Paul McCartney (3/Cd) Flaming Pie Sessions

Paul McCartney (3/Cd) Flaming Pie Sessions
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Paul McCartney (3/Cd) Flaming Pie Sessions
If Haitai even a quarter of a century since the dissolution of the Beatles, lump between the time of the members, in particular changes in the relationship between George and Paul were seen. 4 people despite the members across the co-star, John and Paul and the combination of George and Paul, did not happen until the end. It is apple only all the co-star experience, John and George are recording together. Paul does not have a co-star of the non-apple. It is possible to glimpse the end of the Beatles broke up drama from this fact.

But after a long time that a quarter of a century, in a project that finally Beatles Anthology, is of three members, with the exception of John that are in the miracle has gathered for the first time under one roof. At the sight that are lined up three people in the first garden on television, Beatles fans or would not have had those emotional. And it became the thing that rises anthology project of sound and video, including two new songs. That played a significant role in the unity was a Jeff Lynne. Members of the Beatles, not the George Martin of “relatives” to produce, is dare I asked the man of the “outside”.

But only imagination, Paul for this project realization, seems to have concession considerably to George. Although the anthology 2 Installation of “Within You Without You” has been recorded, such as this would just say that the music selection was quite friendly to George. And George and Jeff Lynne has been working already together in the “Cloud 9”. Appointment of Jeff Lynne also, would not have been a consideration for the George. After all, this project is because the relationship of George and Paul was the key. Then, in this anthology project, Paul seems to have very satisfied with the work of Jeff Lynne. Above all Jeff Lynne is respect is felt for the Beatles. Paul is also produced in the next solo album, to be left to Jeff Lynne.

Paul has released the “OFF THE GROUND” in 1992, but was carried out large-scale tour along with it, is a thing to spend the mid-1990s as described above for the anthology project after it is finished . And why the period of solo album is opened not only that. Linda of physical condition Omowashikunaku, have been found to even after it had been hanging on the treatment. The last album that Linda has joined is the “FLAMING PIE” announced in 1997, which celebrated its Jeff Lynne to the producer. Announced what it is 1997, but the recording itself has been carried out since 1995, are those who were born on the extension of the Anthology project. Unlike the two works of the album before that was produced by the band, as if the “McCartney 3”, has been recorded in most Paul and overdubbing of Jeff Lynne. As a private recording, in a very calm atmosphere to shoulder the power of informal care was missing, and has a very good content. Also successful in sales, in current is known as one of the name board. This work has been recorded session sound source of this “FLAMING PIE”.

“The Song We Were Singing” is a great opening song that nostalgia for the good old days of Paul overflows. Always once returns to the songs that they had singing, is the subject of, from the fact that the subject of the title has become a We, it can be seen that that points to their Beatles era. Its fruit, said to be a classic controversial nostalgic atmosphere. The has been recorded here in a different mix sound source, vocals have become a thing that came to the fore.

“The World Tonight” is much I think that what has been renamed the previous work “Biker Like An Icon” is a song that was similar very glue or that tune. Demo by fierce guitar is the first to have been recorded. Short while very powerful performance to enjoy. Others, such as the rough-mix or backing tracks are recorded.

The album met with those of the time you did not live activities, but there are many songs have never been played in live, “If You Wanna” is no exception. However, what has been recorded whopping here there so was played in the sound check of May 29, 1993 “If You Wanna”. Before four years in the real to announce on the album, the fact that had been played at sound check only once. Moreover and acoustic guitar, accordion played by Wicks, and sounds even as also joined the sound of the piano, and has a very simple and, as if he heard the spell performance. Melody be the same, the lyrics also that there is no difference release version. Only arrangements are different, it suggests that the already completed at this point.

As a pattern of the pole there is a tendency to insert the acoustic Pieces in the album early. “PRESS TO PLAY” of vice “Footprints”, yea “Distruction” of the “FLOWERS IN THE DIRT”, and in this album, “Somedays” corresponds to it. The has been recorded here is another version of the rough mix.

“Young Boy” is the catch has been single cut from the album – which is a number. Paul went about and promotion aggressively this song on TV Shaw who appeared at this time. The has been recorded in this work is a demo, many different mix, such as a rough mix by acoustic guitar.

“Calico Skies” After the stage premiere has been made in Osaka in 2002, are often also played in the tour, probably have liked the pole itself. Although the stage is being played in a band, here it is recorded a demo by only same acoustic guitar and the studio version. Although it will because of the original melody, without impairing the original atmosphere for playing the acoustic guitar only, and has a rather what good songs full

In “Flaming Pie” song with fondness even for Paul it became the title of the album, which is often played on stage. The “Flaming Pie”, Beatles John before debut is derived from an episode of “fiery man who has been riding on the pie” that was seen in the dream. Here are recorded such as the backing track in the demo by the piano.

