassau Colisem

Pink Floyd (2/Cd) The Wall Tour At Nassau Colisem
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Pink Floyd (2/Cd) The Wall Tour At Nassau Colisem
Pink Floyd is a rare artist who has released high-quality works that can be said that all of them are representative works. Among them, as well as being highly evaluated both salesally and contentally, “1979 announced” THE WALL “. It is a masterpiece that sold 30 million copies worldwide with the volume of 2 sets. Speaking of 1979, punk and new wave swept the music scene, the old rock was old (Old Wave), even the Led Zeppelin who was the driving force in the 70’s was compared to an immovable dinosaur which was too big It was thought that it was obsolete. In such a society, the success of “THE WALL” can be said to be the quality of its fulfilling content only. And as a matter of course tours were taken as a result of the amazing sales of the album.

For Floyd’s traditional tour it was customary to do it around the world, but with regard to the “THE WALL” tour the set is huge, complicated and magnificent, considering the cost from the relationship such as production, There were only 31 cities in the 4 cities and medium sized. The four cities are Ross, the two US cities in New York, and the UK is London and the Europe is Germany Dortmund. This work, from the American performance in the first half of the tour, February 28, 1980 New York recorded Uniondale performance. This day is also the last day of the US tour that continues from Ross.

Although the sound quality is a wonderful thing to thin it on the sound board though it is an audience sound source, it is completely recorded with super high sound quality in a short distance as thought that it is impossible even in modern times. It is nice to spread the sound and the range of the range, it is recorded as an ideal audience recording unexpected as 1980, so it is famous as one of the sound sources that represent this tour.

NASSAU COLISEUM UNIONDALE, NEW YORK, U.S.A. February 28, 1980 DISC ONE 01. Introduction 02. In the Flesh 03. Thin Ice 04. Another Brick in the Wall part 1 05. The Happiest Days of Our Lives 06. Another Brick in the Wall part 2 07. Mother 08. Goodbye Blue Sky 09. Empty Spaces 10. Young Lust 11. One of my Turns 12. Don’t Leave Me Now 13. Another Brick in the Wall part 3 14. Goodbye Cruel World

DISC TWO 01. Hey You 02. Is There Anybody Out There 03. Nobody Home 04. Vera 05. Bring the Boys Back Home 06. Comfortably Numb 07. The Show Must Go On 08. Announcements 09. In the Flesh 10. Run Like Hell 11. Waiting for the Worms 12. Stop 13. The Trial 14. Outside the Wall

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