Paul McCartney / Studio Rarities Vol 3 / 2CD WX OBI Strip

 Paul McCartney / Studio Rarities Vol 3 / 2CD WX OBI Strip
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 Paul McCartney / Studio Rarities Vol 3 / 2CD WX OBI Strip
Popular Paul’s session series. VOL.1 is a collection of studio sessions of “McCartney” and “Lamb”, VOL.2 is a collection of studio / sessions of “McCartney 2”, this work becomes that VOL.3. This time not the album ‘s banner, but in 1971 – 1995 careers, it has extensively and carefully recorded a wide range of sound sources excavated in recent years, sound sources that have not been recorded anywhere. Although valuable first appearance sound source is of course, it is probably nothing to record on other labels, but a cool sound source that accepts mania is all things that can not be removed if it is a pole collector. Let’s see the details in detail.

【1971 CAMPBELTOWN SCOTLAND】 Paul is a sound source that is singing along with Linda in Akogi. The image which is sitting in the grassy garden and playing is famous. However, it is characterized here that it is recorded for quite a long time, including the part not included in the video. “I Am Your Singer” was a duet with Linda even in the studio version, but he also sings together here. In the back bags are heard the children ‘s playing voice, and it seems like they are having fun playing music played by Dad. “Hey Diddle” is also a duet by Paul and Linda, Paul boasts the bass sound with mouth! Bow! It is interesting to put in.

【1974 NASHVILLE SESSION】 In 1974 Wings was recording with Nashville. Although the performance at that time had been draining a lot in the past, it is the first appearance sound source here. “Junior’s Farm” is a rough mix and a longer version than before. Paul’s vocal has no effects like those in the release version, so you can listen in a natural voice. Which is better is an opinion break, but personally I think that natural vocals are good like this take. “Hey Diddle” is also a rough mix. I am trying this song for quite a long time but it is a mysterious song that has not yet been released. Sound effects and string instruments etc. are added at this point and it is built quite a bit, but due to some nature that it is a duet music with Linda, it may be difficult to release now. “Sally G” is a rehearsal sound source by the piano. It sounds like a light sound match, and it has become a greatly different arrangement from the atmosphere of the original music.

【1974 ONE HAND CLAPPING SESSION】 In the studio session that also serves as the rehearsal of the world tour ahead of the following year, the video work is famous, but this work contains the outtakes. The main is “Soily”, which includes edited versions of Takes 7, 8, 9, and 8 and 9. The out – take of “Red Rose Speedway” which was played also in the tour of 1973, still the studio version has not been announced yet. The performance has been transformed into what is extremely tight and speedy compared to that in 1973, and the performances by this rock-colored playing at this time with rock color stronger than the early wings with strong blues color are addicted to music. On the way, song discussion in the control room is recorded. The surprising thing is that Linda is speaking fairly aggressively.

【1975 STUDIO REHARSAL】 In the world tour which took place from 1975 to 1976, an acoustic set was set up in the middle stage, the Beatles ‘dreamer’, ‘Blackbird’ and ‘Yesterdy’ were played, but Denny Lane “Richard Collie” is singing. Simon & Garfunkel is the original. Although it is unknown why they added their cover to the set just because it is Denny Rain which has many original, there is no doubt that the Denny color is a perfect song. This sound source is a rehearsal sound source for the tour. It is an interesting sound board sound source that can hear the pole chorus etc. vividly while arranging the same arrangement as the stage performance. I played with playing pretty much on the stage, but here I am singing obediently.

【1976 TREVOR JONES TAPES】 Unreleased tape possessed by Trevor Jones suddenly flowing out in large quantities around 2010. M Clodel has also released them, but its full appearance is still unknown. That is the evidence here another version that will be released for the first time is also included here. “Love Song of the Mind” is recorded in 2 versions, the first is take of single vocal. The horn of the interlude has not been dubbed yet, and Paul follows the melody of Turturto toe and the interlude with his mouth. Both versions are nearly complete, except for horn not added. “She’s My Baby” is recorded two take. Take 1 has more vocals mixed than release versions, which is also evident in comparison with the following take 2. The two takes that can be listened here is almost the same singing and it seems that it seems that it seems that there is almost no sense of incongruity when listening to it again and again. “Must Do Something About It” is a song that Joe · English took vocals in the release version. This would be what Paul recorded for guide and vocal to make Joe a reference like the Beatles version of “Come And Get It”. Compared to the version of Joe singing high, it is impressive to sing calmly.

