Paul McCartney Cd - Vanishing In The Denmark

Paul McCartney Cd - Vanishing In The Denmark
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Paul McCartney Cd - Vanishing In The Denmark
After finishing the American tour in August 1966, the Beatles then decided to quit any concert activity. Paul wants to continue the concert, which is also understood from the fact that it is still carrying out a large-scale tour. The apple was taking the position that he personally follows the decision of other members. But George was the most disliked to go on tour and John had rather negative idea. Musical growth can not be felt in repeatedly playing the same song before the screaming audience, but still having to go around the tour without break. The Beatles, who swept the world in a short period of time, was tired.

It was in the Ed Sullivan Show that the Beatles first appeared in front of American fans. Ever since that time I appeared on the same program and showed live performance. It was a program that became a catalyst for the Beatles to advance to the US. In such Ed Sullivan Show, the Beatles tried their first trial, taking pictures of two songs “Paperback Writer” and “Rain”, and by providing it to the program, avoiding the annoyance of live appearance It is. Therefore, for these two songs, a picture with excellent image quality is left. The Beatles liked the idea of ​​playing live in the studio in this way, taking pictures of it and using it like this, although it will not stand on the actual live, it will shoot the promotion video one after another.

There is a person called British television host David Frost. Unfortunately, although it entered the racism in 2013, it is a person who has the title of “Sir” who played active part in television for more than 50 years. In 1977 he became famous for his interview with President Nixon in the Watergate case, and will later interview former British Prime Minister and President of the United States of America. Frost, who is famous for interviews with politicians and celebrities in various fields, is famous for our Beatles fan, it is remembered as a moderator of the program which performed “Hey Jude”. Frost interviewed the Beatles for the first time in 1964 as part of the interview with the rising new British music phenomenon, “A HARD DAY’S NIGHT” while shooting. Four years later, the Beatles appeared on the crown program hosted by Frost and put audiences in the studio and played.

Recording was performed on September 4, 1968, at the Twickenham shooting studio which was also used in get back sessions later. The studio set was said to have been set over three days. Director of Photography was handled by Michael Lindsay Hog as well as “Paperback Writer” “Rain”. The Beatles plays the theme “By George! It’s The David Frost Theme” composed by George Martin at the beginning. Frost appears and introduces the Beatles in the form of “the greatest tea room orchestra in the world”.

First recorded was “Hey Jude”. Paul is sitting on the upright piano and John and George are sitting on the amp and the drum base. In the back, 36 orchestras dressed in tuxedo and 300 extra were prepared. They play the role of chorus of Nanana Nana ~. At this time, I do not know exactly how many takes were taken in total, but it turned out that at least 3 takes were taken. Currently, editing Take 1 and Take 3 is the main reason why you can view it as a promotional film. It is “Revolution”. It is a studio version with new live vocal tracks superimposed on the point that Paul and George are inserting a chorus of hands as a big difference from the studio version. This work mainly records the sound source of this DAVID FROST SHOW, the session of “Hey Jude” and the session sound source of 1968 and 1969.

【July 29, 1968 EMI studio】 First recorded are July 29, 1968, take 1 to 3 of “Hey Jude” at EMI studio. Take 1 is a very simple take and Paul attends the ad lib / vocal in the second chorus part. Paul’s powerful vocals are dying on the piano that pauses repeatedly. The ending is not fade-out, it’s an interesting thing that strumming acoustic guitar strumming. Finally John’s voice will be heard, so this will be by John’s hand. Take 2 was somewhat conscious of the final take, Paul calmly restrained singing way. The second half of the chorus has not gone yet, and Paul adds an ad lib / vocal here as well, but it is a quiet feeling compared to Take 1. Take 3 is short recording, it is the first appearance sound source of this time. Moreover, it is a very interesting take and it is unbearable to the Beatles fan. First of all, John is putting counts “Toe ~ Sri ~ · · ·”. And Paul pretends to say “Hey Ju ~” as a song. However, immediately John said “O -, Paul” and interrupts the performance. And John and Paul laughing at a discussion of the joke. An apple sitting in the drum set came in there and sang out of tune with “Do I love you ~” and John stopped, “Please stop apples.” Cool George said there, “Let’s do it once more.” Paul “Oh, I understand” … With laughter, there is a joke, the Beatles’ human relationship, a peaceful atmosphere is condensed on this short track, such a first appearance sound source.

