Paul McCartney (2/Cd) Live Archives Vol 4

Paul McCartney (2/Cd) Live Archives Vol 4
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Paul McCartney (2/Cd) Live Archives Vol 4
Paul McCartney’s 70’s almost overlaps his 30s. In the thirties who got talent and motivation burning hotly led the band called wings, flew fruitfully in the seventies. And it was supposed to continue even after the 1980s. But in the first year of the 1980’s, there were two major incidents for Paul. First of all in January 1980 I was arrested on cannabis possession in Japan that I visited for the concert. Paul was held in detention and as the investigation that may be over continues, band members who have left off numbness will return home. Especially even after returning to Denny · Lane who was a faithful “Friday”, Wings will collapse. Paul lost the band and it was impossible to go on tour. And at the end of the same year, John Lennon was murdered by a crazy person. Young people who follow up when Yukiko Okada committed suicide continue, as in the Diet on the agenda, there are people who are being inspired and imitating in any age and in any case. Paul seemed seriously afraid at this time that he might be shot from the audience seating standing on the stage whether it was his turn next. As a result, I do not do any tours in the 1980s, so I will spend silent time in terms of live activity. Meanwhile, although I did not come out on tour, I will do a live appearance with a single shot as it is. This work is a series of chronologically recorded miniature live performances that are not recorded in many Collector’s Items, spotlighting such single Paul’s live appearance. This 4th film, which includes a single live performance from 2001 to 2006, a TV appearance and a radio appearance.

【ITV】 Inspired by the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001, numerous musicians released a song that encourages the United States. Paul witnessed that moment in the airport of New York, but from that there was born a song called “FREEDOM”. It is also known for being suddenly recorded at the end of the album “DRIVING RAIN”. It was a situation that there was not credit in the jacket because it was too sudden additional recording. Paul frequently sang “FREEDOM” on TV, radio and stage this time. It was felt as if the intention to make it a pole version “GIVE PEACE A CHANCE”. But the world noticed that America’s positive = world not justice, a self-righteous patriotic development, now it is not singing. This is “FREEDOM” for the first time on television appearances that era.

【NOVEL PRIZE】 Although it is unknown what kind of circumstances he appeared, a concert was held in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prize, and Paul appeared in conjunction with many other performers. He tells that he is dedicating to George who died at the beginning. Paul played three songs. “Your Loving Flame” dedicated to Heather who was then a newlywed hoyahoya, then “Freedom”, and finally “Let It Be”. At this time I am in charge of drums is Blair who toured the tour in 1993. “Let It Be” is a masterpiece that everyone knows, and he is taking a vocal by circling on the day. A magnificent arrangement where the orchestra is played in the back, refraining is played once after the song is finished, a rare arrangement that can not be seen in the latter tour is the listening place.

【BBC】 This is a performance with a radio appearance, there is no band, Paul sings alone by Akogi alone. I can see how I was trying to spread “FREEDOM”. It is impressive that percussion enters from the middle and Paul sings lively as a result of an up tempo arrangement. It’s interesting that endings end like a comic song.

【WETTEN DASS】 At the beginning we are encouraging hosts Thomas, Heather, and the audience. This pattern is the MC to be followed later. The German television program WETTEN DASS is a program that usually plays a lot of mime, but also here Paul is a version that is singing alone by Acoustique alone. Flying with Paul’s shouting ~ ~ ~ Iidan chorus with the chairperson.

【JAPANESE TV】 “Celebration” played with an interview broadcasted in Japan and impulse by the piano. A phrase similar to the melody of “My Love” is inserted.

【SUPER BOWL】 American football super bowl is one of the biggest attention in the nation, attracting annual events such as Michael Jackson and Prince every year, and it is customary that the venue is excited. Paul performed this year and sang “FREEDOM”. At the venue, the studio version is flushed, and Paul is singing accordingly. However, since Paul’s microphone is turned on instead of miming, it is a double track of the studio version and the live version. Paul called to the relay seat after playing is singing along with Paul following the “A Hard Day’s Night” where the host playfully sings. It was the first song played on the stage at the opening of the ONE ON ONE tour, but it was the same song that it was the first time that this song was solo.

【HONORING HARRISON】 George’s memorial event is famous for “CONCERT FOR GEORGE” which was held at Royal Albert Hall with Clapton and apple etc, but it is not so much that a small memorial concert in England has been held before that It is not done. Were Paul as a special appearance, it appeared on stage alone, singing “Yesterday” with a cappella. It is content that remembers the person whose lyrics have left, so it is just for memorial reasons. I changed the lyric “She” to “He” and applied it to George and sang it. “Yesterday” that I sang several times until then, Paul’s a cappella is unusual, and this take will be the only thing. Laughter comes from the audience, expressing the interlude with Bonbon and mouth.

【ACADEMY AWARDS】 In the award ceremony of the Academy Awards, Paul played the title song of the movie for “Vanilla Sky” which was listed as a candidate at this time. It was added to the set list on the tour in 2002, but this time will be the first show of the live. It is a live performance just before that that will be on tour for the first time in nine years after this week. Now this song will never play again on stage.

【TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO】 Jay Leno is a famous American moderator, like Tamori in Japan. Paul is showing off “Let It Be” at the show hosted by Jay Leno. I dropped the tempo, it was pretty much singing really sick, it was fun to sing. Interlude is played not by guitar but by wind instruments, singing with female vocals and Unison. Anyway, it is rare that such sort of “Let It Be” singing seriously with the singing of collapse is singing.

