Paul McCartney & Wings (2/Cd) One Hand Clapping

Paul McCartney & Wings (2/Cd) One Hand Clapping
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Paul McCartney & Wings (2/Cd) One Hand Clapping
“ONE HAND CLAPPING” is a documentary film work produced in 1975, which included the tour and rehearsal of the new generation Wings (Jimmy · McCullock, Jeff Briton is subscribed) at EMI, London’s 1974 Abbey Road Studio.

The thing recorded here is a master board of a stereo sound source with a longer version than a video version soundtrack, and a sound board with excellent sound quality by a decision board which recorded “WILD LIFE” “GO NOW” which was not recorded yet is!

Disk 2 contains a famous Paul piano demonstration sound source! It is a demonstration sound source of only a simple piano that understands well that the new song is under construction. You can also see that songs evolved from this simple initial version. Of course it is interesting because unreleased songs are also recorded. It is an item that summarized the activities of 1974! Just enjoy 1000 yen just to enjoy this! It’s a bargain ~ ☆

CD1 tk-01 : ONE HAND CLAPPING tk-02 : JET tk-03 : SOILY tk-04 : LITTLE WOMAN LOVE / C MOON tk-05 : LET ME ROLL IT tk-06 : JUNIOR’S FARM tk-07 : WILD LIFE tk-08 : HI HI HI tk-09 : GO NOW tk-10 : MAYBE I’M AMAZED tk-11 : BLUEBIRD tk-12 : JUNIOR’S FARM (TAKE 16) tk-13 : JET tk-14 : SOILY (TAKE 7) tk-15 : MY LOVE tk-16 : NINETEEN HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-FIVE tk-17 : LIVE AND LET DIE (TAKE 3) tk-18 : BAND ON THE RUN tk-19 : BLUE MOON OF KENTUCKY tk-20 : BABY FACE

CD2 tk-01 : MILLION MILES tk-02 : MULL OF KINTYE tk-03 : I’LL GIVE YOU A RING tk-04 : BABY, YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE tk-05 : WOMEN KIND tk-06 : GETTING CLOSER tk-07 : IN MY DREAMS tk-08 : ROCKESTRA THEME tk-09 : LETTING GO tk-10 : CALL ME BACK AGAIN tk-11 : LUNCH BOX, ODD SOX tk-12 : TREAT HER GENTLY-LONELY OLD PEOPLE tk-13 : YOU GAVE ME THE ANSWER tk-14 : WAITING FOR THE SUN TO SHINE tk-15 : SHE GOT IT GOOD tk-16 : BLACKPOOL tk-17 : SUNSHINE IN YOUR HAIR tk-18 : GIRLFRIEND tk-19 : I LOST MY LITTLE GIRL tk-20 : UPON A HILL tk-21 : SEA tk-22 : LOVE IS YOUR ROAD, LOVE IS MY ROAD tk-23 : SWEET LITTLE BIRD tk-24 : PARTNERS IN CRIME tk-25 : SUICIDE tk-26 : DR. PEPPER ◆Recorded live at EMI, Abbey Road Studios, One Hand Clapping 1974 & Piano Demo 1974