Paul McCartney & Wings Cd - Band On The Run Early Mixdown

Paul McCartney & Wings Cd - Band On The Run Early Mixdown
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Paul McCartney & Wings Cd - Band On The Run Early Mixdown
Band On The Run Early Mixdown. Digitally Remastered

Paul, who had been solo for a while after the Beatles broke up, was the foundation for a new band formation. Wings is a band formed by scouting musicians who recorded solo albums together. When Denny Sywell auditioned for the recording of the album “Lamb”, Paul recalled that he seemed to be seeking not only musician skills but also a kind of “preparation”. The early Wings, organized by Paul, Linda, Denny Lane, Denny Sywell, and Henry McCullok, were scheduled to tour in 1972 and 1973 and move on to the next step. But before the recording of the album “Band on the Run”, Sywell and McCullok leave. The band was in danger of demolition in the future, and after all, “Band on the Run” was performed only by Paul, Linda, and Denny Lane. Although it was supported by Denny, it was a solo album by Paul in spite of the band name.

The recording was performed in Lagos, Nigeria, in the middle of the African continent. Local musicians showed idyllic vigilance that the Beatles members had stolen their music, but when listening to the completed album, the African element is not felt. And now it is one of Paul’s highly acclaimed works, and has been a great success in terms of sales. All the songs on the album are played live except for “Mumonia”, especially the four songs “Jet”, “Band on the Run”, “1885” and “Let Me Roll It” are still Paul Is an important stage repertoire. This work contains a sound source of the initial mix-down of this famous board “Band on the Run”.

[BAND ON THE RUN] It is an album title song. The song that has a composition that synthesizes separate songs originated in “Happiness Is A Wam Gun”, and Paul also announced a song composed of two parts in “Uncle Albert – Admiral Halsey”. Furthermore, it is a complicated song composed of three parts. The acoustic guitar is the main, and the sound effect electric guitar is piled up, and the vocal is not yet entered. [JET] Like “Martha My Deer”, the name of the dog that Paul kept was used for the song title. The concert has been performed on almost all tours from the Wings era to the present day. Paul’s vocal is a single track, and the impressive heavy chorus is still thin, making the mix stand out. The guitar is still piled up to the minimum, and the drum and piano are the main performances. Linda is of course an interlude keyboard solo. [Bluebird] Although it is almost completed only for simple music, howie Casey’s saxophone solo that impresses the interlude is not yet overlaid, it is a simple performance of rhythm box, vocal, and chorus. Whether he likes playing here, Casey accompanies a later Wings tour. [Mrs Vanderbilt] It is a mix that consists only of Paul’s vocal and chorus on drums and bass. Isn’t the melodious bass line that Paul dances comfortable? There is almost no horn sound. The first performance on stage in 2008 is a new memory. [Let Me Roll It] Although there is a guide-like guitar, it has a keyboard-based back and does not yet contain drums or other instruments. Paul’s vocal is recorded on a double track, and it can be seen that the vocal is a separate recording on the left and right. Double-tracking is usually done to increase the thickness of vocals, but this song has a unique effect by intentionally increasing the time difference and providing a time difference. It’s almost an a cappella version. [Mamunia] This is a strange track. It’s a Denny Lane and Linda chorus track, just like the vocal-only version of the Beatles “Because”. It seems that Denny and Linda were recorded in a chorus organization on Paul’s vocals, but it seems that Paul is also added to the chorus, how do you hear? [Helen Wheels] Single song that was recorded only in the US version. Funky guitar like the final version is sparse and has a normal rock number. I think it’s better to feel a simple and straight rock. [No Words] One of the most famous songs for Wings. The only album in the album is a collaboration between Paul and Denny. The middle part contains keyboard sounds not found in the final version. The orchestra and guitar are recorded, but the balance of each instrument is being sought in the song as if you were wondering which sound to put in the main. [Picasso ’s Last Words] The song was inspired by the last words of Pablo Picasso, who died in 1973. The first vocal is Denny, and he sings carefully on the bass. And Linda and Paul will join. The interlude oboe has not been recorded and the acoustic guitar has been substituted. The melody of “Jet” is inserted in the second half of the song, but it is modest. [1885] ONLY 2 tracks are recorded for this song. The first is an orchestra-only track. In addition to the piano and chorus, it is a mix that stands out like a sound effect called Biwa-n. And the magnificent orchestra part inserted by the ending is recorded large. On the second track, Paul’s single-track vocals are layered on a simple orchestra with only bass and drums. There is almost no echo, and the sound of the dry vocal of Paul is strangely fresh. [BAND ON THE RUN EARLY MIXDOWN] Includes an early mixdown sound source of the prestigious album “BAND ON THE RUN” not only with Wings but also with Paul’s masterpiece

01. Band On The Run 02. Jet 03. Bluebird 04. Mrs. Vanderbilt 05. Let Me Roll It 06. Mamunia 07. Helen Wheels 08. No Words 09. Picasso’s Last Words 10. 1985 #1 11. 1985 #2