Paul McCartney / Live Archives Vol 5 / 2CD

Paul McCartney / Live Archives Vol 5 / 2CD
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Paul McCartney / Live Archives Vol 5 / 2CD
Paul McCartney’s 70’s almost overlaps with his 30’s. Leading a band called Wings, who was in their 30s, where their talents and motivation were fiercely burned, they made a good 70’s. And it was supposed to continue after the 80’s. However, there were two major incidents for Paul in the first year of the 80’s. First, in January 1980, he was arrested for cannabis possession in Japan visited for a concert. Paul is detained, and while the interrogation may end, the band members who are numb will return home. Wings were ruined by having returned especially Denny Lane who was especially faithful “Friday”. Paul lost the band, which made it impossible to go on tour. And at the end of the same year, John Lennon was killed by a crazy person. As Yukiko Okada commits suicide, a number of young people follow him, and as the Diet raises an agenda, there are those who try to imitate and imitate in any case, regardless of time. At this time, Paul seems to have feared that it is not his turn next time or that he may be shot from the audience when standing on the stage. As a result, in the 80’s, there will be no tour, and in terms of live activities, we will have a moment of silence. On the other hand, although I did not go out for the tour, the live appearance in a single shot is doing quite a few. This work is a series that focuses on such live performances in chronological order, focusing on the pole’s single-shot live appearances and not included in many collector’s items. The fourth edition of the film features single-shots from 2007 to 2010, television appearances, and radio appearances.


VIRGIN RADIO, THE JEFF SHOW, UK June 2, 2007 02. Bep Bop A Lula 03. Something


AMAZON, USA June 2007 05. Dance Tonight

THE CULTURE SHOW, UK June 2007 06. That Was Me 07. That Was Me (butlins version) 08. Dance Tonight

JOOLS HOLLAND RADIO SHOW, UK June 2, 2007 09. Dance Tonight (with Jools Holland Band)

LATER WITH JOOLS HOLLAND, UK June 7, 2007 10. Jam Intro 11. Dance Tonight 12. I’ve Got A Feeling 13. Only Mama Knows 14. Lady Madonna

DUTCH RADIO, THE NETHERLANDS June 2007 15. Dance Tonight 16. That Was Me

YOU TELL ME, UK June 19, 2007 17. Ever Present Past 18. Vintage Clothes 19. That Was Me 20. Feet In the Clouds 21. Twenty Flight Rock – Milk Cow Blues

POPWORLD, UK June 23, 2007 22. Shoes (made-up song)

JOOLS HOLLAND’S HOOTENANNY, UK DEC 31, 2007 23. Introduction 24. Dance Tonight (with Kylie Minogue) 25. Got To Get You Into My Life

BRIT AWARDS, UK February 20, 2008 26. Dance Tonight 27. Live And Let Die 28. Hey Jude 29. Lady Madonna 30. Get Back

BILLY JOEL AT THE SHEA July 18, 2008 31. I Saw Her Standing There 32. Let It Be

GRAMMY AWARDS February 8, 2009 33. I Saw Her Standing There

DISC TWO NEIL YOUNG’S CONCERT June 27, 2009 01. A Day In The Life

BROADWAY October 26, 2009 02. Introduction 03. Slow Boat To China

CHILDREN IN NEED Nov 12, 2009 04. Back In The U.S.S.R. 05. Get Back 06. Hey Jude

X FACTOR December 13, 2009 07. Drive My Car 08. Live And Let Die

RINGO’S 70th BIRTHDAY, USA July 7, 2010 09. Birthday

LATER WITH JOOLS HOLLAND, UK October 26, 2010 AFTERNOON TAPING 10. Jet 11. Band On The Run

EVENING TAPING 12. Opening Jam 13. Jet 14. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five 15. Let Me Roll It

JIMMY FALLON SHOW December 9, 2010 16. Scrambled Egg 17. Here Today

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