Paul McCartney / Tiptoe Through The Tulips / 2CD WX OBI Strip

Paul McCartney / Tiptoe Through The Tulips / 2CD WX OBI Strip
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Paul McCartney / Tiptoe Through The Tulips / 2CD WX OBI Strip
Beatles immediately after the dissolution of the pole, although began the initial solo activity, there in my mind was the last band activities. The Beatles era want to do a live activity that was abandoned in the middle of, the desire would be filled with a band called Wings. But in the wake of the fact that in 1980 has been arrested in Japan can groove between the members, especially Denny Laine is reportedly furious inadvertently of Paul. And just so happens the same year end to John Lennon is also the case that struck down by an assassin’s bullet, Wings Paul began to refrain from standing on stage fear the bullet from the audience nature debacle, according to one estimate. Just as the Beatles were supposed to be devoted to studio work in the boundary of 1966, of the 1980s Paul such as studio work and movies, will be put our focus on non-live activities.

In 1985, the historic Live Aid has been performed. Although Paul is once the reason that you do not have the band turned down the appearance, boosted in that it has been advised that “I do it with just piano,” Bob Geldof, after a long time on the pole that appeared in front of the audience , I sang “Let It Be”. Although this time of the performance has been told only Mike trouble posterity, performance also not be said to be poppy, only was away only 5 years so much stage rather, was something that I was surprised with how decline to about this . For those who know this time, Paul is or not is again not stand to stage future, had drifted even kind of atmosphere.

Opportunity and was the Prince Trust of the next 1986 years, has said the later years the pole itself. Paul stood on the stage with a guitar, although blank was made to feel, clearly different from the Live Aid, as it comes through a state that is quite enjoy, “I Saw Her Standing There,” “Get Back “and was enthusiastically the” Sally gangly “. How the hair growth was a little plump Paul are singing a sweat, this guy is coming back to the stage again, was a sufficient performance to be so expected.

In 1987, Paul will release the best album “ALL THE BEST”. Are you this album to special one, not just a best album is that it has recorded a new song “Once Upon A Long Ago”. Paul for this time promotion is doing a number of TV appearances, the song playing in the world (it was Maimingu but) was. Is of course single cut, promotional film was also produced. And 1986 “Press To Play” long-awaited new album since will be released in 1989. It was a “Flowers In The Dirt.” Perhaps this album was probably made in mind that the play on the stage, compared with the previous work that has been built in the studio, has been finished in the place of the groove live feeling overflowing Ruru work, such as giving priority to. And it will be out on tour followed by a recording member of this album.

It up to those that have long plagued the pole would be was the illusion of the Beatles. Song of solo era is compared to all the Beatles, evaluation criteria was always Beatles. Therefore whether the Wings initial refused to play the songs of The Beatles era the expectations of the audience elsewhere, in the tour from 1975 gave confidence to the tune of approximately own solo era years through 1976, played a few songs as an accent of stage I stayed to. However, in turn 1979 tour laid the opening number to the “Got To Get You Into My Life”, was pleased the audience by playing such as “Let It Be” and “The Fool On The Hill”. But they are is merely icing on the cake, the main will not move The fact was Wings number.

However, in the tour called it began the tour, after GET BACK TOUR from 1989, tour of Uri was in the replay of the Beatles number. About half of the set list is occupied by the Beatles number, others are songs of cover songs and the Wings era. New song of the album, it what once like a Beatles number in the Wings era, was only icing on the cake only specific treatment. In Europe and the United States is about the song of the new album has been a toilet time. Is what the audience is asking is The Beatles, is the pole has become a way that finally responded to it.

Paul has said in an interview with the original was going to start a flashy the opening in the “I Saw Her Standing There”. But it truly would of thought Azatoi, the first song is “Figure Of Eight” of the new album has been chosen. Then, it can be said that the selection was very wise. Current ear, even listening in knowledge, opening of this “Figure Of Eight” has become a much great comparable to the medley of “Venus And Mars”. Somewhat tight arrangements compared to the studio version, such as stupid, are reborn in the song that shines indeed stage. In terms of freshly infused with life by playing in live it can be said to be the song that followed the fate such as “Maybe I’m Amazed”. Start without putting Kanpatsu “Jet”, and duet with Stevie became the US number two hit “Ebony And Ivory” is a duet with Hamish. Directing the speech of Martin Luther King is sampled in the interlude of “The Fool On The Hill”. “SGT. Pepper’s” has become the arrangements leading to reprise a long guitar solo. Such a thick the concert the first half was a small pause in the “Put It There” is a rush in the second half finally.

