Paul McCartney (2/Cd) Live Archives Vol 1

Paul McCartney (2/Cd) Live Archives Vol 1
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Paul McCartney (2/Cd) Live Archives Vol 1
Paul McCartney’s 70’s almost overlaps his 30s. In the thirties who got talent and motivation burning hotly led the band called wings, flew fruitfully in the seventies. And it was supposed to continue even after the 1980s. But in the first year of the 1980’s, there were two major incidents for Paul. First of all in January 1980 I was arrested on cannabis possession in Japan that I visited for the concert. Paul was held in detention, and as the interrogation that may be over continues, band members who have left off numbness will return home. Especially even after returning to Denny · Lane who was a faithful “Friday”, Wings will collapse. Paul lost the band and it was impossible to go on tour. And at the end of the same year, John Lennon was murdered by a crazy person. Young people who follow up when Yukiko Okada committed suicide continue, as in the Diet on the agenda, there are people who are being inspired and imitating in any age and in any case. Paul seemed seriously afraid at this time that he might be shot from the audience seating standing on the stage whether it was his turn next. As a result, I do not do any tours in the 1980s, so I will spend silent time in terms of live activity. Meanwhile, although I did not come out on tour, I will do a live appearance with a single shot as it is. This work is a series of chronologically recorded miniature live performances that are not recorded in many Collector’s Items, spotlighting such single Paul’s live appearance. The first piece of this work includes one-off live from 1984 to 1990, TV appearance, radio appearances and so on.

【ASPEL & COMPANY】 On June 9, 1984, this will be the first public performance after the wings are dissolved. “I Lost My Little Girl” is a hoax song about to play with a jokes, the middle part to be added later is incomplete at this time, singing the title on a melody. It was something that I showed off with a song that I composed for the first time in the talk of a conversation with a television host. And in the ending of this program, while sitting on a piano performance with Buddy Holly’s “That’s Be The Day” with a microphone, it is singing like a promo film of “Coming Up” . Although women are singing together, this is Tracy Ullman who assisted in “Ya! Broad Street.”

【SOUTH BANK SHOW】 It was recorded on October 14, 1984. Paul is singing “For No One” with just the guitar. In the place where French horn enters halfway Paul supplements it by putting a scat by himself. I am performing perfectly with a solid performance. In this period, the movie “Ya! Broad Street” was released and appeared as a promotion. It would have been said that he performed this song played in the same movie. It is the first live performance throughout the Beatles era. It will be officially picked up on the stage later in the 2005 tour.

【THE TONIGHT SHOW】 It was recorded on October 23, 1984. Paul sang with a guitar in the hands of “Yesterday” touching only like being drunk and then singing lightly to “You’re My Sunshine”. It is a light playing playing degree, but this is the only one that is singing this song. It is a valuable song, live · take which never sang anything unexpectedly, sound check and others.

【LIVE AID】 It is a performance with that famous historical live aid on July 13, 1985. Paul who was consulted for appearance from Bob Geldof at this time refuses once because it does not have a band, but if it is, then it would be good to play “Let It Be” at the piano I decided to appear in advance. The selection “Let It Be” was for the reason that you can play only with the piano without bands. On the day, satellite broadcasts are being made to the whole world, Paul’s vocals are turned off for the first half of the song due to trouble. Not only in the TV but also in the actual venue, the same symptoms are occurring, and while only the sound of the piano clearly flows, Paul’s vocals are faintly heard off-mic. There are places where cheers are boiled twice. The first cheer is the moment when staff who noticed Mike trouble repaired and Paul’s vocal turned on. And the second time, when Bowie, Pete, Townsend etc appeared as a chorus. By the way, the next day, Paul is recording the first half of the song whose microphone was turned off in the studio. At this time Bob Geldof stated that it did not consider any commercialization, but as a pole it was probably recorded for some time. It is put to use when it is made into a DVD later. In this work, it records two of take in real time where the former half vocal turned off by microphone trouble and take rewritten the next day. Because the vocal is contained neatly from the beginning to the end of the re-record take, the first cheering boils unnaturally, but there is no way to recover. And at the end of this event “Do They Know It’s Christmas” sung by all performers is recorded. Paul does not take vocals but is just jumping Pyon Pyeon behind the stage, but for the time being, it is participating.