【1977 RECORDING SESSION】 Prior to the album “London Town”, a single recording of “Dream Travelers” and “Girls School” was performed, the sound source at that time. As you know, “dream traveler” adopted the Scottish traditional instrument bagpipe in a big way, updated the sales record in the UK that “She Loves You” had at that time, even now Paul plays at the stage It is one of the representative songs. Initially it contains a rough mix. Although it was able to be heard in the past, what is considerably upgraded in terms of sound quality is included in this work. And Unedited Full Version is, as it is, unedited full version. Although the ending is not a fade out but an ending, it has been decided exactly, but I have not decided how to end it properly, because I do not decide how to finish, fade out from the beginning, There. “Girls School” is a minor b-side song and it is an unfaithful song that is not recorded in the album. Here we have two versions of Rough Mix.

【1979 BACK TO THE EGG SESSION】 One of the main features of this work is “Daytime Nightime Suffering”. Not only is Paul himself one of the most favorite on Wings’ songs, it is also a famous piece of music selected among all the songs alongside the beach boys’ God Only knows’ as a favorite. Although it is the same as “Girls School” in terms of the B side which is not recorded in the album, the composition of the song is quite different, and it can be said that this is a masterpiece in which the charm of Wings is actually condensed. The version recorded in this work is the first appearance of rough mix, and it has become a long version. Linda’s chorus, song composition as if you joined multiple songs, and the children’s voices suddenly entered the part as it is, this is a song such as Wings.

【1983 THE HONORARY CONSUL SESSION】 A British novelist and author called Graham Green. From reporters experience, he is good at mystery and thriller novels, and his masterpiece is also a movie “third man”. There are many other works that were made into films, and “Honorary CONSUL” announced in 1973 is one of them. When it was filmized in 1983, Paul was supposed to be in charge of the film music. Because it is an undisclosed movie in Japan, its name recognition is almost unnoticed, and since it is film music that leads to “FAMILY WAY”, he has not received much attention from Paul and Fan eagerly. Recorded in this work is a more outtake of its minor film music, it is a very source of sound, but also from the fact that as part of Paul’s career, he also worked on such movie music, It is a sound source you want to collect.

【1994 RADD SESSIONS】 Recently, penalties for drunk driving are being severely punished in Japan. Given that there are dead people in an unfortunate accident, I think this is a very good trend. However, earlier than in Japan, drinking and driving was becoming a social problem in Europe and the United States as well. Famous artists also began to do enlightenment activities to eradicate drunk driving, the moment was excited at this time. Therefore, RADD was founded in 1986. RADD is an acronym for Recording Artists Against Drunk Drivers, and not only artists but also actors and athletes who agree with the gist are participating now and it is about changing the name to Recording Artists, Actors and Athletes Against Drunk Driving It is an organization boasting a large force. “Drive My Car” recorded in this work was recorded for charity because it matches the purpose of the activity along with the birth name of the song. In 1994 Paul sang the first phrase and then Phil Collins, David Crosby, Graham Nash, Little Richard and others are singing and connecting one after the other and it is luxurious co-star. What a surprising Julian Lennon has appeared, nostalgic Los Lobos plays the guitar, and the drum is beating the drums. Al Jankovic and others are also appearing in color. In addition to three versions due to version differences in this work, two versions of messages recorded for promotion are included. Paul says, “I will tell you on behalf of RADD, it is a party season, but if you drink alcohol you should stop driving” is a well behaved message.

【SESSION with YOKO ONO】 World War II ended as Japan surrendered following Italy and Germany. It was an atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki that was dropped just before the closing. It is a non-humanitarian weapon that not only Hiroshima and Nagasaki were used by human beings in actual combat only after acquiring nuclear weapons, there was no case of being used even once. Various ceremonies were held in 1995 as a milestone of 50 years after the war. 50 years after the war is 50 years from the atomic bombing. The song called blue sky was always announced in the sky of Hiroshima. Paul and Yoko are the first collaboration after the dissolution of the Beatles. It is not a rock but a tune of the pleasure that Paul is quietly participating in Yoko’s avant-garde music. Linda is an organ, James is a guitar, and Paul’s daughters are in charge of percussion. Paul does not participate in vocals or choruses and is in charge of the base only. In whatever form it is valuable as the only case where Paul and Yoko co-starred.

【THE SIMPSONS】 Simpsons is a famous American television · animation series. Since broadcasting in 1989, as an American long life animation, boasts the popularity like Sazae said in Japan. Paul appeared as an animation character as a result. This is in the episode of “LISA THE VEGETARIAN”

【STELLA MAY DAY SESSION】 “Stella May Day” is a song that Paul wrote for her daughter, as its name was made in 1995. It is known that Stella is a fashion designer, but it is a song my father sent for the fashion show of the school’s graduation commemoration that specializes in fashion. It is an instrument number where a hard guitar is ringing and it is unknown to Paul. On the way, a scream of “St. ~ ~ ~ La ~ ~ ~” that will probably be Paul is inserted. This song is also introduced in the radio program Oobu Joobu later. Recording in this work is a demo sound source of this “Stella May Day”. While being a simple song, instruments are gradually added, and you can know how the song is completed.

