Paul McCartney & Wings / Wings Over Lund 1972 / 2CD WX OBI Strip

Paul McCartney & Wings / Wings Over Lund 1972 / 2CD WX OBI Strip
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Paul McCartney & Wings / Wings Over Lund 1972 / 2CD WX OBI Strip
Paul after the Beatles broke up, in order settle the differences of opinion between members over the live activities became a remote cause of dissolution, and decided to go on tour and formed a new band. For the first time of the stage after the Beatles broke up is 1972. Through the remaining in obscurity period of about two years it was of. Released a new song that had been warmed up from the time of Get Back sessions during which as a solo album, on the assumption that go on further in the near future tours, such as the audition of session musicians who put a new band member candidate in mind, a steady his steps It had been promoted.

The first solo album “McCartney” has been full of fascinating music, such as “Love that impatience of”, “junk”, are only rough manner of diamond, have been sublimated to emit as currently dazzling light was one not. Even the apple is much has been described as “Paul has been wasting the talent.” However, subsequent to was a home recording, “McCartney,” “Ram” is occupied by a full-band sound, and in the United States number one singles thing, in the high evaluation of the name board now. And, this “ram” newly formed bands recording members in the base of a so WINGS. The Wings of the first album, “WINGS WILD LIFE” was released was that of 1971.

The Pole led by Wings came out into a full-fledged tour was in 1972. Than it was conducted tour while moving the European countries on a tour bus in July and August of 1972. Set list in July and has been found to vary slightly in August, Sweden performances August 11, 1972 that are included in this work corresponds to the second leg. As a feature of this second leg, there is what to opening even aside. Installation number of violent riff is paid out one after another plays the role of the Overture to tell the beginning of the concert is played. This approach after the Zeppelin and Elton John, will be pioneering figure that would be taken over, such as Billy Joel. And the first song is “young lady I Come out.” And “Bip Bop” Yara Yara “Mumbo”, but hardly unthinkable set list is now, therefore this rare set list has become an attractive live in this era.

Paul had been eye the success as a band, not crowned their names to the original band name, was called “Wings” to the simple. Then, only published a few singles and one album is as yet the band at this point, the song was less overwhelmingly have. So the set list, such as incorporating the music and cover songs that were presented at the solo album, recognition as well a band called names and Wings of Paul McCartney fans are also gone to expose the contradiction that is inseparable. In the encore is playing the “Sally gangly,” but this would be the answer of Nari Paul to the fans to find the oldies specific Beatles to Wings. But to play the songs of the Beatles there is a resistance, but as if a cover, in the same song that was concluded at the end of the concert to the Beatles era, Wings of concerts – the component might be become a close configuration the curtain.

It should be noted that in many cases and songs of unpublished until now, lies in the fact you’re playing a number of songs that have not been released yet at this point. Wings of the second album is “Red Rose Speedway” But this has been released in 1973. But already, “My Love” at this point in 1972, it can be seen that is being played in the important position of the late concert. Also been omitted in the course of the album was going to be in the first two Disc is condensed to one, also unpublished songs that became the thing to hit as “COLD CUTS” after, played already in the stage as a new song at this point and What is interesting place.

Songs recorded in the “Ram” and “Wild Life” in the main, still unpublished song was scheduled to be recorded in the song, and the album was unpublished “Red Rose Speedway” at this point in, tour of this era has been configured. Perhaps many songs will not be played with 2 degrees, and live to the initial Wings youthful, and is rough rough atmosphere are clogged.

This work is August 11, 1972 Sweden is full inclusion in the high-quality sound Lund performances. Further recorded August 7, Stockholm performances even in the same Sweden as a first appearance sound source is a bonus track. Permanent preservation firmly press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification. With Japanese band.

Olympen Lund Sweden August 11, 1972

DISC ONE 01. Instrumental – Eat At Home 02. Smile Away 03. Bip Bop 04. Mumbo 05. 1882 06. I Would Only Smile 07. Give Ireland Back To The Irish 08. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 09. The Mess 10. Best Friend 11. Soily 12. I Am Your Singer 13. Seaside Woman 14. Henry’s Blues 15. Say You Don’t Mind 16. Wild Life 17. Mary Had A Little Lamb

DISC TWO 01. My Love 02. Maybe I’m Amazed 03. Hi, Hi, Hi 04. Long Tall Sally

Grona Lund Stockholm Sweden August 7, 1972 05. Instrumental – Eat At Home 06. Smile Away 07. Bip Bop 08. Mumbo 09. 1882 10. I Would Only Smile 11. Give Ireland Back To The Irish 12. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 13. The Mess 14. Best Friend

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