Paul McCartney & Wings Cd - University Of Hull 1972

Paul McCartney & Wings Cd - University Of Hull 1972
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Paul McCartney & Wings Cd - University Of Hull 1972
Paul McCartney & Wings / University Of Hull 1972/ 1CD / Non Label University of Hull, Hull, UK 11th February 1972

What a surprise, the rare sound world charisma JEMS has published a dramatic upper version of Paul McCartney & Wings’s first live sound source on the net! Although it was JEMS which has unearthed classic rock / rock great sound sources until now, it is said that it covered even the sound source of Wings University tour. A year or more has passed since the Beatles broke up, and the path Paul chose to create a new band called Wings was the result of moving to “go back to the beginning” that he did not get in the previous band. Here, Paul is centered on unknown musicians, and in addition to his wife Linda, he forms a new band. But it is not only that, when starting a live activity, which is the main purpose of forming a group, we will go on a unannounced tour of going to university by bus and doing live. In other words, Paul decided to start over from his position like Beatles before his debut. Even if the global group collapses, I just take off the strength of Paul’s will, which has shown that he has formed a new group. Wings later climbed into the 1970s Big Group, but the starting point was really small.

Therefore, it is worth admiring that there is a sound source that captures a surprise show at a university, but the sound source of the 1972 Nottingham University, said to be the first day, was excavated 20 years ago from now and mania around the world I told you that. This is new in memory that a non-equalize & pitch correction version was created last year with the gift item “NOTTINGHAM UNIVERSITY 1972 RAW TAPES: SPEED CORRECTED”, but it is a stage two days later that JEMS released this time Haru University on the 11th. This is an audience recording, but it has been known for a long time by two-disc set LP “FIRST LIVE SHOW SPRING 72” which is famous for multi-color boards in mania. However, it seems that there was a lack of information, and if the day was a live for the first time, the title was known. Of course, now it turns out that it was a show on the first day of the university tour on the third day, but it is no different from being a sound source that caught a precious day with a sound image that is surprisingly close. It was an item that was However, the sound quality itself was coarse C grade, and it was not widely spread except in thought, and only items traced from the same LP were also rampant on CD. On the first day Nottingham’s sound source was excavated and Hull University was also recorded in the form of coupling with the sound source with an item like “FIRST FLIGHT”, but of course the original LP was the original LP, “Wild Life” In “, the noise which the original board had emitted was also picked up quite large. In a word, the sound source of LP drop was in the market among traders in such a form.

The version that JEMS has unearthed this time is a touch with the copy from the low generation cassette, but its clear upper feeling is enough to surprise the mania in the world. The sound quality of all LPs and CDs, such as those already released, fell as the live progressed, but the overall sound quality of the whole live sound has improved with no such change. Of course it is a rough recording like the original, typical of a vintage audience. Even with this JEMS version, it is not a sound source for everyone, and it is exposed to strong hiss noise between songs. If you’re a mania who has heard this precious live with items of the past, you will definitely be surprised by the upper feeling. After all, in the past items, especially in CDs, in order to suppress such noise, intense equalization was applied. Of course, this time we have not taken steps to reduce these problems. It is a fact that it is a sound source for enthusiasts in that respect, but by all means the LP “FIRST LIVE SHOW SPRING 72”, or the item dropped from there, the early stage of the performance is faded in place of all aspects All the songs that I was playing are completely recorded from the one note of the intro! The studio recording has been officially released in the deluxe edition of “RED ROSE SPEEDWAY”, and now it is the unreleased song “Thank You Darling”, and it is the first appearance from MC of Paul before it starts playing intro. So he introduced, “It’s an old song but it’s a new song.” Also, since the band was formed as a famous episode of the university tour, the repertoire that I practiced at that time was limited, and I was playing the song that I was playing at the beginning of the live when I was asked for an encore. Is awake It is this sound source that demonstrates it, and the three songs that have already been shown are being repeated. The second round “Lucille” that ended with that is not only a long intro, but also a scene where Linda’s figure of rolling up students before it starts is heard for the first time. Not only is it a rushing band, she is also a good place for beginners as a musician, and I’m surprised at how it works. Or maybe the live came to an end and was released from tension.

And the content of the performance is a continuous line for listening. At that time Wings was reported in the press that “Paul formed a blues band”, but he chose blues as a music that band members including Linda could easily play rather than wanting to play blues from his point of view I will. Thanks to Paul’s live history, the stage with the strongest blues was unfolded. It was also the choice of a man who was convinced that Henry McCallow, who was a blues / guitarist and a strange player from Wings history, joined. You can not miss hearing that arrangements are different everywhere compared to later European tours. For example, Henry sings the interlude for “Seaside Woman”, which Linda sings, and his unique phrase burst. The atmosphere is different from the intro version with the version where Denny Lane played the guitar mainly to produce reggae later. Furthermore, “Some People Never Know” is the only valuable live version up to now. It is also played in a rough arrangement, but it is rather attractive. As this song shows, it is the translation that the performance which was fluttering like the school festival band was developed on the whole, but the band just formed, and this is the third stage. In addition, the sound source which can be called a miracle just because the recording was left. It is called Nogure to say the roughness of the performance and the roughness of the sound quality accordingly. This wild and innocent performance has grown into a band that will conquer the world in four years, so there are no documents so valuable. There is still a momentum even if it is lacking in a unity, but it is really interesting to play only rare songs centered on blues. And again, it does not change to a mania sound source. If you are a mania who has heard this sound source with items in the past, you will definitely be surprised at the upper feeling without complaint in both the content side and the sound quality side of this time. Upgrades to the live Haru University live LP vintage album has been original for decades now!

(75:18) 1. Lucille 2. Give Ireland Back To The Irish 3. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 4. Seaside Woman 5. Help Me 6. Some People Never Know 7. The Mess 8. Bip Bop 9. Thank You Darling 10. Smile Away 11. My Love 12. The Old Grand Duke Of York 13. Henry’s Blues 14. Wild Life 15. Give Ireland Back To The Irish 16. The Mess 17. Lucille

Paul McCartney – Vocal, Bass, Guitar, keyboards Linda McCartney – Vocal, Keyboards Denny Laine – Vocals, Guitar Henry McCullough – Vocal, Guitar Denny Seiwell – Drums