Paul McCartney (6/Cd) Flowers In The Dirt Sessions

 Paul McCartney (6/Cd) Flowers In The Dirt Sessions
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 Paul McCartney (6/Cd) Flowers In The Dirt Sessions
The dawn of the 1980s began with the arrest of Paul in Japan. This triggered the wings to disappear naturally, and at the end of the year John collapsed into a knockout, Paul will disappear from the front stage for a long time. Paul of the ’80s only appeared to be counted on a single stage, and he did not do any tour. However, as a reaction to the late 1970’s, as a reaction to the live activity, Paul released from traveling life will concentrate on studio work, as the Beatles once did. There is also a meaning to return to the origin, again requesting George Martin to produce, and the two brothers albums “TUG OF WAR” and “PIPES OF PEACE” born as a result are still listed as Paul’s famous board. The feature of these two albums is that they are trying to collaborate with Big Name respectively.

“TUG OF WAR” co-starred two songs with Stevie Wonder, and “EBONY AND IVORY” is single-cut from among them. Following “PIPES OF PEACE” is a two-song accompaniment with Michael Jackson when “THRILLER” was a worldwide hit. “SAY SAY SAY” is hitting with that impressive promotional image. During the Beatles there was an equal partner called John Lennon. In the 70’s it was Wings that began with struggle against solitary confinement, but gradually acknowledging Denny Lane is a joint credit in ‘Dream Travelers’ etc. And in the 1980 ‘s, you would have asked others for new stimuli. The result was a great success.

However, “GIVE MY REGARDS TO BROAD STREET” announced in 1984 is labeled as a trash. Although it is a favorite album personally, because of the nature of the movie soundtrack, the past self-cover occupies most of the time, and the new songs have remained in only a few songs is also a low causality factor. There was a magazine called “FM fan” at that time, there was a special feature of this movie. Among them, the name was forgotten, but Japanese musicians said, “Why does the same person who made Sargent Peppers make such a crapy movie?” Certainly the movie was something else that I wanted to hit at Harrisen with a dream Ochi “High school odorifumi!”, But with respect to the new songs there was a very good song. I think that it may be evaluated a little more.

Subsequently announced was “PRESS TO PLAY” in 1986. In spite of the collection of famous songs, this is also an album with a low evaluation internationally, which has failed in sales as well. The only thing to watch out for is that this album is co-creating for partners as well. Although it has dropped considerably from co-authors of the two previous works, it is Eric Stewart. Nothing is said to be anything wrong with him, but as a partner for Paul you might have been inadequate. However, “FOOTPRINTS” is called “ONLY LOVE REMAINS” and it is called “STRANGLE HOLD” and I think that this may also be evaluated a little more.

When I was watching the movement of Paul in the 1980s, I felt like seeking a partner that always equaled myself and gave me stimulation. As it is about proven Paul, I would like you to do it confidently with a pin, but that would be a sign of supplementing the part of himself who is subjectively deficient. Paul will enter a period of silence for a while due to the unpopularity of “PRESS TO PLAY”. The best release “ALL THE BEST” was released in such a situation. In the jacket picture, a short borrowed hair, a 45-year-old pole with a somewhat wrinkle smiling smile. The jacket picture of “ALL THE BEST” is not a mature, negative meaning past adolescence, which can not go back to the times of the Beatles and Wings, together with the flow of the year, and in a new era after the middle age I could not help feeling the pole that I entered. “ALL THE BEST” contains “ONECE UPON A LONG AGO” as a new song. This is the only new song. And in the promotion / video of this song, you can see Chris Witten in the drums as well as Linda. There is a glimpse of the intention that at this time in the silence period, the members of the later World Tour have already participated, the pace for the live activities enlightened by the Prince Trust was gradually being struck.

The album “FLOWERS IN THE DIRT” announced in 1989 is already part of the history of the Beatles, although it will be classified as a recent album in consciousness for old fans. Less than 30 years have passed since the release in 2017. Perhaps from this time Paul must have kept in mind the tour for the first time in ten years. A band for that, and an album for that were necessary. It should not have been a simple album, but a hit movie that leads the tour to success. It was difficult to go on tour with “PRESS TO PLAY”. So we asked for a partner who is equal to ourselves and does not miss the traditional example, and has an opinion. So it was Elvis Costello that the arrow of a white player was standing. Costello is a Paul fan that was once in the Beatles fan club, and has respect for Paul. On the other hand, however, he had a cult popularity, achievement and personality that could be discussed to Paul as if it was a bit too poisonous. Paul of the 1980s who was losing track of the direction was a perfect partner as a departing partner again.

As a result of the collaboration between Paul and Costello, numerous songs are born. They were distributed and recorded in “FLOWERS IN THE DIRT” and Costello’s latest album “SPIKE”. So some songs have the same song Paul version and Costello version. Also, some of the songs that could not be recorded are diverted to “OFF THE GROUND”. Also in the same way as traditional collaborative projects, “YOU WANT HER TOO” has become a duet taking each other’s vocals. Although it did not go to a big hit in terms of sales, as for the pole accompanying this album, the tour for the first time in ten years was performed, and it became an impressive album for fans. This work is a soul-filled title that recorded the session sound source of this “FLOWERS IN THE DIRT” over six disks. Not only album tracks but also unreleased songs and single-only songs recorded at the same time, including culmination of the first appearance has become a culmination. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed board.

