Paul McCartney (Cd/Dvd) Welcome To Soundcheck 1993

 Paul McCartney (Cd/Dvd) Welcome To Soundcheck 1993
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 Paul McCartney (Cd/Dvd) Welcome To Soundcheck 1993
■ DVD is a sound check image of Tokyo Dome on November 12, 1993. ■ CD contains sound check of various parts of the world on a sound board.

Paul McCartney’s 1970s was a decade of Wings, and in terms of sales it was a fruitful era with success beyond the Beatles. The dark clouds began to embark on being arrested in Japan in January 1980. As a result, Wings was crushed, and by the fall of John Lennon at the end of the same year, “Because John is killed, you have to stay away from the stage until Hotori gets cold,” saying that Paul falls from the first line. become. In the 80’s, which almost overlaps with Paul’s 40’s, I hardly stood on the stage, and I was not so good at studio work. It is hard to say that filmmaking made with motivation was also appreciated, and it may be said that Paul’s 80’s was a downturn for pop songs and bright hard rock. Luckily, Paul has many hits in the past. Moreover, there are songs from the Beatles era that most of the time there is no doubt that it will be cool if played untouched. It will be natural for us to reach the conclusion that it is still a stage to overcome this downturn. A 10-year tour with the new work “Flowers In The Dirt” was performed from 1989 to 1990.

This popularly known “GET BACK TOUR” is a 10-year tour, and the set list includes many songs that have not been played so far, and has achieved great success at various places. Even in Japan, there may be many who saw the Tokyo Dome performance that was realized while it was considered impossible to perform in Japan. Paul felt the response on this tour, and performs recording in a live format centering on the tour members. That is “Off The Ground”. With this album released in 1993, we announce that we will go on tour again after the last success. It’s a new world tour, or “THE NEW WORLD TOUR”. There is a lot of stock of music in any way. Some of the Beatles era songs have never been played. Above all the new album “Off The Ground” was a great achievement.

THE NEW WORLD TOUR was opened in Milan in February 1993, and it took nearly a year until December of this year, making it a major one with all 77 performances. It is also this year that the second visit to Japan was performed, and it is new to memory that it was performed for the first time in addition to Tokyo Dome and Fukuoka Dome. And, as a trial that has never been done before, we have launched a VIP ticket of 100,000 yen for the purpose of donation of LIPA. The ticket purchaser had the privilege to participate in the sound check. This film is a video recording of the sound check of the first day of Tokyo Dome on November 12, 1993.

You can see it if you look at the video, but the staff shot the Handycam on the stage with the hand, it’s just a drained video. There is no reason to know for what purpose the film was shot, but each member is conscious of the camera and decides on the pose, and the realism unique to the personal shooting is a powerful one that could not be seen conventionally. It is very interesting because until now such images, as well as similar images, have never been seen. A stuffed animal adorned on the stage, a pick marked “Let’s become a vegetarian”, and a number of equipment at that time, were they taken for recording? The “Let Me Roll It” will also test gondolas that tour around the audience. Paul occasionally drinks, but the mug is designed by The Beatles. Heimish wears a monthly wig and steps on a stone, and a very peaceful atmosphere is transmitted. The sound check ends with the final “Hey Jude”. Paul leaves the denim jacket and leaves the venue. However, the camera has been around since then, and the staff in the Tokyo Dome, which has been set to start, and the state of the security, etc. are recorded. After that, the camera moves to the back stage, and it is recorded that the Japanese language lecture that is scheduled to talk on stage MC from the interpreter is received. Paul who smiles by practicing the intonation of “I will come again!” Next, she is interviewed by Japanese media on the backstage.

And the CD part contains all sound check sound sources recorded in various parts of the world in 1993 as sound board sound sources. During the tour, rehearsals of “Mother Nature’s Son” played on EARTH DAY CONCERT, new songs “Get Out Of My Way” and “Biker Like An Icon” at the time, “Can’t Buy Me Love”, etc. It is music selection unique to sound check.

November 12, 1993 Sound check in Tokyo Dome is recorded as an image. The film was shot on the stage by the staff, and such footage is very rare that has never been seen before. Not to mention Paul, the band members also let the photographer take their mind and consciously change the face with the camera in mind, so the appeal of the extremely peaceful sound check is recorded in full use. In addition, the CD part has recorded the sound board sound source from the sound check around the world

【DVD】 TOKYO DOME, TOKYO JAPAN November 12, 1993 01. Opening 02. Summertime 03. Jam 04. Let Me Roll it 05. Just Beacause 06. San Francisco Bay Blues 07. Midnight Special 08. Be Bop A Lula 09. Every Night 10. We Can Work It Out 11. Jam – What’s Going On 12. Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying 13. C Moon 14. Ain’t That a Shame 15. Bring It On Home 16. Twenty Flight Rock 17. Drive My Car 18. Hey Jude 19. Tokyo dome befor the show 20. Interview Outtake

【CD】 SOUNDCHECKS from ALL OVER THE WORLD Los Angeles, CA April 16, 1993 01. Mother Nature’s Son

St. Louis, MO April 29, 1993 02. Get Out Of My Way

Cincinnati, OH May 5, 1993 03. Every Night 04. Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying

Orlando, FL May 9, 1993 05. Let Me Roll It

Winnipeg, Canada May 21, 1993 06. When The Wind Blows 07. Mean Woman Blues

Minneapolis, MN May 23, 1993 08. Bring it To Jerome

Pontiac, MI June 4, 1993 09. Honey Don’t 10. Improvisation 11. San Francisco Bay Blues

Toronto, Canada June 6, 1993 12. Singing The Blues

East Rutherford, NJ June 11, 1993 13. I Wanna Be Your Man

Berlin, Germany September 3, 1993 14. Can’t Buy Me Love 15. Back In The USSR 16. Jet 17. Live and Let Die

London U.K. September 11, 1993 18. Intro 19. Good Rockin’ Tonight 20. We Can Work It Out 21. Biker Like An Icon

Paris, France October 13, 1993 22. Oh Mama

Valkyrie. VAL-034