Paul McCartney (3/Cd) Give My Regards To Broad Street Sessions

 Paul McCartney (3/Cd) Give My Regards To Broad Street Sessions
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 Paul McCartney (3/Cd) Give My Regards To Broad Street Sessions
Paul in the 1980s started with arrests in Japan, a wicked start like wings ‘natural annihilation and John’ s death. Sister albums “PIPES OF PEACE” and “TUG OF WAR” who requested George Martin to produce again succeed in sales, but I can not deny the fact that I picked up the topic of the duet with the seasonal person from time to time . Loss of the band became impossible by losing the band, and Paul who entered in for forty years grew into an erratic era. Like the Beatles, which had previously stopped live activity, Paul embarked on film production. That was 1984 “Ya! Broad Street “. Regarding this movie, detailed commentary books etc. were published at that time, so they will not be detailed here. Although it is generally a low rating movie, as a fan it is full of the charm of Paul as if you are seeing spectacular promotional images full of highlights. And a new album of the same name titled as a movie soundtrack has been released. This work is a collection of the session sound source.

It will not be thought at the moment, but at that time I remember the most talked about concentrating the Beatles’ music. Until then I played the Beatles’ song at the stage of Wings, but “Good Day Sunshine”, “For No One” and “Here There And Everywhere” which were not played until then are equivalent. There are also many self-covers of my songs used in the movie. “Silly Love Songs” inserts a bass solo on the way, “Ballroom Dancing” has changed to a rather long performance, and the arrangement is almost identical but adds originality. Moreover, new songs are also written down for the movie, especially the theme song “No More Lonely Night” is a famous song that you still want to play on the stage. In this way, BGM used in each song of the Beatles era, self-cover song, new song, and movie scenes is Paul’s song, which is an unbearable movie and album for fans.

This work includes the session sound source of this “Broad Street”, another mix sound source, a different version sound source (many different versions due to the times), and a radio / show sound source that Paul himself was broadcasted in real time at that time, related It has content covering the sound source. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification

DISC ONE 【No More Lonely Nights】 01. Recording session 02. Basic Track no overdubs 03. Eric Stewart’s backing vocal + David Gilmour’s Guitar solo 04. Film Edit/Alternate Mix 05. Chris Holmes Mix 2012 06. Chris Holmes Mix 2013-2015

【Good Day Sunshine】 07. Acetate edit version

【Here, There and Everywhere】 08. No orchestra overdub and vocal effect

【Wanderlust】 09. Vocal Track recording 10. Acetate edit version

【Medley】 11. Yesterday (Film Mix) 12. Here, There and Everywhere (Film Mix) 13. Wanderlust (Film Mix)

【Ballroom Dancing】 14. Piano Demonstration 15. Control Room Playback 16. Paul and Linda Vocal Track recording 17. Rehearsal Playback 18. Film Rehearsal 19. Extended film mix

【Silly Love Songs】 20. Extended film mix

【Not Such a Bad Boy】 21. Acetate version 22. Film mix

【No Values】 23. Acetate edited version 24. Alternate Film version

【So Bad】 25. Film mix 26. Isolated Vocals

DISC TWO 【For No One】 01. Rehearsal 02. Alternate Film version

【Eleanor Rigby – Eleanor’s Dream】 03. Acetate edited version 04. Alternate Film version

【No More Lonely Nights (playout version)】 05. Acetate edit 06. Film Mix 07. Single mix 45″ 08. Single extended mix 12″ 09. Arthur Baker Special Dance Edit 10. Arthur Baker Special Dance Mix 11. Arthur Baker Mole Mix promo 12. Warren Sanford Extended edit 13. JSM Alessi Bros 2001 Mix

【Incidental Music for the Film composed by Paul】 “Corridor Music” sessions Version 1 14. Harpsichord and Classical Guitar +Guitar overdub 15. Final Film mix

Version 2 16. Electric Guitar overdub

DISC THREE 【The Long and Winding Road】 01. Basic Track 02. Alternate Film mix

【More Incidental Music】 03. “I’ll be right there” 04. “Chasing Harry” #1 05. “Chasing Harry” #2 06. “Spy Theme” 07. Give My Regards to Broad Street 08. Give My Regards to Broadway 09. Yesterday -Busker version 10. Corridor Music /Classical Fanfare

【More 1984 Sessions】 I love This House 11. Rough Mix 12. Outtake Alternate Mix 13. Lindiana

【ASPEL & COMPANY, UK June 9, 1984】 14. I lost My Little Girl 15. That’ll Be The Day

【THE TONIGHT SHOW, USA OCT 23, 1984】 16. Yesterday/You’re My Sunshine

【’Broad Street Rockline Radio Show October 24, 1984’】 17. Introduction 18. Segment 1 19. Segment 2 20. Segment 3 21. Segment 4 22. Segment 5 23. Segment 6 24. Segment 7 25. Segment 8 26. Segment 9 27. Segment 10