Paul McCartney Dvd - In The Year 2020 Video Collection

Paul McCartney Dvd - In The Year 2020 Video Collection
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Paul McCartney Dvd - In The Year 2020 Video Collection
Paul McCartney’s latest video collection “IN THE YEAR 2020: Video Collection”, whose new album is a hot topic in 2020. Includes promo videos from the album “McCARTNEY III” produced during the 2020 lockdown, trailers, radio appearances, and TV shows. The latest promotional videos of interest, such as the unreleased demo sound source “JOHN’S BOOTS” and the new song “WOMEN AND WIVES” that was improvised on the piano, are recorded together. In addition, live performances of “Lady Madonna” and “Saints are coming to the city” that were released as charities in the pandemic, and live performances at the 2012 “Teenage Cancer Concert” that was suddenly released in 2020. In addition to the video, “Helter Skelter” on the 2019 tour with Ringo Star as a guest, and “Here’s to the Night” with Ringo, which is scheduled to be released next year, with Rick Rubin. The latest video collection that covers the videos of the 2020 topic until the documentary notice. This is the latest collector’s video DVD title from the DAP label delivered on the original press board imported directly from overseas!

DVD FROM HOME STUDIO FIND MY WAY (Promotion Video) WINTER BIRD / WHEN WINTER COMES (Lyric Video) WOMEN AND WIVES (Lyric Video) PRETTY BOYS (Lyric Video) LAVATORY LIL (Lyric Video) “”McCARTNEY III”” ALBUM TRAILER 1 “”McCARTNEY III”” ALBUM TRAILER 2 12 DAYS OF PAUL MESSAGE FROM PAUL HOW NEW ALBUM CAME TO BE (Howard Stern) JOHN’S BOOTS – Unreleased Song (Howard Stern) JUST FUN – Unreleased Song (BBC 2020) THE TONIGHT SHOW 1 (Jimmy Fallon) THE TONIGHT SHOW 2 (Jimmy Fallon) THIS WEEK ON RELEASED (Chris Rock) EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW (inc.Piano Plays WOMEN AND WIVES) (Chris Rock) LADY MADONNA (One World Together) WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHIN’ IN (Round Midnight Presents) JUNIOR’S FARM (Teenage Cancer Trust Concert 2012) LET ME ROLL IT / FOXY LADY (Teenage Cancer Trust Concert 2012) BAND ON THE RUN (Teenage Cancer Trust Concert 2012) BACK IN THE U.S.S.R. (Teenage Cancer Trust Concert 2012) GET BACK with Ronnie Wood, Roger Daltrey, Paul Weller (Teenage Cancer Trust Concert 2012) HELTER SKELTER with Ringo Starr (Dodger Stadium Live 2019) RINGO STARR’S END OF YEAR RECAP 2020 HERE’S TO THE NIGHTS – Ringo Starr with Paul McCartney WE ALL STAND TOGETHER (Remaster Video 2020) WE ALL STAND TOGETHER (LIPA Choir Performing 2019) A FORTHCOMING DOCUMENTARY – Paul McCartney x Rick Rubin

NTSC 16:9 Dolby Digital stereo time approx. 102min.