Paul McCartney (3/Cd) London Town Sessions

Paul McCartney (3/Cd) London Town Sessions
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Paul McCartney (3/Cd) London Town Sessions
Latest work of M Claudel is a session collection of albums that have been released as a 1978 Wings “London Town”. Speaking of London Town, the London Bridge from three black-and-white photo of the back to the Wings came a coat in the river, but will the image of a moist and changeable weather of London, the actual recording starts from the Abbey Road Studios , then, it has been recorded in sunny Virgin Islands offshore that sunny crisp. At the time of release has already withdrawn, but members of the “Wings Over America” ​​in the recording, also Joe English and Jimmy Makkah six participating, it can be said to be the positional of the album on that extension.

Again and jackets of the image, that the title song was a ballad rather than a rock number, further from such as that tour associated with this album has not been done, although relatively modest impression is an album that does not deny, live on stage album-making that does not assume the performance is intended to be sufficiently feel the pole ness that has been built carefully. Including the beautiful “London Town of twilight,” nimble “Seine Cafe Terrace”, it was provided to Michael Jackson “girlfriend” classic matching such. And if “when farewell” also it is live performance in the next year of UK tour, there is also a hit song called “happiness of premonition” that is played at now’s stage is expected to regain dare to calm from the afterglow of the enthusiasm of US tour This is the album that has been wrapped in Kano such atmosphere. In addition, the “dream of the traveler,” which success exceeding the record of this time is The Beatles in the UK “Shirabuzuyu” also, are born from the session at this time.

This work will be the title that is the culmination of the session sound source of such album “London Town”. Disc 1 is recorded test press acetate sound source for the album. Seemed those of almost close to the final form stage, it is close almost to the release version, but I think you’ll try than to listen to the difference. Touch above all acetate-specific raw sound, is great sense of realism, such as if they were playing in front of the eye.

From the disk 2, it will be exactly the session sound source. “I Keep On Believing” is a previously unreleased song, but it features that are what become a medley of “Love Awake”. However Nonetheless medley, with unnatural with a somewhat abrupt sense, it had become the medley with another song when the album “Back-to-the-egg”. Any case, “Love Awake” rather than a separate single song, it can ask that it was intended to originally configure the medley. And the second half is a session sound source to finally place was transferred to the Virgin Islands. Feeling like song put in a little advanced stage than the demo, the pole of the vocals in the main, can ask the things such as the chorus is still groping in the state. Still a rough, it is the process of just a final shape is now sophisticated. “With A Little Luck” and the like is a simple play, the chorus of the kind is not entered at all, Paul at is alone, kana-Ri and are carefully sing, how to sing, turn or go accented The, you’ll going to decide the future. Yet the beauty of the melody, this is grave happiness of premonition, it is one that was full of premonition of masterpieces, you can feel enough even from this rough version.

Disc 3 will be the session sound source from again back to London. Lightly “it old nostalgic” as sung in scat, has been recorded such as the unreleased song “After You’ve Gone,” “Boil Crisis” is. If anything, it is the track, such as if the pole in the studio is Taku-roku using the rhythm machine. And “dream of traveler” is a play of a part of that distinctive bagpipes, and temporarily rely on the keyboard. The second half, has remixed 3 version recording of “Seaside-to · B side” that Linda was recorded at the same time take the vocals.

Latest work of M Claudel, the title was recorded session of the album “London Town”. Including the same period session, packed Innovation Kyu-over to really three disks, is the latest work of the session series. Permanent Athletic press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification. With Japanese band.

DISC ONE TEST PRESSING ACETATES 1978 01. London Town 02. Cafe On The Left Bank 03. I’m Carrying 04. Backwards Traveller 05. Cuff Link 06. Children Children 07. Girlfriend 08. I’ve Had Enough 09. With A Little Luck 10. Famous Groupies 11. Deliver Your Children 12. Name And Address 13. Don’t Let It Bring You Down 14. Morse Moose And The Grey Goose

DISC TWO RUDE STUDIO CAMPBELTOWN February 1977 01. Suicide 02. I Keep On Believing – Love Awake

ABBEY ROAD STUDIO LONDON February 1977 03. London Town

PLANT MOBILE STUDIO VIRGIN ISLAND May 1977 04. Sea Melody 05. A Fairy Tale

WATERMELON BAY SESSIONS VIRGIN ISLAND May 1977 06. Cafe On The Left Bank 07. I’m Carrying 08. I’ve Had Enough #1 09. I’ve Had Enough #2 10. With A Little Luck #1 11. With A Little Luck #2 12. Famous Groupies 13. Deliver Your Children 14. Don’t Let The It Bring You Down 15. Morse Moose And The Grey Goose 16. Find A Way Somehow 17. Waterspout #1 18. Waterspout #2 19. Waterspout #3 20. Waterspout #4

DISC THREE SPRIT OF RANACHAN STUDIO CAMPLEITOWN August 1977 13. Mull Of Kintyre #1 14. Mull Of Kintyre #2 15. With A Little Luck 16. I’ve Had Enough

ABBEY ROAD STUDIO LONDON March 16, 1977 17. B-Side To Seaside Single Version 1977 18. B-Side To Seaside Remix Version 1986 19. B-Side To Seaside Extended Remix 1986

WINGSPAN RE-MIX 20. With A Little Luck Misterclaudel. MCCD-511/512/513