“Heaven On A Sunday” is also, Linda of chorus is impressive beautiful song. Demo that Paul according to the electric piano, such as ball of this song rolls very carefully sing is a very gem of the take. Servants loincloth sing different from the original.

And this album maximum of masterpieces is “Souvenier”. Bittersweet melody is one of Paul biggest masterpieces hit the chest. Lyrics also nice that took a nostalgia for the good old days is the theme of this album to fully, has become a work of Paul as a poet can enjoy. Unfortunately, only there are no remaining outtakes only short backing track to this song. Although part that contains the vocal by Paul, something that I want to listen more if there are outtakes of this song.

“Little Willow” was also recorded in the Princess Diana memorial album, is a requiem somewhat smell of “burning incense” is. But there is not Shinkikusa is, refreshing the appearance of the dead that will journey to the sky shook hands floating in the eye. Linda is death for a while after this album announcement, but this song was shed many along with the death of the news at that time.

“Rally Love You” has been recorded in a funky song that conspicuous among the album, a short while sound source at the time of the session by the drums and bass here.

Followed by a disk 2. Highlights of this work, would be session sound source of this “Beautiful Night” decorate the real end of the album. This song is that old in 1986, had already been recorded in nearly finished form has been found in the current. The 1986 version is track 1 of the disk 2. Simple but in playing neat went even drum not only piano, it can be seen that already is in a state close to the final shape. Perhaps the degree of perfection-class even if this remains release. Different from the release version is something about the ending, but that amount still receive unfinished impression, it will be because of the knowledge of post-dated. Beautiful and is a very good demo. Based on this demo, it is also made the edit version made in 1997.

Followed by what is recorded in the session sound source of “Beautiful Night” in 1996, it is a demo by playing only the piano. Not any kind of effect is multiplied by the pole of the vocals, it has just become a Namauta. Finally “Beautiful Night” is the configuration of the aforementioned demo has become a completed addition to new ending. The most characteristic thing is in its ending, is a vocal of apple soon be seen with it. But it would associate the absolutely “Cary That Weight”, it would also be the reason that Paul was appointed intentionally apple. Here are recorded such as how to sing the same song playfully raising the rehearsal, and the middle tempo apple participated.

It enters the 1997, have been made sessions for further covered with orchestra. We see over time understood well how the go created a “Beautiful Night”. Perhaps Paul would’re singing while playing the base, it can be seen that have increased profoundness in there to join the orchestra in the middle. Even Paul’s vocal in raw song here, not any processing is done, the sense of thrill as if singing in my ear. Furthermore attention is a part of ending the orchestra is extensively played, while still the almost karaoke state of before joining the vocal of the apple, which is a place where Paul is singing in desperately Adorivu.

Probably the stage of demo will is given essentially more song is judged that there is no need to take any further action. Almost demo street configuration, the lyrics, the melody, and has a complete added to the ending. Track of only ending that added the apple has been recorded continuously. The first half of this ending part Maybe it might thing was recorded separately. Initially orchestra only, and the apple of the vocals, has been recorded is further track plus the guitar solo.

“Great Day” in the bonus specific tracks such as “Her Majesty”, not only end up with a heavy “Beautiful Night”, a short music that have been made as if to leave the finish. But what looked like a pole favorite, while frequency is slightly, there is a thing that has been played in a real live stage in the past. The first track one that is a whopping recording to Wings era 1974, the lyrics is not still have the idea of ​​a basic melody surprised that there was already at this point. If there is a genius talent that melody floats one after another about Paul, dare but probably may not be taken out of this ancient melody, probably there was something unforgettable.

“Your School” is a previously unreleased at this time of outtakes. It is a demo by the piano, but it is neat studio recording. Even since it was broadcast Ooubu Joobu not mean that first appearance for the collector, but is a valuable unpublished songs.

The second half of the disk 2 would have been recorded over the summer from early spring of 1997, has recorded a session of the EPK. All original and different alternate take of the track list, because a different version, and has a content, each of which a short while also listening to respond. And finally has 3 take recorded radio spots for the album promotion of “Flaming Pie”. Not English only or would not be unusual in such as those of the Spanish-speaking world.

The last is a disc 3. 1997 Jerry Lieber and composer duo of Mike Stoller tribute album has been planned in the year. Paul was recording the “Kansas City” favorite song from the Beatles era, which was their composer in the album. Is playing alone that are not in the “Hey Hey Hey Hey,” said Medley. While playing a single acoustic guitar is a performance feel the groove. Even so, when Paul sing the oldies, it is where strange always somehow become country style.

