Paul McCartney & Wings (3/Cd/Dvd) One Hand Clapping 1974

Paul McCartney & Wings (3/Cd/Dvd)  One Hand Clapping 1974
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Paul McCartney & Wings (3/Cd/Dvd)  One Hand Clapping 1974
Stereo take sound source of recording different from ONE HAND CLAPPING video ■ Other, ONE HAND out take, back yard tape, Nashville session etc. ■ High quality picture of ONE HAND CLAPPING ■ Various television appearance video etc.

Mandatory mania essentials The latest work of M Claudel Label includes “ONE HAND CLAPPING” which includes studio rehearsals for the world tour which took place from 1975 to 1976 for 2 years, It becomes a set of sound source and video of 1975. Still Joe English does not join the members, is the drummer feel like the culmination of the era of Jeff Briton? It is a set that you can enjoy the state of Wings just before flapping to the world.

DISC ONE 【”ONE HAND CLAPPING” SESSIONS】 Disc 1 of the CD contains the sound source of another recording than the video of “ONE HAND CLAPPING”. Being a perfect stereo sound board, not to mention being a valuable studio / live, it’s not just a sound source attached to the video, but it’s worth it in another recording. Actually the take is different from the video, there is no noise peculiar to the picture, it is a very excellent sound board sound source. It is a feature that it is recorded as multiple rehearsals of the same song as a rehearsal, and even the studio scene between songs is recorded. What is surprising is that “Wild Life”, “1985”, “BLUE MOON OF KENTUCKY” etc. which had never actually been played on live performances are pointed out by rehearsals. Especially “1985” is to be shown live indeed waiting until 2011, but here it is a live take with original Wings’ performance.

DISC TWO 【”ONE HAND CLAPPING” OUTTAKES】 【THE BACKYARD TAPE】 In the first half of Disc 2, the outtakes of the rehearsal documentary “ONE HAND CLAPPING” are recorded. And in the second half recorded in the garden of the studio, known as “BACKYARD TAPE”, Paul’s sole talks are recorded. Ultimately it has not been announced until now but there is no doubt that it was recorded on the premise that some sort of announcement, such as rewriting the same song many times and Paul politely introducing music. You can listen to the cover of Buddy Holly and the prototype of “GREAT DAY” later recorded in “FLAMING PIE”. In addition to this disc, another mix of “Junior’s Farm”, “Junior’s Farm” and “Sally G” at the time of appearance in TOP OF THE POPS is recorded.

DISC THREE 【NASHVILLE SESSIONS】 Disk 3 is spent all round Nashville session. The first half contains recordings at Nashville’s sound ship studio. The singles in this Nashville session are quite modest, whether it is a single B side song, a song of Linda or Denny’s solo album, or an unpublished tune after all, but the American deep Nashville A unique atmosphere is also reflected in the recording, and air which is different from British recording is also felt. In the second half, it contains a monitor mix of this Nashville session that has been rarely recorded until now. Although the sound image is far from the monitor mix, it is a valuable recording when considering that there are many take that can not be heard only with this monitor mix, no studio recording is left.

DVD DISC 【ONE HAND CLAPPING and OTHERS】 Then it is a picture. First, “DVD ONE HAND CLAPPING” is fully compiled. Although it is obvious that this work is the best even compared with the already-to-be-released board, it is clear that this work is not only compatible with what was recorded in the digest edition of “BAND ON THE RUN” Deluxe Edition The recording quality is better. I think that it is an image that I have seen many times, but I think that you can see it by all means with the quality of this work which should also be called decision board.

In addition, a promotional clip of “JUNIOR’S FARM” created from the session at this time, a TV program “THIS IS YOUR LIFE” recorded at the same time (in an interview at the studio, recorded a pretty rough rehearsal of “JUNIOR’S FARM”) , And a studio live of “JUNIOR’S FARM” of the TV program “TOP OF THE POPS” (actually, miming according to what had previously been recorded live performance).

【This work “ONE HAND CLAPPING” and BACKYARD TAPE and NASHVILLE SESSION】 Includes sound sources and videos of the middle of the wings including “ONE HAND CLAPPING” which recorded Wings’ studio rehearsal in 1974, “BACKYARD TAPE” recorded at the same time, Nashville session, and simultaneous television appearances. are doing. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press. Japanese style attaching.

