Paul McCartney (2/Cd) Live Archives Vol 3

Paul McCartney (2/Cd) Live Archives Vol 3
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Paul McCartney (2/Cd) Live Archives Vol 3
Paul McCartney’s 70’s almost overlaps his 30s. In the thirties who got talent and motivation burning hotly led the band called wings, flew fruitfully in the seventies. And it was supposed to continue even after the 1980s. But in the first year of the 1980’s, there were two major incidents for Paul. First of all in January 1980 I was arrested on cannabis possession in Japan that I visited for the concert. Paul was held in detention and as the investigation that may be over continues, band members who have left off numbness will return home. Especially even after returning to Denny · Lane who was a faithful “Friday”, Wings will collapse. Paul lost the band and it was impossible to go on tour. And at the end of the same year, John Lennon was murdered by a crazy person. Young people who follow up when Yukiko Okada committed suicide continue, as in the Diet on the agenda, there are people who are being inspired and imitating in any age and in any case. Paul seemed seriously afraid at this time that he might be shot from the audience seating standing on the stage whether it was his turn next. As a result, I do not do any tours in the 1980s, so I will spend silent time in terms of live activity. Meanwhile, although I did not come out on tour, I will do a live appearance with a single shot as it is. This work is a series of chronologically recorded miniature live performances that are not recorded in many Collector’s Items, spotlighting such single Paul’s live appearance. The third volume, which is the third volume, includes one-off live from 1997 to 2001, TV appearances, radio appearances and so on.

【THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW】 Appearance at TV · show appeared on November 20, 1997. We play two songs for the promotion of the album “Flaming Pie”. Although singing turning is different, it is not mime but live performance, but it is almost complete copy of the studio version. “Lady Madonna” is a piece of music that Paul played on the piano to raise the venue in surroundings between songs. A powerful count before playing “Flaming Pie” is not cool.

【THE RHYTHM OF LIFE】 I play “I Lost My Little Girl” in a short performance with a radio program that appeared on January 5, 1998 in Matsuno, and explained the composition of the song when I made this song. I’m playing “Lady Madonna” that just made this song the same way.

【CHRISTOPHER REEVE TRIBUTE】 March 1, 1998 It is a very rare recital of “Calico Skies”. It is a live at the tribute project of actor Christopher Reeve who is familiar with Superman role. Christopher Reeve suffered spinal cord injury by falling horse in 1995 and was forced to live in a wheelchair, and since then died in 2004. According to Christopher who played an American hero called Superman, the true hero is “a very ordinary person wearing strength to survive without sparing no efforts in any obstacle” .

【HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPIKE】 April 18, 1998 Performance for SPIKE ‘s birthday celebration. I sing “Yesterday” by acoustic guitar, but I pretend that I made a mistake in lyrics and rarely arrange snow to a different song.

【ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME】 Three songs at the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Memorial Concert held on March 15, 1999. Apart from “Let It Be”, he sings Oldies number which became his own roots. Paul does not have instruments at this time, and he is in charge of singing with a microphone.

【CONCERT FOR LINDA】 Linda died last year. Linda has lived with Linda for many years without repeating marriage and divorce that tend to be on rock star, and Linda who crawled nearly 30 years as a band member together, passed away young. This is Paul’s performance in Linda’s memorial concert held on April 10, 1999. Ricky Nelson’s “Lonesome Town” that Paul and Linda were listening well together was the first song. A lascivious lyric, a melancholy that makes me twilight. A city filled with lonely heart, a crying tear comes to Lonsam Town which is a substitute for staying expenses, sadness and regret are forgotten, as if singing the heart of a husband who lost his wife, It is an impressive singing that applies to Paul at this time as it is. “All My Loving” is played for the second track lightly. Since this concert was broadcasted then, “Lonesome Town” and “All My Loving” were widely heard. However, it is not well known that “Let It Be” which was not broadcasted on the same day on the same day is also being played. In this work, this “Let It Be” is recorded for the first time from the audience sound source of the day. Although singing with the circle of musicians who were in the venue, the song composition is mechacuchi, although it somehow leads to completeness, it has been cut as much as possible by broadcasting.

【BUDDY HOLLY WEEK】 On September 7, 1999, this year’s annual Buddy Holly Week was held in New York. Paul is singing the familiar “Rave On” again. Sometimes I want you to sing other buddy’s songs.

【PARTY OF THE CENTRY】 From this point onwards, numerous single-shot live performances appeared for the promotion of the album “RUN DEVIL RUN” continue. Whatever the drums are, I am pace, the guitar is Dave Gilmore, why are you going to follow the luxurious members who are in here are you playing, the performance is terrible. And Paul also sings lively and youthfully Oldies number. “Honey Hush” is Paul ‘s favorite song playing since the Beatles, and I’ve been playing it several times even after this stage. It is cool that it says “Rock n ‘Roll is here!” After playing. “Brown Eyed Handsome Man” failed to sing out and once stopped playing, it is 2 take here. “No Other Baby” goes back There are records that were played in the sound check in 1993. The sound source was also left and it was a light feeling, but in 1999 it became a very heavy arrangement that the base roars. “Try Not To Cry” is a new song Paul intentionally made to Oldies. Jeffrey’s influence is also felt with regard to music. And after the ballad “Lonesome Town”, the last is “Run Devil Run”. This is a new song that I also dared to make it like Oldies. It was a song that became an occultative topic that the chorus of “ra ~ a ~ a” of chorus part can be heard by the voice of Linda.