The second half has a configuration that can enjoy the just no more Beatles number. Arrange changed To radically “oath of today”, and scissors begin guided by the lobby of the guitar, “Elina over Rigby”, singles from the new album on the way and “My Brave Face” and “This One,” “Back In the USSR “and continues with” I Saw Her Standing There “. When the subsequent long tour-winning Paul look back now, but these songs will be those already familiar, playing at the time in 1989, Paul is the “Back In The USSR” and “I Saw Her Standing There” in live thing that is, or was much surprise. “SGT. Pepper’s,” such as, a song Beatles era also had never played on stage, singing and in their own author said that one person Paul live, at the time really was and a surprise, there is no Internet era, while reading the concert report of paper media was what I had imagined and this and that.

In particular, “Let It Be” and later of the encore from the concert late is a really wonderful configuration. The first, “Let It Be” and there is no intro by that impressive piano when I heard, but was disappointed to suddenly begin with vocal, it could not only be seen in the video until now of “Let Die” magnesium was given a strong impression in the explosion. And it will be one of the most famous songs in the Beatles is a “Hey Jude”. Although the same repetition, Paul sings in live to “Hey Jude”, this was not nothing more than a surprise for the time 1989 fan. To the beautiful melody first half of that begins with piano, arrangements to sing the second half of Nananana-go-go style to the audience. Beatles era would not have been at all conscious, but songs like was made in order to just play at the concert. Paul is back on the music made before, “This is what I’m songs that I wanted to sing along with the audience,” said Kangaibukaku more than 20 years.

Encore, even this one with “Yesterday,” “Get Back”, and the last is a thing without having to up there, “Abbey Road Medley”. Persistent seems, but Paul is to play the songs of the Beatles, yet the Beatles also live performances thanks to the era song that was said to not be reproduced in full use to stage the studio technology, let alone name record last of the “Abbey Road” such as playing a medley in the live, it was not nothing more than a surprise for the time 1989 fan. There was a variety show called “how far the do of Kin-chan” but was really feeling that “The Paul’ll do far”. As studio version was the case, only this Abbey Road medley, obtained the same only sense of fulfillment with it up to the stage, is indeed impressive ending.

This work, from the early 1989 GET BACK TOUR, which was carried out over a two-year foot hold in 1990, and complete recording of the Rotterdam concert on November 8, 1989. Set list is repeated minor change every time to go through the tour, also has been increased or decreased by the physical condition of the pole, which is almost the same throughout the tour. There may be discomfort in playing the position of “Is not That A Shame,” which will also feature a tour early. The Rotterdam performance are those that have been released as an analog in real time at the time. Obviously high-quality recording that assumes the release, was a set of three that has been put in a luxury box. This work caused the analog board with a laser turntable, in which turned into CD subjected to processing such as noise removal. Speaking of the features of this work include the point that the complete recording from the opening film. Before the concert begins, one to the effect that Paul follow with their own history too, a 15-minute film, the last to become a close-up characters on the screen that NOW, was directing that the current Paul appeared. In this work, it has become the point that complete recording from the sound of the opening film is a major feature. It is an interesting place that cheers at the point each while being the only of the video have gone up.

THE AHOY ROTTERDAM HOLLAND Norvember 8, 1989 DISC ONE 01. Opening Film 02. Figure Of Eight 03. Jet 04. Rough Ride 05. Got To Get You Into My Life 06. Band On The Run 07. Ebony And Ivory 08. We Got Married 09. Maybe I’m Amazed 10. The Long And Winding Road 11. The Fool On The Hill 12. SGT.Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 13. Goodday Sunshine 14. Can’t Buy Me Love 15. Put It There

DISC TWO 01. Things We Said Today 02. Eleanor Rigby 03. This One 04. My Brave Face 05. Ain’t That A Shame 06. Back In The USSR 07. I Saw Her Standing There 08. Twenty Flight Rock 09. Coming Up 10. Let It Be 11. Live And Let Die 12. Hey Jude 13. Yesterday 14. Get Back 15. Golden Slumbers – Carry That Weight – The End

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