Paul McCartney / Live On The Commons Halifax / 3CD+2DVD With Slipcase

Paul McCartney / Live On The Commons Halifax / 3CD+2DVD With Slipcase
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Paul McCartney / Live On The Commons Halifax / 3CD+2DVD With Slipcase
Paul McCartney has toured almost every year since 2006, when he resumed his tour in 2002, except he was heavily divorced. Tour titles are quite diverse, such as DRIVING TOUR, BACK IN THE WORLD TOUR, GOOD EVENING TOUR, UP AND COMING TOUR, OUT THERE TOUR, ON THE RUN TOUR, ONE ON ONE TOUR, FRESHEN UP TOUR, etc. The songs are replaced and feature “old new songs” that make the audience entertain. This work includes a tour of Halifax on July 11, 2009 from a tour entitled SUMMER LIVE # 09 performed in the summer of 2009 from a number of tours. The European tour at the end of 2009 has been changed to the “GOOD EVENING EUROPE TOUR”, and the SUMMER LIVE # 09 tour is a short-term tour with only 10 performances in North America this summer. [SUMMER LIVE ‘09] Although I wrote earlier that there were only 10 shows, the highlight would be three consecutive shows at Citi Field in New York. The stadium, the legendary land where the Beatles performed their largest concert, was to be rebuilt due to aging, and the last concert in that share was Billy Joel. Paul has made a guest appearance at Billy’s concert, adding to the beauty of the end of Share Stadium. Paul was the concert of a new stadium that was newly built and renamed Citi Field. And in return for the guest appearance on the share, Billy Joel now guest appearance on Paul’s stage. Also on July 15 during the tour, she appeared on a program called LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN, and apart from the interview, she performed a mini-live in the city of New York where the road was blocked on the veranda of the venue ED SULLIVAN THEATER ing. This venue is, as the name suggests, a recollection for Paul, who recorded the Ed Sullivan Show, who appeared on the Beatles’ first visit to the United States. Although it was a short tour with only 10 performances, it was a tour that should be recorded in a very fulfilling memory and record.

[GOOD EVENING NEW YORK CITY] From this tour, the sound and video of Citi Field and the mini-concert at the Ed Sullivan Theater mentioned above have been released with video titled “GOOD EVENING NEW YORK CITY”. It is not clear which song was recorded from which day’s performance, but it is likely that the three-day best take in Citi Field has been adopted as usual. Considering that this live album was released in November 2009, it is a speed release just a few months after the concert. And very confusingly, it seems that they decided that a new tour called GOOD EVENING EUROPE will be released soon before December 2009, and that it was okay to be the same year tour, SUMMER LIVE ’09 tour Despite being recorded, the title is “GOOD EVENING NEW YORK CITY”, and the artwork of the jacket uses the same design as the poster of the GOOD EVENING EUROPE tour. In other words, the actual recording performance and the title & artwork are wrong. Of course, it is assumed that it is from a geek perspective, but there is no difference that it does not reflect the actual contents.

[LIVE ON COMMONS HALIFAX] From this SUMMER LIVE # 09 tour, this work is the title that recorded the Halifax performance in Canada on the first day on July 11, 2009 with a sound board and a professional shot. Probably before the release of Citi Field, the rehearsal was also taken at Halifax, which was the last performance. The only performance in Canada during the tour. It is reported that the day began with considerable confusion in an all-standing situation. And on the first day of the tour, it is the only Canadian performance, which is unique compared to subsequent concerts in the United States. The most distinctive feature is that they are playing “dream travelers”. This song became a hit that surpassed the biggest sales record in the UK, “She Loves You”, and represents Paul in the Wings era. As you know, it is a song that incorporates the traditional Scottish instrument Bakupipe, so a large bagpipe orchestra is needed to reproduce it on stage. Therefore, in order to perform at a concert, there must be an orchestra there. That’s Glasgow, here in Canada. Halifax performance included in this work is the only “dream traveler” performed on the SUMMER LIVE # 09 tour.