【LATER WITH JOOLS HOLLAND】 On November 2, 1999, Jools Holland appeared on a program hosted by Jules Holland and played four songs. A band including Paul plays the opening which becomes a program jingle. The songs are playing “Party” for the first time following three songs “Honey Hush”, “No Other Baby” and “Brown Eyed Handsome Man.”

【NATIONAL LOTTERY SHOW】 On November 13, 1999, this is a TV show hosted by Lulu. Sometimes Lulu himself is a singer, “Brown Eyed Handsome Man” participates in the chorus, and in “Party” there are parts to take vocals on behalf of Paul. The voice of Ruru can be confirmed clearly whether it is a chorus, and it can enjoy as a different version of the same song.

【THE APPOCALYPSE TUBE】 It is a live at the TV appearance on November 20, 1999. Although it starts with “Brown Eyed Handsome Man”, although it does not redo, it is quite suspicious performance. The masterpiece is “Party”. Even after the performance, the enthusiasm does not cool down, Paul plays “Party” again. There is also a scene where Paul draws the vocal to the moderator by pulling in the middle and it is quite a panquish performance. Was it thirsty with this passion? At the last “Lonesome Town”, singing out no treble, it stopped playing once.

【VIRGIN RADIO】 This is a radio program that appeared for promotion, playing with something like a toy with sound. It is said to pluck the phrase “Run Devil Run” in entertainment.

【THE PARKINSON SHOW】 Paul was a TV show and radio appearance for many promotions of “RUN DEVIL RUN”, but the related program will be the last of December 2, 1999 Parkinson Show. Moderator Michael Parkinson has appeared as a prisoner of the album “BAND ON THE RUN” jacket, and it is said that Paul appeared in the form of repayment. Special on this program is that Paul and Parkinson ‘s talk are accompanied, not only the songs on the album, but also unreleased songs and ad – libb songs are played, and the appearance differs from other appearances. It is noteworthy that he plays only two songs “Honey Hush” from the album “RUN DEVIL RUN” and “All Shook Up” for the first time in a series of promotional live performances. “Twenty Flight Rock” is not unusual in being played with a pole playing rather than a band. Rupert’s song “When The Wind Blowing” leaves as an acoustic guitar, which has not decided the ending and is whistling. Then, after singing “Yesterday”, I will move to the piano. Again the band is away, singing “The Long And Winding Road” by Paul alone. A beautiful arrangement Paul is doing with scatting the solo part of the interlude. I think that it is the best version of the song. And what’s next to be played is “Your Loving Flame”. I am surprised that the love song dedicated to Heather recorded in “DRIVING RAIN” three years later was perfectly completed at this point. “Oobu Doobu Song” is a jazz-like ad lib song. She is familiar with that flow “Suicide” is playing. As mentioned above, this program is quite foreign as a promotion of “RUN DEVIL RUN”, it is a rare program in which Paul’s entertainer has been demonstrated for the first time as much as it is thought that it is over-service as much as it is heard.

【CONCERT FOR NEW YORK CITY】 Simultaneous terrorist attacks in New York in 2001 that everyone can not forget. It is a charity concert held to support firefighters who rescued and rescued, families of people who died, and most importantly American nations. Paul provided a special “Freedom” for this day. This work contains the concert. “I ‘m Down” which is the first song since 1966, is the first performance in 35 years. And from the new album “Lonely Road” and single from “From Lover To A Friend” continued to play. “Lonely Road” was later incorporated into the regular set list of the tour, became a standard that was sung every time with a concert, “From Lover To A Friend” this time is the only live take. In that sense it can be said that it is an extremely valuable live version. And

DISC ONE THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW, USA November 20, 1997 01. Young Boy 02. Lady Madonna 03. Flaming Pie

THE RHYTHM OF LIFE, UK January 5, 1998 04. I Lost My Little Girl 05. Lady Madonna

CHRISTOPHER REEVE TRIBUTE, USA March1, 1998 06. Calico Skies

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPIKE, UK April 18, 1998 07. Yesterday – Ying Tong Song

ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME March 15, 1999 08. Blue Suade Shoes 09. What’d I Say 10. Let It Be

CONCERT FOR LINDA April 10, 1999 11. introduction 12. Lonesome Town 13. All My Loving 14. Let It Be

BUDDY HOLLY WEEK September 7, 1999 15. Introduction 16. Rave On

PARTY OF THE CENTRY September 18, 1999 17. Honey Hush 18. Brown Eyed Handsome Man #1 19. Brown Eyed Handsome Man #2 20. No Other Baby 21. Try Not To Cry 22. Lonesome Town 23. Run Devil Run

LATER WITH JOOLS HOLLAND November 2, 1999 24. Opening Jam 25. Honey Hush 26. No Other Baby 27. Happy Birthday 28. Brown Eyed Handsome Man 29. Party

DISC SIX NATIONAL LOTTERY SHOW November 13, 1999 01. Brown Eyed Handsome Man 02. No Other Baby 03. Party with LULU

THE APPOCALYPSE TUBE November 20, 1999 04. Brown Eyed Handsome Man 05. No Other Baby 06. Honey Hush 07. Party 08. Lonesome Town #1 09. Lonesome Town #2

VIRGIN RADIO November 29, 1999 10. Run Devil Run

THE PARKINSON SHOW December 2, 1999 11. Honey Hush 12. Twenty Flight Rock 13. When The Wind Blowing 14. Yesterday 15. The Long And Winding Road 16. Your Loving Flame 17. Oobu Doobu Song 18. Suicide 19. All Shook Up

CONCERT FOR NEW YORK CITY October 20, 2001 20. Introducton 21. I’m Down 22. Lonely Road 23. From Lover To A Friend 24. Yesterday 25. Freedom 26. Let It Be 27. Freedom

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