Paul McCartney (2/Cd) Live Archives Vol 7

Paul McCartney (2/Cd) Live Archives Vol 7
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Paul McCartney (2/Cd) Live Archives Vol 7
Paul McCartneyís 70ís almost overlaps with his 30ís. He led a band called Wings in his thirties, where his talent and motivation were burning hot, and ran through the fruitful 70ís. And it was expected to continue after the 1980s. But in the first year of the 1980s, there were two major incidents for Paul. First, in January 1980, he was arrested for possessing cannabis in Japan, where he visited for a concert. Paul is detained and a paralyzed band member returns home as interrogation continues, which may end at any time. Even Denny Laine, who was a particularly faithful ďFridayĒ, returned to Japan, and Wings collapsed. Paul lost the band, which made it impossible to go on tour.

And at the end of the year, he was killed by John Lennon by a crazy person. As Yukiko Okada committed suicide, many young people followed her, and as was on the agenda in the Diet, there are people who are inspired and try to imitate in any era and in any case. At this time, Paul seemed to be seriously afraid that it would be his turn next time, or that he would be shot from the audience when he stood on the stage. As a result, he didnít tour at all in the 80ís, and he was silent in terms of live activities.

On the other hand, although he didnít go on tour, he has done a lot of single-shot live appearances. This work is a series that focuses on Paulís one-shot live performance and records detailed live performances in chronological order that are not recorded in many collectorís items. This 7th work includes single-shot live performances, TV appearances, radio appearances, etc. from 2012 to 2020.

DISC ONE MEANER PRIVATE PARTY August 3, 2010 01. Get Back

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE December 15, 2012 02. My Valentine 03. Cut Me Some Slack

ROLLINS COLLEGEOctober 23, 2014 04. Introduction 05. Blackbird

JEFF LYNNE WALK OF FAME April 22, 2015 06. Congratulations Jam

PETAís 35th ANNIV PARTY September 30, 2015 07. Introduction 08. Looking for Changes

BUFFALO October 22, 2015 09. A Very Good Year

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE December 19, 2015 10. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

CHARLIE GRACE BIRTHDAY May 5, 2016 11. Fabulous

BBC MASTERTAPES May 24, 2016 12. Lady Madonna 13. Every Night 14. Here Today 15. Fourfiveseconds 16. When The Wind is Blowing

LONDON, UK November 14, 2016 17. Abbey Road 85 years

JIMMY FALLON SHOW December 20, 2016 18. Wonderful Christmastime

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN May 2017 19. Maggie Mae

SUSSEX, ENGLAND October 22, 2017 20. Strawberry Fields Forever

LITTLE STEVEN LIVE November 4, 2017 21. Introduction 22. I Saw Her Standing There

JADED HEARTS CLUB BAND January 16, 2018 23. I Saw Her Standing there 24. Helter Skelter

PHILLARMONIC DINNING June 9, 2018 25. A Hard Dayís Night 26. Obladi Oblada 27. Drive My Car 28. Love Me Do 29. Come On To Me 30. I Wanna Be Your Man 31. Back In the USSR 32. Birthday 33. Lady Madonna 34. Hey Jude

ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS July 23, 2018 35. A Hard Dayís Night 36. Juniorís Farm 37. Intro 38. One After 909 39. Story 40. Drive my Car 41. Come On To Me 42. Iíve Got A Feeling

DISC TWO 01. Iíve Just Seen A Face 02. Confidante 03. Love Me Do 04. We Can Work It Out 05. My Valentine 06. 1985 07. Lady Madonna 08. Who Cares 09. Got To Get You Into My Life 10. Fuh You 11. Obladi Oblada 12. I Wanna Be Your Man 13. Back in the USSR 14. Birthday 15. SGT.Pepper reprise 16. Helter Skelter

RADIO JINGLESS August 13, 2018 17. Jingle #1 18. Jingle #2 19. Jingle #3

THE JIMMY FALLON SHOW September 6, 2018 20. Drive My Car 21. Come On To Me

SUSSEX, ENGLAND September, 2019 22. Hey Grandude Theme

HUDSON HOUSE November 23, 2019 23. I Saw Her Standing There

BEATLES MARATHON December 21, 2019 24. Love Me Do

TOGETHER AT HOME April 18, 2020 25. Introduction 26. Lady Madonna

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