Paul McCartney (4/Cd) At The Speed Of Sound Sessions

Paul McCartney (4/Cd) At The Speed Of Sound Sessions
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Paul McCartney (4/Cd) At The Speed Of Sound Sessions
Than mania must-have M Claudel label, title was recorded session of Wings of the speed of sound becomes the release. Although the title of one product had been released as a part from the same label of Trevor Jones tape previously, this work include them, with the contents further enhance the speed of at really four sets of volume to cover the session-related sound source of sound. It has just become a suitable content to Ketteiban. [To the recording] Paul, himself a multi-player, it is also capable of much versatile artists to all playing on their own in the recording. It dare formed a band, also was not borne each instrument to each of the members, it does not become another so because was solely band Wings were intended to live. The Wings and I Paul was a band for the live. The band Since its formation of 1972, steadily continued to stage activities, is finally in 1975 that the machine is ripe. Home to hit albums to hit single, blessed with band members that can withstand the high degree of completion stage, and above all adequacy of Paul himself will celebrate its peak around this time. Exactly, or when out on a large-scale tour? Probably now! Timing that. After release of the then-new album “Venus and Mars”, Australia starting with Europe, and dared the first world tour around and the United Kingdom. It becomes a digression, but was included in Japan originally planned but was canceled is in it.

[Two World Tour] In great success in the World tour around the country this 1975 Wings, Paul is at the moment the band that has been raised over the Tesio was et al observed in the world, you will be told that the person was also very satisfied. And we will further aim to step up. Wings itself is formed is required to become a band that may be comparable with the Beatles, it was a success in the United States. And is finally the 1976 US tour became announcement. Once as the Beatles was the case, it’s said that the successful what real success at home American show business, you’ll be Paul himself had been well understood. 1975 of the set list also did something very high degree of perfection without a chance, Paul further as if the making doubly sure, was subjected to recording in the studio in parallel to sew the interval of the tour, before the US tour We will announce a new album. It is the “Speed ​​of Sound”. This means that in general, but has been recognized as a World Tour has been carried out over the 1975 and the leg rest two years of 1976, in fact, is this in 1975 and 1976 of the tour should be different positioning is made, the big difference that , the two tour was released in between “Speed ​​of Sound” recording of the new song is, it is that it has been incorporated into the 1976 tour. And it just is not only to say that showed off the new song, it can be said that the new song is a noteworthy difference in terms that itself became the highlight of the concert.

As mentioned earlier, US tour for Paul was a big event that you want absolutely to succeed. 1966 and that was performed concerts in the United States as a member of the Beatles. Paul of the stage for the American fans it will be that of 10 years. Do not to be absolutely successful, I want to the making doubly sure by further release the new album for that. Such willingness work is’s the “Speed ​​of Sound”. In fact, coupled with the album and the success of the tour hit, was taken the lead in a single department at Billboard year chart “heart of love songs” and others, became a huge hit in the “happiness of knock” is also the United States second place, also was impressive in concert such as the “love of proof” is also included in this album, the success of the success and the tour of the album would say that there is inseparable relationship. [Wings at the Speed ​​of Sound] As described above, the album “Speed ​​of Sound” is one that is recorded on the assumption tour, if indeed beautiful melodious song seems to Paul, was made on the assumption that you want to play in a clearly stage to music, variety of songs had been incorporated plenty. Then, the characterizing feature of this album is, to seek unity as a band, including the Joe English that did not take the vocals at the tour, it is that the vocal music of the band members all have been recorded. Members other than Joe and Linda are taking the vocals on stage, but the insistence of Paul will glimpses into where it was taken dare vocals to this two persons. And indeed of other than Paul five songs out of 11 songs vocal, such as if they were conscious of the image the band all sing like the Beatles, it is an album that has issued strongly on the whole surface that it is a band. This work will be the title that covers all of the sound source to be existing from the recording session sound source.

[Album sessions] Disk 1 and 2 in the order of the album songs, demos, outtakes, we have recorded, such as another version. “Happiness of knock” is recorded all five versions, such as demo, another mix. Lyrics If you’re almost finished, yet the demonstration stage, however accompaniment will mean that only the piano, is a place of interesting Paul has put a sound effect in the mouth. Those of the melody and the lyrics are made, like arrangement is not tight, like this mouth Dzusami a variety of sound effects in the provisional song stage, than to reference the arrangement after it is assumed to be. From entering the voice of children in the song, just home recording unique. Sight of the place seems to be floating in the eye though. “You must not have notes” the basic track before the horn is dubbing. “My Baby” will first start from a demo. A simple performance of only nimble piano, Paul sings as humming lightly. Or for take 1 is originally simple songs followed, and the same almost a release version, arrange the backing guitar enters like a sideshow is reminiscent of the “Let Me Roll It”. Ending part is not yet complete, we have to finish the brute force in halting guitar solo.

