Paul McCartney Blu Ray Dvd - On Air Live At The BBC Vol 2

Paul McCartney Blu Ray Dvd - On Air Live At The BBC Vol 2
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Paul McCartney Blu Ray Dvd - On Air Live At The BBC Vol 2
PAUL McCARTNEY ON AIR - LIVE AT THE BBC VOL.2 BLU-RAY More appearances in the UK to promote NEW!!! This time October 18th - a busy day form Macca! First an ad for Absolute Radio on the 17th, then Covent Gardens with a few news reports and then performance (nice and close) plus One News EX quality highlights, then off to HMV Shoppe signing with interviews and 1080p highlights and then the Graham Norton Show interview with performance of New! Great interview and with Macca doll! Then 3 clips from Paul's site on iHeart, Hollywood Blvd and Times Square! Approx 95 minutes with 29 chapters!

01 Oct 17: Paul on Absolute Radio Special - Ad 02 Oct 18: Paul in Covent Garden - BBC News 03 Paul in Covent Garden - Globe Today 04 Paul Rocks Out Central London - Celebrity Wire

Covent Gardens, London, UK 05 New 06 Save Us 07 Everybody Out There 08 Queenie Eye 09 New

One News Highlights EX quality 10 New 11 Save Us 12 Everybody Out There 13 Queenie Eye 14 Goodbyes

15 Paul in Covent Garden and HMV London - ASA News 16 Interview at HMV Store - BBC News 17 Interview at HMV Store - Telegraph News 18 Signing at HMV Shop - Home Video 19 Graham Norton Show - BBC America Ad 20 Introduction - Graham Norton Show 21 Interview Part 1 22 Interview Part 2 23 Interview Part 3 24 Interview Part 4 25 Interview Part 5 26 New BONUS FEATURES: 27 Oct 14: Paul at The iHeartRadio Music Festival - pmsite 28 Oct 19: Save Us - Live on Hollywood Boulevard - pmsite 29 Oct 19: New York Times Square Impromptu Gig - pmsite