【September 4, 1968 Twickenham Studio】 And it is finally recording on September 4, 1968, at Twickenham Studios. As I wrote earlier, “Hey Jude” has been found to have recorded at least 3 takes. In this work, it collects all of its unedited 3 takes. It’s all different vocals, but it sounds alike not only because it is the same song but also because the song is complete, singing that it is nothing else, and how Paul was a professional I will.

Subsequently recorded is the theme of the program “By George! It’s The David Frost Theme”. It is the original theme of the program composed by George Martin as mentioned above. There are some takes in addition to those actually broadcasted. First of all, warming up is a light performance before recording. And Take 1 is singing along with the guitar by John. George seems to be practicing guitar. While Frost is talking about introductions, there is a sound that George is practicing on the guitar. Take 2 began with John’s count, and it is a performance that dropped the tempo than take 1. However, the place where John puts on a joke on the way is interesting. In the end I shout out the melody of “It’s Now Or Never”. Take 3 was interrupted for the first time by John’s count. Frost indicates the standing position of the pole. In take 4, Paul counts. Piano and guitar are involved, and the most complete is high. After Frost introduced the Beatles, John playfully sang “You’re My Sunshine” this time.

It is the recording of “Revolution”. Although Take 1 takes the voice “Revolution take 1”, John sings singing out, “It’s Now Or Never” again, strictly speaking, “Revolution” is not singing. And take 2 is familiar “Revolution”. [1968/1969] Lastly it recorded outtakes of “Lady Madonna” which was recorded in 1968 and “Because” which was recorded in 1969. Alternate Mix on track 17 is an offline monitor mix, this is the first appearance sound source. Track 18 is a version before stacking lead guitar. “Track” 19 “Because” is a demonstration sound recorded by John alone at a hotel in Amsterdam. Truck 20 is unknown in takeoff, starts with John’s count, but it is a scene in the recording scene of the Beatles that seems to be pleasant, interrupted immediately, apples are speaking something in the studio, whistling.

【TWICKENHAM FILMING SESSION 1968】 The latest work of M Claudel contains sessions of “Hey Jude”, mainly including ones that include all the existing sound sources of the 1968 David Frost Shaw including the first appearance sound source. It covers outtakes other than Frost · Shaw’s broadcast which became valuable appearance as the only live version of masterpiece. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed board.

EMI STUDIO TWO July 29, 1968 01. Hey Jude (Take 1) 02. Hey Jude (Take 2) 03. Hey Jude (Take 3 – breakdown)

PROMOTIONAL FILM TAPING TWICKENHAM September 4, 1968 HEY JUDE 04. Take 1 unedited 05. Take 2 unedited 06. Take 3 unedited

BY GEORGE! IT’S THE DAVID FROST THEME 07. Warming Up – Banana Boat Song 08. Take 1 09. Take 2 – It’s Now or Never 10. Take 3 false start 11. Take 4 – You’re My Sunshine

REVOLUTION 12. It’s Now Or Never – Take 1 13. Take 2

TWICKENHAM 2015 Mixes 14. Hey Jude (Take 1 – stereo) 15. Hey Jude (Take 2 – stereo) 16. Revolution (Take 2 Fixed edit – mono)

1968 / 1969 17. Lady Madonna (alternate mix) 18. Lady Madonna (without lead guitar) 19. Because (Amsterdam demo) 20. Because (unknown take – breakdown)

Misterclaudel. MCCD-606