Screaming vocals of Paul have been sung in impressive concert in the tour “Love of proof” is the highlight of the disc 1. First session sound source first three take is made by arranging the John Bonham of Led Zeppelin on drums. In such combined lightly playing, is not a so-called Zeppelin seems drums, and I think that the exchanges at this time, leading to Rokesutora after, can not help but think Kangaibukaku. Is above all John Bonham seemed was a big fan of Wings, the 1976 US tour, is about there is also talk that was enjoying the concert prisoner’s base nearly every performance, in the front row. At this point, there is no introduction section that still consists of acoustic and chorus. Since it was granted a session sound source in the following Wings, introduction of that acoustic and layered chorus is found to be one that was added later. And you know, in the concert I was played in the Arrange that this introduction has been cut again.

“Waino-Junko” the basic track that starts from the count. Flat vocals of undulating little Jimmy McCullough, it seems to not also the contribution in vocal about talent as a guitarist unfortunately. Disk 1 last is the basic track of “time of peace”.

Disk 2 in the Wings maximum of hit songs, has recorded a session of the “heart of Love Song” should be called a highlight of this book work. First is demo by piano. A simple pole of vocal fresh demo to back the piano, Linda of chorus has been inserted carelessly in the climax part. It is not possible to hide the beauty of the melody in this performance, it is expected to have already brew the atmosphere of the masterpieces at this point. Complex chorus work, such as the release version is not yet complete, the performance of the main become melody and the rust of the chorus part only, whether evolve how the future, feeling like glimpse of the rough It will be. Although flashy horn and chorus Speaking of “heart of Love Song” is an impressive song, what is recorded as a rough mix, still in front of such horn is dubbing, singing the part Paul whopping scat It is uncommon interesting version that are. version of the basic track that follows most base and vocals only. Like Paul vocals are sang in vivid ear, it is unbearable versions of fan. Others, we have recorded all 8 version.

“Must Do Something” Although the release version had been singing Joe English, here to have been recorded is probably the pole itself as a guide vocal for reference to Joe sang. Compared to the bouncy version of Joe as if punch-through, what you are singing gently as Paul of vocal choose the words to calm down, the place is interesting impression of the song has been radically changed. “Warm feeling” is beautiful songs that decorate the last album. Here the sound of electric piano, such as rolling the ball has recorded too beautiful demo version.

The end of the disc 2, we have recorded a related sound source other than the album songs. “Happiness knock” in Tsuariha, and radio spots to promote the album before the tour in the United States and finally, the US tour of rehearsal, – monkey sound source. Short while you will see and that has played the horn section of the “heart of Love Song”. [Movie “ROCK SHOW”] The first half of the disk 3, is the same album songs in the work process for recording the movie “Rock Show”. 4 songs are live performances on stage from the “Speed ​​of Sound”. I think actually people seen that saw a movie, but I think not many were of even those who were surprised to miss one not playing through stage. This is a result of applying the correction afterwards of course, does not of course mean actual stages were performed at Such a perfect performance. 4 songs recorded in here, how about you sound source for the vocal check. An extra dubbing or chorus lean, echo feeling without, it has been recorded in a very dry sound, it is attacked by a vivid illusion that if they were singing in front of the eye. For example chorus such as “heart of Love Song” which is repeated multilayered is, here it is possible to listen to the voice of Paul alone, I see, you will see it is that what was actually singing in such feeling. For information led to the “love of proof”, appeared in front is screaming vocals of Paul of that compelling, and drawn is that no mistake. Moreover, it does not collect because firmly hear well as interlude in between the songs that did not hear the hidden sound of the instrument.

[Album Promotions & Advance test · LP] The second half of the disk 3, at the time of the album release, we have recorded three radio program who appeared for the album promotion. A valuable source that has been air-check time, yet not merely mundane, such as passing a song in between interviews, it is very interesting both in terms of content. Because it is the spirit of the program that introduces the pre-release album, not yet the album itself is press, major feature of that flowing sound source from the Advance LP. And not just interview, You probably was recorded in the studio, rather than those backed format, in the studio all members are aligned, and I have been recorded in the form of introducing noisily and happily new album in the rough feeling . Other members of laughter and, if it also contains voice that put the Chacha, also, such as how Linda is Dari humming the “heart of Love Song” has been recorded. From those that at the time still in Beatles reunion would have been expected than wonderful I get a live in an interview, such as the description of the album songs, wide-ranging.