【QUEEN’S JUBIREE】 It is a live at a ceremony celebrating the 50th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth. “Her Majesty” was played with a joke together for the first time. Her Majesty Queen is a cute and nice woman, so it will be tolerated because it is a pole with the Knight’s Order that you can show off the contents of myself to be my someday before himself. (Michael Jackson sang “Dirty Diana” in the concert accompanied by Princess Diana, it is said that Princess Diana was delighted). I guess the Queen must have also cleared up humor. After singing ‘Blackbird’ with the flow of Akogi, the stage moves to the band. Clapton is a guitar, Paul is a piano and “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” is played. Paul never played this song, this time will be the premiere. The main vocal is Clapton, and Paul is just wearing a chorus. In this moment Paul is showing off the medley of “SGT. Pepper’s Reprise? The End” which is usually concluding the concert in the midst of the tour. Subsequently the Beatles’ “Love is All” is played. This song has been played the second half of the refrain part of “The Word” and medley in the 2011 tour, but this time is the first time that I played a full song, it is the last at the moment. Naturally the intro has been turned into a British state rather than a French state. Vocal is the circle of performers of the day. It is up to the next “Hey Jude” on the day’s broadcasting, but in this work it is a streaming sound board of the unbroadcast, and it is fully recorded to “I Saw Her Standing There” which was played at the end of the day.

【BRIDGE SCHOOL BENEFIT】 It is an appearance to the charity concert organized by the Neil Young and the wife each year. Paul plays “ONLY LOVE CAN BREAK YOUR HEART” recorded by Duet with “AFTER THE GOLD RUSH” with Neil. Before this appearance Neil appeared in Paul and Land Mine Benefit sponsored by Heather Mills, so it will be said that this event will be a return appearance to this event. Paul appeared on both days that was held for two days and is singing the same song with Neil. Especially on the second day Paul appeared on not only Neil Young’s stage but also Tony Bennett’s stage, and Tony’s representative song “The Very Thought Of You” is sung together in a duet.

【SUPER BOWL HALF TIME SHOW】 It is a super bowl who appeared continuously in 2001. Whereas last time was only “FREEDOM” one song, this time in 2005 we are showing 4 songs. Prior to the concert, she plays “She Loves You” to play in the chairperson’s seat. I have never played this song on stage yet, although it is playing, it is singing since it became the only solo. And the actual stage starts with “Drive My Car”. It is a pole-like mix where the bass is emphasized, and it is a very tight performance. Following “Get Back”, “Live And Let Die” is gigantically boasting festivals with flashy lighting and sound effects. Only the songs usually playing on the stage have no chance of playing.

【COLIN & EDITH BBC RADIO 1】 Performance on radio program. While playing with the hosts fun together with a funny fighting version, the performance itself is very solid. The feature of this series is that it encompasses such unknown fine appearances.

【LIVE 8】 Historical event in 1985 LIVE AID in 20 years after the event, again the same purpose event was held in 2005. It was held under the G8 (Summit Meeting of the Major Countries) and was entitled LIVE 8. The opening is “SGT. PEPPER’S” of those who are not reprints since 1990. It is a duet with U2’s Bono. In “Drive My Car”, now I can listen to the breathable duet with dead George Michael. What is unusual is that after the end of “Hey Jude”, I will play the refrain part of “Hey Jude” again from the count by the stick as if to re-burn the reverberation of the venue again.

【RAZOR CUTS VIRGIN RADIO】 It is a performance at the time of radio appearance. In the performance of only Akogi the song is “I Say You Never Tell Me”

DISC ONE ITV November 24, 2001 01. Freedom

NOVEL PRIZE December 11, 2001 02. Speech 03. Your Loving Flame 04. Freedom 05. Let It Be

BBC December 13, 2001 06. Introduction 07. Freedom

WETTEN DASS December 15, 2001 08. Freedom

JAPANESE TV, JAPAN 2002 09. Celebration – Piano Improvisation

SUPER BOWL February 3, 2002 10. Freedom 11. A Hard Day’s Night

HONORING HARRISON February 8, 2002 12. Speech 13. Yesterday

ACADEMY AWARDS March 24, 2002 14. Vanilla Sky

TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO May 3, 2002 15. Let it Be

QUEEN’S JUBIREE June 3, 2002 16. Her Majesty 17. Blackbird 18. While My Guitar Gently Weeps 19. SGT.Pepper’s Reprise – The End 20. All You Need Is Love 21. Hey Jude 22. I Saw Her Standing There

DISC EIGHT BRIDGE SCHOOL BENEFIT October 23, 2004 01. Only Love Can Break Your Heart (with Neil Young)

October 24, 2004 02. The Very Thought Of You (with Tony Bennett) 03. Only Love Can Break Your Heart (with Neil Young)

SUPER BOWL HALF TIME SHOW Feburuary 6, 2005 04. She Loves You 05. Drive My Car 06. Get Back 07. Live And Let Die 08. Hey Jude

COLIN & EDITH BBC RADIO 1, UK July 1, 2005 09. Lady Madonna

LIVE 8 July 2, 2005 10. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (with U2) 11. Introduction 12. Get Back 13. Drive My Car (with George Michael) 14. Helter Skelter 15. The Long and Winding Road 16. Hey Jude 17. Hey Jude (reprise)

RAZOR CUTS, VIRGIN RADIO, UK September 11, 2005 18. I Say You Never Tell Me

ELLEN DEGEBERSES SHOW November 14, 2005 19. Introduction 20. Fine Line 21. English Tea 22. Get Back 23. Drive My Car

GRAMMY AWARDS February 8, 2006 24. Fine Line 25. Helter Skelter 26. Yesterday