Paul McCartney (2/Cd) Live Archives Vol 2

Paul McCartney (2/Cd) Live Archives Vol 2
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Paul McCartney (2/Cd) Live Archives Vol 2
Paul McCartney’s 70’s almost overlaps his 30s. In the thirties who got talent and motivation burning hotly led the band called wings, flew fruitfully in the seventies. And it was supposed to continue even after the 1980s. But in the first year of the 1980’s, there were two major incidents for Paul. First of all in January 1980 I was arrested on cannabis possession in Japan that I visited for the concert. Paul was held in detention and as the investigation that may be over continues, band members who have left off numbness will return home. Especially even after returning to Denny · Lane who was a faithful “Friday”, Wings will collapse. Paul lost the band and it was impossible to go on tour. And at the end of the same year, John Lennon was murdered by a crazy person. Young people who follow up when Yukiko Okada committed suicide continue, as in the Diet on the agenda, there are people who are being inspired and imitating in any age and in any case. Paul seemed seriously afraid at this time that he might be shot from the audience seating standing on the stage whether it was his turn next. As a result, I do not do any tours in the 1980s, so I will spend silent time in terms of live activity. Meanwhile, although I did not come out on tour, I will do a live appearance with a single shot as it is. This work is a series of chronologically recorded miniature live performances that are not recorded in many Collector’s Items, spotlighting such single Paul’s live appearance. This second work, which is the second volume, includes a one-off live from 1990 to 1997, TV appearances, radio appearances and so on.

【ROCKLINE RADIO SHOW October 26, 1990】 When I appeared on a radio program, I played only with Aco Gi. Being only with Akogi, it is full of groove feeling. Before entering the interlude, put in a hand with “Dance, dance!” And play an interlude melody by whistling. Even a single guitar will be able to play a dense performance so far by Paul.

【COUNT DOWN, NETHERLANDS; BEAT UK, JAPAN & FANTASTICO, BRAZIL December 13, 1990】 At that time, he appeared in numerous programs with the promotion of the new album and tour, but since there is only one body indeed, the performances of this time were broadcasted by using the things that were recorded in advance in each country. It is just like the Ed Sullivan show in the Beatles era. “All My Trials” never got played on a lone tour, but the performance by sound check has been released as a single. Basically it is a one-shot recording, so it’s almost the same for live performances. “The Long And Winding Road” starts without a prelude. The same song included in the album “LET IT BE” was Paul who had strongly condemned Phil Spector’s covering a heavy orchestra, but at this time the tour did not include a female chorus, but the same kind It is a wonderful place to have an orchestra arranged by Wicks keyboard. “Let It Be” is noticeable that the solo here is quite different, whereas the guitar solo was nearly complete copy on tour.

【ROCK O POP, SPAIN December 13, 1990】 Since it is a Spanish program, it is natural that the moderator is also Spanish, but the introduction that Paul is returning in Spanish by Paul is interesting. “All My Trials” is a new song that was released as a single, so it is played here as well. “Let It Be” is sung as a “tying” to show off new songs. In a relatively relaxing performance Paul is very carefully spinning lyrics.

【WOGAN, UK December 14, 1990】 Again “All My Trials” is a performance. Despite this many promotions, most of the people who probably bought a single must have bought a coupling song.

【A CARLTON NEW YEAR, UK November 20, 1992】 The album “OFF THE GROUND” has been released in February 1993. This program was an appearance with a promotion to show off new songs before that. As the leading single “Oath tomorrow” was used as a theme song in Japanese TV, it would be familiar to Japanese fans. In the tour of 1993, it was only played on stage as a regular song, but suddenly it surprised me that it was suddenly played in South American concert in 2013. “Michelle” is also a song that was in the set list on the 1993 tour. Thoughtfulness may be thin from the current viewpoint, it is “old new song” for the first time in 1993 tour. And lastly, “Biker Like An Icon” is a nice song in the album “OFF THE GROUND” and Linda, a photographer, likes “I like a Leica, I like a Nikon (Leica camera, Nikon camera likes it It’s a valuable studio live that I was conceived from a casual remark that “I am”).

【TOP OF THE POPS, UK January 7, 1993】 The album “OFF THE GROUND” has been recorded almost in a live manner, and dubbing has been kept to a minimum. This was aimed at the effect by that, and it seems that it was on the next tour in mind. “Hope Of Deliverance” played here is also a live performance, although there are differences in singing and chorus balance, it can be said that it is a stable performance not much different from studio recording.

【WETTEN DAS ..?, GERMANY January 23, 1993】 The German “WETTEN DAS” program is a bad name (?) Program because there are many performances by miming. Although “Hope Of Deliverance” recorded here sounds like live performance, as studio recording itself was live recording as mentioned above, it is confusing to judge.

【SIMON BATES RADIO SHOW, UK February 1, 1993】 I play “Biker Like an Icon” at the performance of the radio program appearance. It is balanced with vocals with quite rough sound quality. Perhaps there is Oke and it seems that Paul is singing with Karaoke.

【SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, USA February 13, 1993】 This saturday night live is famous as a material, and it remembers that there were many titles in real time. The first 3 songs are rehearsal sound sources before the recording of the program, and the last three songs are performances in the main broadcast. “Get Out Of My Way” drops the tempo more than the studio version, it is like playing blues and jazz together. “Biker Like an Icon” is comfortable listening to the part of rust that rhymes with hot performance like the actual. “Hey Jude” is a shortened version for TV programs, and in the refrain section of Nanana, there is no directing to stop the performance and make the audience sing, just heading for ending.

