PAUL McCARTNEY & WINGS ROCKSHOW 1976 DVD Concert Rockshow is a 1980 concert film by Paul McCartney & Wings, filmed during his 1976 North American tour. It features songs from 4 concerts of the tour, New York, May 25 (3 songs), Seattle, Washington June 10 (5 Songs), Los Angeles, California June 22 (12 songs) and Los Angeles, California June 23 (3 songs). A staggering 67,000 attended the Seattle show alone!This was part of the epic Wings Over the World Tour that also spawned the triple live album Wings over America. Despite widespread consensus among McCartney-fans that Rockshow ranks among his best work as a solo-artist, this has only seen a VHS release....until now! Taken from master tape source - the best quality plus a few suprises! 1."Venus and Mars" 2."Rock Show" 3."Jet" 4."Let Me Roll It" 5."Spirits of Ancient Egypt" 6."Medicine Jar" 7."Maybe I'm Amazed" 8."Live and Let Die" 9."Bluebird" 10."I've Just Seen a Face" 11."Yesterday" 12."You Gave Me the Answer" 13."Magneto & Titanium Man" 14."Go Now" 15."Listen to What the Man Said" 16."Let 'Em In" 17."Time to Hide" 18."Silly Love Songs" 19."Beware My Love" 20."Letting Go" 21."Band on the Run" 22."Hi Hi Hi" 23."Soily" PLUS Juniors Farm and Little Woman Love/C-Moon from Australia!

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