Paul McCartney & Wings (2Cd) Boston 1976 Steve Hopkins Master Tapes

Paul McCartney & Wings (2Cd) Boston 1976 Steve Hopkins Master Tapes
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Paul McCartney & Wings (2Cd) Boston 1976 Steve Hopkins Master Tapes
Paul McCartney & Wings / Boston 1976 Steve Hopkins Master Tapes / 2CD / Non Label Live at Boston Garden, Boston, MA, USA 22nd May 1976

This week I am very pleased to release the best audience album produced by Wings 1976 Over America Tour. That’s May 22nd in Boston. Anyway, the sound is incredibly good. The sound recorded using the original cassette Densuke SONY TC-152SD (an overseas model of TC-2850SD) is extremely on and off sound image. And the freshness is also wonderful. If this sound source had been released in real time, it would have been announced as a “sound board”. Originally, the Over America Tour is only at the peak of the time, and there is a finest audience where it is needed. The first day of the tour is Fort Worth, Detroit, Toronto and the last day of the tour is LA Forum. The LA Forum was recorded by Mike Millard, and it is expected that master tapes will appear in the future. ‥ However, Boston is the best recording that reigns at the top of the high-quality audience recording group. The sound is good too. That should be it, this sound source was recorded by that Stephen Hopkins. Hopper is the taper of Boston, and it’s a point that the exceptional quality of it also goes well.

Therefore, a number of items have been released when this sound source was distributed in the 21st century, but this time, familiar version of Krw_co once again borrowed the Hopkins master and transferred using the latest technology in 2019. Originally it was a shocking high-quality sound source, but this version is suitable for being called the final version. According to the latest technology, the master just used a Nakamichi cassette deck to transfer, and it seems as if the dust that had remained a little was removed at the end of the extremely clear sound source. When this happens, the Ultra Quality Audience will be perfect. For that reason, we didn’t have to, and didn’t have to, add any equalization to this release. If you touch it for a while, I adjusted the volume up and down that occurs in “Lady Madonna” to make it easier to hear. To put it the other way around, it was no exaggeration to say that the past items on this issue had been left unplayed, and that adjusting them made them promote to the undisputed decision board. Even so, even though the performance is captured in a sound image that is on, it is amazing that it has a great sense of presence. Thanks to that, even the skirmishes of the surrounding audience in front of “May be I’m Amazed” were documented with a clear sound quality (smile), but this is a scene unique to American rock concerts in the 1970s. Hopkins, who was recording while watching the scene, would have been made to feel intimidated.

And of course the sound quality of this sound source is not the only one. The performance is also wonderful, and the momentum unique to the Over America Tour, which has reached the peak of popularity, overflows. Everyone was really happy to play, especially Denny Lane, who seems to be hustle. Before I started my own “Time To Hide”, I could sing a parody of the Beatles “I Want To Hold Your Hand”. On the other hand, Paul screamed his appreciation to the fans in Boston when he finished the live part with “Band On The Run”, and “Hi, Hi, Hi” from there was so high that it was funny. Nothing better. In addition, from the performance of this day, “Live And Let Die” and “Picasso’s Last Words (Drink To Me)” were adopted for the live album “WINGS OVER AMERICA” after that, which shows the wonderfulness of the stage on that day. Tells a story. In the live album and the movie “ROCK SHOW”, I have re-recorded the back chorus of Denny and Linda McCartney, but the document that the harmony work in the actual live is recorded with the highest sound quality is also documented. High value as well. However, “Soily”, which closed the nightly show only on this day, wasn’t played (there’s also a situation where the customer’s electric power is attached as it is) There was also a take from Fort Worth on the first day of the tour as a bonus track doing. This is also a stereo audience recording with excellent sound quality, so there is no discomfort at all.

Ultra high quality recording with a crystal clear freshness that even exceeds the recording of the last day of the tour at the LA forum by Mike Millard. This is a great audience album that not only enthusiasts, but also all Beatles and Paul fans as well as all rock fans should experience. And for this release, the tour photos have been thoroughly scrutinized, and the front and back of the jacket are also genuine photos of the Boston performance on May 22, 1976. A true decision board with perfect jacket and contents! This is one for the other family!

Disc 1 (67:56) 1. Intro 2. Venus And Mars 3. Rock Show 4. Jet 5. Let Me Roll It 6. Spirits Of Ancient Egypt 7. Medicine Jar 8. Maybe I’m Amazed 9. Call Me Back Again 10. Lady Madonna 11. The Long And Winding Road 12. Live And Let Die 13. Picasso’s Last Words 14. Richard Cory 15. Bluebird 16. I’ve Just Seen A Face 17. Blackbird 18. Yesterday

Disc 2 (67:03) 1. You Gave Me The Answer 2. Magneto And Titanium Man 3. My Love 4. Listen To What The Man Said 5. Let ‘Em In 6. Time To Hide 7. Silly Love Songs 8. Beware My Love 9. Letting Go 10. Band On The Run 11. Hi Hi Hi

Bonus Track

Tarrant County Convention Hall, Fort Worth, TX, USA 3rd May 1976

12. Soily

Paul McCartney – vocals, bass guitar, guitar, piano Linda McCartney – vocals, keyboards Denny Laine – vocals, guitar, bass, piano Jimmy McCulloch – vocals, guitar, bass Joe English – vocals, drums, percussion

Tony Dorsey – trombone, percussion Howie Casey – saxophone, percussion Steve Howard – trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion Thaddeus Richard – saxophone, clarinet, flute, percussion