【TOP OF THE POPS, UK February 18, 1993】 The highlight of the album “OFF THE GROUND” will be “C’mon People” anything. It is a masterpiece of Paul’s first generation that combines majity and a beautiful melody. This is a memorial thing that the first performance of the same song was performed. Paul’s live song that excluded echoes is wonderful. It seems to be singing sparingly live and daringly making it different.

DISC TWO 【BUDDY HOLLY WEEK, UK September 7, 1995】 Buddy Holly Week in 1995 is a performance of only “Rave On” one song. It is recorded in the audience recording here. I have not officially recorded, but since I play this song many times at Buddy Holly week, it is probably Paul’s favorite.

【RETURN OF THE FORGOTTEN, ROYAL ALBERT HALL, UK October 16, 1995】 The American poet Allen Ginsberg died in 1997. This is the state of a recitation of the death of his last year. Although he was 68 years old at this time in liver cancer, it is a coveted voice that can not be regarded as two years before death. Although I have no opportunity to interact with Paul, since I also co-starred in secrets and gigs in 1991, it is a relatively long relationship. Paul is playing the guitar in the back reading of this verse.

【ROYAL PERFORMANCE March 23, 1995】 Paul and Elvis Costello are collaborating on each other’s album “FLOWERS IN THE DIRT” and “SPIKE”, but this time is the only one that co-starred at the stage (what you played separately on the same stage There are some examples). Moreover, in this period it begins with a rare “One After 909”, originating from John and Paul’s twin vocals. Pole’s confidence in Costello can be heard where dare to choose this song. And the precious thing is the second song “Mistress And Maid”. It is an outtake of the previous work which was recorded in the album “OFF THE GROUND”, one of co-composition with Costello. And it was an extremely valuable take that was played on live only after this and only this time. And on this day the string orchestra is on the back, and in order to make use of it, songs “For No One”, “Eleanor Rigby” and “Yesterday” are chosen. In particular, “Eleanor Rigby” has a string interlude reminiscent of the version of “Broad Street” that is not originally available. And the last “Lady Madonna” has been arranged with unusual strings. If you look only at the songs, it seems like it will be applied to the freshness that is played on many stages except “Mistress And Maid”, but the actual performance is very interesting with instrumental organization and arrangements that can only be heard here.

【BUDDY HOLLY WEEK, UK September 11, 1996】 “Oh Boy” was played at this year’s Buddy Holly week. Here, we record parties’ performances of the day in audience recordings.

【IN THE WORLD TONIGHT 1997】 This is a sound source from the video work which was released almost simultaneously with the album “FLAMING PIE”. While scorching fire in the forest, Paul sings two songs “Album Calico Skies” “Great Day” with only Akogi. “Great Day” is known to have already been completed in the Wings, but it was finally announced after more than 20 years.

【TOWN HALL MEETING May 17, 1997】 This is a song like improvisation made for singing with audiences who filled the venue when they appeared on TV programs. The title is “Bishopgate”, there is no record played except this time. I am navigating the parts of the chorus to let people in the venue sing.

【TFI FRIDAY, UK June 27, 1997】 It is a performance on a television program that appeared for album promotion. Songs are single

DISC ONE ROCKLINE RADIO SHOW October 26, 1990 01. Matchbox

COUNT DOWN, NETHERLANDS; BEAT UK, JAPAN & FANTASTICO, BRAZIL December 13, 1990 02. All My Trials 03. The Long and Winding Road 04. Let it Be

ROCK O POP, SPAIN December 13, 1990 05. Introduction 06. All My Trials 07. Let it Be

WOGAN, UK December 14, 1990 08. All My Trials

A CARLTON NEW YEAR, UK November 20, 1992 09. Introduction 10. Hope of Deliverance 11. Michelle 12. Biker Like an Icon

TOP OF THE POPS, UK January 7, 1993 13. Hope Of Deliverance

WETTEN DAS..?, GERMANY January 23, 1993 14. Hope Of Deliverance

SIMON BATES RADIO SHOW, UK February 1,1993 15. Biker Like an Icon

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, USA February 13, 1993 DRESS REHEARSAL 16. Get Out Of My Way 17. Biker Like an Icon 18. Hey Jude

LIVE BROADCAST 19. Get Out Of My Way 20. Biker Like an Icon 21. Hey Jude

TOP OF THE POPS, UK February 18, 1993 22. C’mon People

DISC TWO BUDDY HOLLY WEEK, UK September 7, 1995 01. Rave On

RETURN OF THE FORGOTTEN, ROYAL ALBERT HALL, UK October 16, 1995 (unedited) 02. Ballad Of The Skeletons (Paul on Guitar with Allen Ginsberg)

ROYAL PERFORMANCE March 23, 1995 03. Introduction 04. One After 909 05. Mistress And Maid 06. For No One 07. Eleanor Rigby 08. Yesterday 09. Lady Madonna

BUDDY HOLLY WEEK, UK September 11, 1996 10. Oh! Boy

IN THE WORLD TONIGHT 1997 11. Calico Skies 12. Great Day

TOWN HALL MEETING May 17, 1997 13. Bishopgate

TFI FRIDAY, UK June 27, 1997 14. Young Boy 15. Flaming pie

LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O’ BRIEN June 30, 1997 16. Michelle – The Conan Song

MUSIC FOR MONTSERAT September 15, 1997 17. Introduction by George Martin 18. Yesterday 19. Golden Slumbers – Carry That Weight – The End 20. Hey Jude 21. Kansas City

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