【THE BALLAD OF THE SKELETONS】 There is an American poet called Allen Ginsberg. Is it a person like Shuntaro Tanigawa in Japan? There are also many people who know it because many poetry collections have been published in Japan. Paul was also deepening exchanges with Aren Ginsberg for a while and raising it to his own stage. This is a reading of a poem that Allen Ginsberg recorded two years ago at the house of Paul in 1995. It is not just a poem reading, but Paul is playing back in the back. It is a neat band’s performance. The song is as light as I developed the riff of “Cracking Up”, it shows that it is a song adapted to that poem, such as being modulated according to a paragraph.

【TROPIC ISLAND HUM SESSIONS】 Paul’s anime lover is famous. Not to mention Rupert of the bear, there is also known an episode that Michael Jackson’s home Neverland enjoyed an animated video by themselves. In addition to seeing animation, I have actually produced animation at my company MPL. That is “Wirral The Squirrel”. It is unknown whether it hit commercially, but it should be noted that the fact that Paul’s anime love increased, and that he was handling such a project. Of course the theme song Paul is in charge. That is “Tropic Island Hum”. In this work, various versions of this song are recorded.

【STUDIO RARITIES VOL.3】 In Paul’s long career, the studio source is a huge time. A session sound source for each album can not compensate, there is a single project, a collaboration with others. Moreover, the first appearance sound source leaked out, and a new sound source has been excavated in various forms. Apart from album sessions, this series has characteristics as a realistic recording Paul’s studio sound that does not fit in that category. This work is the third version. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed board. Japanese-style attaching.


1971 CAMPBELTOWN SCOTLAND 01. I Am Your Singer 02. Bip Bop 03. Hey Diddle (Take 1) 04. Hey Diddle (Take 2)

1974 NASHVILLE SESSION 05. Junior’s Farm (Long Rough Mix) 06. Hey Diddle (Rough Mix) 07. Sally G (piano rehearsals)

1974 ONE HAND CLAPPING SESSION 08. Soliy (Take 7) 09. Soily (Take 8 unedited) 10. Control Room Studio Chat about Re-take 11. Soily (Take 9 Edit Piece) 12. Soily (Edited Master from Takes 8 & 9)

1975 STUDIO REHEARSAL 13. Richard Cory

1976 TREVOR JONES TAPES 14. Silly Love Songs (Rough Mix #1/Single vocal) 15. Silly Love Songs (Rough Mix #2/Double vocal) 16. She’s My Baby (Take 1) 17. She’s My Baby (Take 2) 18. Must Do Something About It (Take 1)

1977 RECORDING SESSION 19. Mull of Kintyre (Rough Mix- upgrade) 20. Mull of Kintyre (Unedited Full version) 21. Girl’s School (Rough Mix) 22. Girl’s School (Clean version Rough Mix)

1979 BACK TO THE EGG SESSION 23. Daytime Nightime Suffering (Long Rough Mix with false start)


1983 THE HONORARY CONSUL SESSION 01. The Honorary Consul (Take 1) 02. The Honorary Consul (Take 2 overdub on Take 1) 03. The Honorary Consul (Take 3 overdub on Take 1) 04. On The Wings On A Nightingale (demo)

1994 RADD SESSIONS 05. Drive My Car (Promo version) 06. Drive My Car (Long video version) 07. Drive My Car (Video edit) 08. RADD Promo Message #1 09. RADD Promo Message #2

SESSION with YOKO ONO January 28, 1995 10. Hiroshima Sky Is Always Blue

THE SIMPSONS April 27,1995 11. Maybe I’m Amazed (Lentil Soup Recipe Backwards) 12. Lentil Soup Recipe (Maybe I’m Amazed Backwards)

STELLA MAY DAY SESSION May 1, 1995 13. Guitar Riff 14. Guitar Riff (Slow Speed Experiment) 15. Demo sequence 1 Guitar 16. Demo sequence 2 Guitar Overdub 17. Demo sequence 3 Bass and Drums 18. Demo sequence 4 19. Demo sequence 5 20. Demo sequence 6 21. Final Version

THE BALLAD OF THE SKELETONS October 1995 22. Video Version (with Allen Ginsberg)

TROPIC ISLAND HUM SESSION Dec 1987, Sept 1994 and early 1995 23. Rough Mix 24. Tambours Intro longer version 25. Clean Studio Version 26. Video Mix 27. Radio Edit 28. Paul and Linda vocal rendition 29. Instrumental Version (Rough Mix) 30. Instrumental Version (Film mix)

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