[Different mix] Disk 4, rather than those produced in real time, another mix was made in recent years have been recorded. I think not many people the actual Paul BGM of past sampling format that you remix a song in the concert is stored that had been swept away to the venue before curtain. Probably two songs it would be a special song among Paul and “happiness of knock,” “Mind of Love Song”, has been produced is indeed a number of remix version. And to re-build the original songs in this way I think whether there pros and cons but, at the same as long as that of the author Paul principal intention is, must be accepted as a fan. Please refer to the credit of the jacket for more information.

[WINGS AT THE SPEED OF SOUND SESSIONS] M studio session series of Claudel completely cover the session of the “Speed ​​of Sound” announced in 1976. Demonstration of each album songs, outtakes, a different mix, at the time of the radio spot, movie check track for the “Rock Show” and valuable test press radio program to introduce the new album in LP,, further last numerous and another mix collection was created, it will be the culmination of the album-related sound source, including the first appearance sound source. Permanent Athletic press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification.

DISC ONE LET ‘EM IN 01. Demo 02. Promotional version mono 03. Promo edit- stereo 04. Promo edit- mono 05. Unreleased 1978 DCC master mix by Steve Hoffman

THE NOTE YOU NEVER WROTE 06. Basic Track, No Horns

SHE’S MY BABY 07. Demo 08. Take 1 09. Rough Mix, full take

BEWARE MY LOVE JOHN BONHAM SESSION 10. Take 1 (partial backing track) 11. Take 2 (complete backing track) 12. Unknown Take with vocals

WINGS SESSION 13. Alternate Take 14. 45″ single edit

WINO JUNKO 15. Rough Mix Alternate Early Take

TIME TO HIDE 16. Instrumental basic track

DISC TWO SILLY LOVE SONGS 01. Demo 02. Rough Mix, No Strings & Horns, extra vocals 03. Basic Track, No Strings & Horns Final Mix 04. Piano + Horns overdubs Final Mix 05. Orchestra + Strings and Horns + Linda’s vocals overdub Final Mix 06. Promo edit- stereo 07. Promo edit- mono 08. Unreleased DCC 1978 master mix by Steve Hoffman

MUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT 09. Take 1 (Paul on vocals) 10. Take 2 (Paul on vocals)


OTHER RARITIES 12. Pedal Steel Guitar message to Joe 13. Let ‘Em In (October 1975 Tour Rehearsal) 14.‘Wings At The Speed Of Sound’ Original LP Commercial 15. Silly Love Songs (Wings Over America soundcheck)

DISC THREE Rockshow post production mixes: (main vocal tracks) 01. Let’Em In 02. Time To Hide 03. Silly Love Songs 04. Beware My Love

Wings At The Speed Of Sound Promotional Interviews Songs from Advance Test LP March 20, 1976, Danish interview 05. Segment 1 /She’s My Baby 06. Segment 2/ Silly Love Songs 07. Segment 3 08. Segment 4 /Time To Hide 09. Segment 5

March 23, 1976, Danish interview 10. San Ferry Ann/ Segment 1 11. Time To Hide / Segment 2 12. Cook Of The House / Segment 3 13. Silly Love Songs / Segment 4

March 26, 1976, Capitol Radio, UK (recorded in Paris, France) 14. Intro / Let’ Em In 15. Interview /Wino Junko 16. Cook Of The House/ Interview 17. Beware My Love 18. Interview / Silly Love Songs

DISC FOUR 2001 Promotional Mixes 01. Let’ Em In (Special Remix) 02. Let’ Em In (Different Gear Remix) 03. Let’ Em In (Wingin It Mix)

Other Mixes 04. Let’ Em In /Inside Thing (Lulu Mix 2002) 05. Let’ Em In (Chris Holmes Mix 2013)

2001 Promotional Mixes 06. Silly Love Songs (Artful Dodger Mix) 07. Silly Love Songs (Loop Da Loop Main Mix) 08. Silly Love Songs (Loop Da Loop Radio Mix)

2004 Denmark Mixes 09. Silly Love Songs (Noir & Kruse Radio Edit) 10. Silly Love Songs (Noir & Kruse Extented Mix)

Other Mixes 11. Silly Love Songs (Chris Holmes Mix 2010) 12. Silly Love Songs (Chris Holmes Mix 2011-2012) 13. Silly Love Songs (Chris Holmes Mix 2013-2015)