Here are some features of this tour. At this point, two songs, “Only Mama Knows” and “Dance Tonight”, are released from the latest album “MEMORY ALMOST FULL”. Even though the latest album was released two years ago, it was probably only two songs that were old. Nevertheless, “Only Mama Knows” is on the setlist for a short period of time, so it’s a valuable live take. “Highway” and “Sing The Changes” from Fireman’s 2008 album “ELECTRIC ARGUMENTS” are also included in the set list. This is Paul’s latest song at this point, albeit a project. The “dream traveler” mentioned above is the only take on the tour being performed at Angkor. And although it is a part lacking the painting dragon finish of this work, only one song of “I Saw Her Standing There” is audience recording. It is unknown why this single song was not recorded, but it seems that the video was also missing, so it was not originally recorded. This song is also recorded on the DVD of this work with two types of audience shooting images.

This work is a set of 3CD + 2DVD which recorded the Halifax performances by sound board and pro shot respectively on July 11, 2009 from SUMMER LIVE # 09 tour. In addition to the main part, the bonus track includes rehearsal sound sources of the day and interviews before concerts of local radio stations. It will be the definitive board for the summer 2009 tour. The Piccadilly Circus label has been eagerly tracking each tour in real time since 2002, and has released a masterpiece on each tour. This work is the equivalent of the 2009 North American tour.

HALIFAX COMMONS HALIFAX NOVA SCOTIA CANADA July 11, 2009 SOUNDBOARD RECORDING AUDIO DISC ONE 01. Drive My Car 02. Jet 03. Only Mama Knows 04. Flaming Pie 05. Got To Get You Into My Life 06. Let Me Roll It 07. Highway 08. All My Loving 09. The Long And Winding Road 10. My Love 11. Blackbird 12. Here Today 13. Dance Tonight 14. Calico Skies 15. Mrs Vanderbilt 16. Eleanor Rigby

DISC TWO 01. Sing The Changes 02. Band On The Run 03. Back In The USSR 04. Something 05. I’ve Got A Feeling 06. Paperback Writer 07. A Day In The Life – Give Peace A Chance 08. Let It Be 09. Live And Let Die 10. Hey Jude DISC THREE 01. Day Tripper 02. Lady Madonna 03. Mull Of Kintyre 04. I Saw Her Standing There 05. Yesterday 06. Helter Skelter 07. Get Back 08. Sgt. Pepper Reprise – The End SOUNDCHECK July 10, 2009 09. Nova Scotia Jam 10. Honey Hush 11. Coming Up 12. Mull Of Kintyre RADIO INTERVIEWS July 2, 2009 13. interview 1 14. interview 2 15. interview 3

HALIFAX COMMONS HALIFAX NOVA SCOTIA CANADA July 11, 2009 PRO-SHOT MOVIE DVD DISC ONE 01. Drive My Car 02. Jet 03. Only Mama Knows 04. Flaming Pie 05. Got To Get You Into My Life 06. Let Me Roll It 07. Foxy Lady 08. Highway 09. All My Loving 10. The Long And Winding Road 11. My Love 12. Blackbird 13. Here Today 14. Dance Tonight 15. Calico Skies 16. Mrs Vanderbilt 17. Eleanor Rigby 18. Sing The Changes 19. Band On The Run 20. Back In The USSR 21. Something 22. I’ve Got A Feeling 23. Paperback Writer 24. A Day In The Life – Give Peace A Chance 25. Let It Be 26. Live And Let Die 27. Hey Jude DVD DISC TWO 01. Day Tripper 02. Lady Madonna 03. Mull Of Kintyre 04. Yesterday 05. Helter Skelter 06. Get Back 07. Sgt. Pepper Reprise – The End BONUS FOOTAGES 08. I Saw Her Standing There (Audience Shot ) 09. I Saw Her Standing There (Audience Shot Quadra View) 10. NEWS Interview (Band On The Run rehearsal)

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