DISC ONE MY BRAVE FACE 01. Home Demo October 1987

Session with Elvis Costello February 1988 02. First Version Rehearsal #1 03. First Version Rehearsal #2 04. Second Version False Start 05. Second Version Alternate Take #1 06. Second Version Alternate Take #2 07. Third Version Vocals Recording 08. Final Studio Demo

Solo Session October 1988 09. Basic Track 10. Video Soundtrack Version 1 11. Video Soundtrack Version 2

ROUGH RIDE 12. Rough Mix 13. Alternate Mix

YOU WANT HER TOO 14. Home Demo 1987 15. Alternate Take 1988

DISTRACTIONS 16. Home Demo 17. Alternate Mix

WE GOT MARRIED 18. Rough Mix 1984 19. Promo Edit

PUT IT THERE 20. Basic Track 21. Second Guitar & Violins/Percussion 22. Overdub Session #1 23. Overdub Session #2 24. Monitor Mix

DON’T BE CARELESS LOVE 25. Home Demo 1987 26. Early Studio Take 1988 27. Monitor Mix

HOW MANY PEOPLE 28. Rehearsal 29. Alternate Take

DISC TWO FIGURE OF EIGHT First Version 01. Rough Mix

Second Version 02. Basic Track 03. Guitar & Backing Vocals 04. 7” Version 05. 12” Bob Clearmountain Remaster Mix

THIS ONE 06. Demo unedited 07. Demo edited 08. Rehearsal Session 09. Early Take 10. Basic Track 11. First Vocal Insert + Guitar 12. Second Vocal Insert 13. Channel Mix 14. Club Lovejoys Remaster Mix

THAT DAY IS DONE 15. Home Demo 1987 16. Early Studio Take 1988

MOTOR OF LOVE 17. Home Demo 18. Rough Version Monitor Mix

OU EST LE SOLEIL 19. Home Demo 1975 20. 12” Version Remaster 21. Tub Dub Mix Remaster 22. Instrumental Remaster Mix

DISC THREE OU EST LE SOLEIL 01. 7” Mix Remaster 02. 7” Mix Edit 03. Shep Pettibone Edit 04. Disconet Edit By Dennis Muyet


SQUID 07. Rough Mix 08. Finished Mix 09. Remix

1987 SESSIONS & OUTTAKES BACK ON MY FEET 10. Home Demo 11. Remaster Version

P.S. LOVE ME DO 12. Demo Take 13. Rough Mix complete 14. Final Version

LOVE COME TUMBLING DOWN 15. Rough Version 16. Different Mix 17. Final Mix

DISC FOUR ATLANTIC OCEAN 01. Rough Mix 02. New Vocal Edit 03. Final Mix

LOVE MIX 04. Home Demo 05. Rough Mix 1 06. Rough Mix 2 07. Final Mix

RETURN TO PEPPERLAND 08. Rough Mix 09. Unreleased Final Mix

SGT PEPPER BIRTHDAY SONG 10. Jam to Alan Freeman

BIG DAY 11. Rough Mix 12. Unreleased Final Mix

CHRISTIAN BOP 13. Rough Version 14. Final Mix Edited 15. Classical Version

PEACOCKS 16. Rough Mix 17. Unreleased Final Mix

1988 SESSIONS & OUTTAKES NEW MOON OVER JAMAICA 18. Demo Takes 1 & 2 19. Final Version with Johnny Cash

FLYING TO MY HOME 20. Rough Version 21. Remaster Mix


GOOD SIGN 02. Remaster Mix 03. Edited Intro 12” Single 04. Promo Version Groove Mix

THE WHITE COATED MAN 05. Rough Mix 06. Animal Magnetism Mix

COW 07. Rough Mix 08. Oobu Joobu Unreleased Mix

SAME LOVE 09. Final Mix

DON’T BREAK THE PROMISES 10. Studio Demo 11. Demo with Overdubs

1989 SESSION PARTY PARTY 12. Studio Jam 13. Original Mix Remaster 14. Bruce Forest Club Mix Remaster 15. Promotional Edit


PADS, PAWS AND CLAWS 18. Demo 19. Final Version

THIS TOWN 20. Demo 21. Final Version


Session with Elvis Costello January 1988 02. Rehearsal #1 03. Rehearsal #2 04. Rehearsal #3 05. Final Studio Demo

TOMMY’S COMING HOME 06. Home Demo 1987

Session with Elvis Costello February 1988 07. Paul and Elvis improvising 08. Vocals Recording #1 09. Vocals Recording #2 10. Vocals Recording #3 11. Vocals Recording #4 12. Final Studio Demo

THE LOVERS THAT NEVER WERE 13. Home Demo 1987 14. Home Demo 1987 with Overdubs 1991 15. Studio Demo 1988

SO LIKE CANDY 16. Home Demo 1987 17. Studio Demo 1988 18. Final Version

PLAYBOY TO A MAN 19. Home Demo 1987 20. Studio Demo 1988 21. Final Version


SHALLOW GRAVE 23. Home Demo 24. Final Version

MISTRESS AND MAID 25. Home Demo #1 26. Home Demo #2

EXTRAS 27. Improvisation on the set for “This One” 28. Album Commercial #1 29. Album Commercial #2 30. Album Commercial #3

Up Close Radio Show 31. Intro 32. Elvis Costello & Paul