And finally we have recorded a radio show when the album “FLAMING PIE” was released. March 1998 was broadcast, a promotion program that will listen to the music of the album with the commentary of Paul. But not as simple as chatting by passing this radio show is just CD, is plenty of outtakes, what special content that incorporates such as unreleased tracks. Moreover, probably had been recorded at the home studio of Paul, put the instrument to actually close, such as drum and bass, is it that the album commentary with live music.

For example, along with the memories of the Beatles era or try to sing “Strawberry Fields Forever”, with or try to sing “Come On Baby” and “Welcome To The Castle” in improvisation, and has a very dying mania content. “Heaven On A Sunday” is playing riffs that the “For No One,” inspired by making songs, as if to compare both the song “For No One”. Similarly surprising whether to like the place to sing “Because” of the Beatles in the improvisation, up there with a short service. Has become now, but has become a famous episode, has a base that was used when Elvis was a gift from Linda has recorded the “Heartbreak Hotel”, it is also recorded how to sing the same song. Such as also the apple of comment is inserted in the middle, how Paul is seen it has either been put a force on the promotion of this album.

1997 announcement pole of the name board of is considered one session sound source of “Flaming Pie”, the latest work of the session series that aggregates such as a radio-show, including the rare-take. Is the last album that Linda has joined, exist that have been recorded in a form close to home recording away from the band, relaxed air has been the theme of nostalgia that is filled, the charm of the Fifties Taste drifting album “Flaming Pie” it is a title that can be proficient in minute. Permanent preservation firmly press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification.


THE WORLD TONIGHT 02. Clean Electric Guitar Demo 03. Backing Track 04. Early Rough Mix – Different Intro 05. Second Rough Version Alternate Mix 06. Father’s Day Vocals Center Channel 07. Father’s Day Film Edit

IF YOU WANNA 08. Rehearsal/Soundcheck May 29, 1993 09. Clean Electric Guitar Demo

SOMEDAYS 10. Rough Mix Alternate Version 11. Strings Channel Mix

YOUNG BOY 12. Acoustic Guitar Demo 13. Alternate Mix 14. Rough Mix 15. Father’s Day Film Mix

CALICO SKIES 16. Clean Acoustic Demo 17. In The World Tonight Performance

FLAMING PIE 18. Piano Rendition 19. Backing Track Channel Mix 20. Chris Holmes Mix 2016

HEAVEN ON A SUNDAY 21. Clean Electric Piano Demo 22. Monitor Mix

SOUVENIER 23. Backing Track

LITTLE WILLOW 24. Basic Track 25. Video Soundtrack

REALLY LOVE YOU 26. Drum & Bass Improvisations

DISC TWO BEAUTIFUL NIGHT 1986 01. Original Version Rough Mix

1997 02. Original Version Edited Mix

1996 03. Piano Demo 04. Solo Piano Rendition 05. Rehearsal & Parody With Ringo 06. Session Highlights Composite

1997 07. Orchestra Session 08. Basic Track With Orchestra 09. Ringo’s Vocal Track 10. Electric Guitar Overdub 11. Final Instrumental Mix 12. Piano Rendition From Radio Show 13. Video Soundtrack

GREAT DAY 14. Early Acoustic Rendition 1974 15. Leg Slap recording 1992 Channel Mix 16. In The World Tonight Performance

YOUR SCHOOL 17. Circa 1992-1994 Demo

EPK SESSION Spring – Summer 1997 18. Calico Skies 19. Flaming Pie 20. Young Boy 21. The World Tonight 22. If You Wanna 23. Heaven On A Sunday 24. Beautiful Night

FLAMING PIE RADIO SPOTS 25. Radio Commercial #1 26. Radio Commercial #2 27. Radio Commercial #3



FLAMING PIE RADIO SPECIAL master version 03. Introduction – Flaming Pie 04. Strawberry Fields Forever 05. Come On Baby 06. Welcome To The Castle 07. Paul & Steve Miller about “Young Boy” 08. Harpsichord improvisations (For No One – Baby Baby) 09. Heaven On A Sunday 10. Souvenier 11. Electric Spinet – Because 12. About Elvis Presley – Bill Black’s Bass – Heartbreak Hotel 13. Ringo Starr’s Introduction 14. Great Day 15. Drums & Bass about “Really Love You” 16. Ringo about “Really Love You” 17. Paul about “The World Tonight” 18. Spanish Guitar & “Blackbird” 19. Paul about “Somedays” 20. George Martin about “Somedays” 21. Paul about “If You Wanna” 22. Milk Cow Blues 23. “Paperback Writer” Voxx Amps 24. Mini Moog 25. About “Used To Be Bad” 26. Penny Lane – Baby Don’t You Do It 27. Calico Skies 28. Beautiful Night 29. About “Beautiful Night” 30. About “Flaming Pie”- End of The Show