DISC ONE ONE HAND CLAPPING SESSIONS EMI STUDIOS LONDON U.K. August 1974 01. One Hand Clapping Theme 02. Jet #1 03. Soily #1 04. Little Woman Love – C Moon 05. Let Me Roll It 06. Junior’s Farm #1 07. Wild Life 08. Hi Hi Hi 09. Go Now 10. Maybe I’m Amazed 11. Bluebird 12. Junior’s Farm #2 13. Jet #2 14. Soily #2 15. My Love 16. Nineteen Handred And Eighty Five 17. Live And Let Die 18. Band On The Run 19. Blue Moon Of Kentucky

DISC TWO ONE HAND CLAPPING OUTTAKES EMI STUDIOS LONDON U.K. August 1974 01. Piano Improvisation 02. Drum / Vocal Improvisation 03. Billy, Don’t Be A Hero 04. Drum Improvisation #1 05. Bluebird (sax overdub) 06. Suicide 07. Let’s Love 08. Sitting At The Piano 09. All Of You 10. I’ll Give You A Ring 11. Drum Improvisation #2 12. Live And Let Die (The Orchestra Rehearsal) 13. Baby Face #1 14. Baby Face #2

THE BACKYARD EMI Studios London U.K. August 1974 15. Blackbird #1 16. Blackbird #2 17. Blackbird #3 18. Blackbird #4 19. Blackpool 20. Blackbird #5 21. Country Dreamer 22. Twenty Flight Rock 23. Peggy Sue 24. I’m Gonna Love You Too 25. Great Day 26. Sweet Little Sixteen 27. Loving You 28. We’re Gonna Move

TOP OF THE POPS BBC TELEVISION CENTRE LONDON U.K. November 20, 1974 29. Junior’s Farm

ERNIE WINFREY ALTERNATE MIX 30. Junior’s Farm 31. Sally G

DISC THREE NASHVILLE SESSIONS SOUNDSHIP STUDIO TN U.S.A. July 1974 01. Proud Mum 02. Sally G 03. Send Me The Heart 04. Hey Diddle 05. Bridge Over The River Suite 06. Walking In The Park With Eloise 07. Junior’s Farm

NASHVILLE SESSIONS OFF LINE MONITOR MIX SOUNDSHIP STUDIO July 1974 08. Junior’s Farm #1 09. Wide Prairie #1 10. Sally G #1 11. Sally G #2 12. Send Me The Heart #1 13. Junior’s Farm 14. Sally G #3 15. Dialogue #1 16. Junior’s Farm #2 17. Dialogue #2 18. Hey Diddle #1 19. Wide Prairie #2 20. Sallt G #4 21. Bridge On The River Suite 22. Send Me The Heart #2 23. Junior’s Farm #3 24. Walking In The Park With Eloise 25. Hey Diddle #2 26. Junior’s Fam #3 27. Dialogue #3

DVD DISC ONE HAND CLAPPING EMI STUDIOS LONDON U.K. August 1974 01. One Hand Clapping Theme 02. Jet 03. Junior’s Farm 04. Soily 05. C Moon – Little Woman Love 06. Piano Improvisation 07. Drum / Vocal Improvisation 08. Billy, Don’t Be A Hero 09. Maybe I’m Amazed 10. Drum Improvisation 11. My Love 12. Bluebird 13. Suicide 14. Let’s Love 15. Sitting At The Piano 16. All Of You 18. I’ll Give You A Ring 19. Drum Improvisation 20. Band On The Run 21. Live And Let Die 22. Nineteen Handred And Eighty Five 23. Baby Face

PROMOTION FILM EMI STUDIOS LONDON U.K. August 1974 01. Junior’s Farm

BACKYARD FILM EMI STUDIOS LONDON U.K. August 1974 01. Blackpool 02. Peggy Sue 03. Buddy’s Number

THIS IS YOUR LIFE JOHN CONTEH presents 1974 01. Interview 02. Junior’s Farm

TOP OF THE POPS BBC TELEVISION CENTRE LONDON U.K. November 20, 1974 01. Junior’s Farm

ROD STEWART SUPERSONIC March 1, 1975 01. Mine For Me