Paul McCartney & Wings / Brigton Live 1979 / 1CD

 Paul McCartney & Wings / Brigton Live 1979 / 1CD
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 Paul McCartney & Wings / Brigton Live 1979 / 1CD
Wings’s 1979 UK tour included a total of 20 performances, including the last day’s location tracker. It is a relatively small one for Paul, and it is in the UK where it is difficult for the audience sound source to appear otherwise, and this tour is also a tour that is blessed with sound sources. Until a long time ago, Wembley performances and Roquestra were known for high-quality sound, and although the sound quality was inferior, only Liverpool performances etc. were heard. And the Glasgow performances will come out with a complete recording on the sound board, and the dissatisfaction of the mania will be eliminated at a stretch, but the popularity of this tour with the music of “Back To The Egg” as the main is still high, new sound source is It is craving.

Among them, this film has recorded the Brighton performance on December 2nd, 1979. It is a very rare show with only one BMW label on the already released board. This work is a new creation from the original tape of the master sound source used in the BMW label. The natural sound image that utilizes the original material that does not rely on excessive equalization is suitable for this work to become the new and unique decision board of the performance.

The feature of this work is the point recorded from the announcement of the presenter who was not recorded in “Last Flight”. It is not a music part, but it can be said that it is a recording that you can feel the atmosphere of the concert at that time. In addition, the drop out which was in “Arrow Through Me” of the already released board is not in this work, and it can be heard completely for the first time. Unfortunately, not all the concerts are recorded, only “Spin It On” and “Band On The Run” are not recorded. This is a drop due to the original tape, which is why the single disk.

The sound quality is quite good, and in the audience recording, but because the recording position is near, it is recorded as a sound like a monaural sound board. A permanent press with beautiful picture and disc specifications. Japanese band included.

NEW CONFERENCE CENTRE, BRIGTON, ENGLAND December 2, 1979 01. Introduction 02. Got To Get You Into My Life 03. Getting Closer 04. Every Night 05. Again And Again And Again 06. I’ve Had Enough 07. No Words 08. Cook Of The House 09. Old Siam Sir 10. Baby Face 11. Maybe I’m Amazed 12. The Fool On The Hill 13. Let It Be 14. Hot As Sun 15. Twenty Flight Rock 16. Go Now 17. Arrow Through Me 18. Wonderful Christmas Time 19. Coming Up 20. Goodnight Tonight 21. Yesterday 22. Mull Of Kintyre

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