【THE REAL BUDDY HOLLY STORY】 It is a performance at the appearance of Buddy Holly’s history program recorded on December 12, 1985. I play ‘Words Of Love’ with just Akogi. Interlude is passing through Paul with a shrill voice. While arranging with “BEATLES FOR SALE”, the beauty of the melody can not be hidden, it is a very beautiful performance.

【THE TUBE】 It is the THE TUBE 100th anniversary jingle recorded April 4, 1986. It repeats “100 congratulations congratulations!” According to the hard rock style guitar.

【PRINCE’S TRUST CONCERT】 It is a Prince Trust Concert held under the seat of the Crown Princess and Mrs. June 20, 1986. Paul shows “I Saw Her Standing There”, “Get Back” “Long Tall Sally”, and the repertoire of the Beatles era. In the back there are famous musicians such as Elton John and Tina Turner and it seems that Paul has evoked the pleasure of playing on the stage. In the interview later I told that the experiences at this time gave me the opportunity to do the 1989 World Tour. A somewhat plump appearance pole playing while sweating like a ball. It’s a while away from the stage so Paul’s voice is not perfect, but enjoying and playing it is a very well-communicated entertainment. “Dancing In The Street” is a duet by Mick Jagger and David Bowie, but Paul is playing Akogi on the back. As a digression, “Back In The USSR” appears in the lyrics.

【ROYAL VARIETY PERFORMANCE】 November 24, 1986 It is a performance at the Royal Variety Performance. It is the same event as the Jewel Jarrajara which the Beatles appeared in 1963. Before playing Paul touched this John’s joke of the time and was laughing. This day we are playing “Only Love Remains” from the album “PRESS TO PLAY” just released. It is a famous piece with grand songs and universal lyrics, it can be said to be a suitable selection for playing in front of the royal people. Paul sits on the piano and Linda wears a chorus. Listening at Paul’s vocal which is not processed at all, the goodness of this song will be transmitted again.

【UNICEF GALA】 It was recorded December 4, 1986. When sending a message to the advertisement for UNICEF, I play “Lady Madonna” at the piano. It is the performance of the same song for the first time in ten years since 1930’s Wings tour. It is not just singing, but it is a jingle-like performance of playing that impressive phrase of the same song with a piano before and after the message.

【THE TUBE】 On November 11, 1986, this is also a performance on a television program that appeared for the promotion of the new album “PRESS TO PLAY” at this time. Paul’s performances and songs, and the chorus are all live, not miming. In the studio version, the place where the orchestra enters extensively is simply a piano only as it is. It feels like hearing the naked version of “The Long And Winding Road”. If the result entrusted to the producer is the studio version, I even think that this sort of song that the individual intended himself should be this. In the ending, he played “Whole Lotta Shakin ‘Going On” lightly. This is a familiar song even for sound check and get back session.

【WOGAN】 It was recorded on November 20, 1987. At this time, Paul has released the best board “ALL THE BEST”. It is the best board for the first time in ten years since “WINGS GREATEST”. “WINGS GREATEST” contrary to the title recorded not only Wings but also solo name songs, but since it was a single album, there were many hit songs that were not selected. “ALL THE BEST” was a very well-selected song such as a double album and new songs and songs that can only be obtained with a single. This program appeared for the promotion of the new best board, showing two songs “Jet” of the Wings and “meddlesome girl” to that girl. It is a very rare thing called Wings’ s music played in the 80’s. Paul like the bass has been extensively mixed. Whether it is a haste band just for television appearance or not played, I can enjoy it with a different taste than what I can hear on the tour etc. after it returns.

【BIRTHDAY MESSAGE FOR ALAN FREEMAN】 It is a performance for Alan Freeman’s 60th birthday recorded in 1987. The song is a replacement for “SGT. Pepper’s”, which is a pretty panquish arrangement.

【THE LAST RESORT】 It was recorded November 27, 1987. This is also an appearance for the promotion of “ALL THE BEST”, but the songs that I play are three songs not recorded in the album “Do not Get Around Any More”, “I Saw Her Standing There”, “Lawdy Miss Crowdy” is there. Paul who is singing Oldies number very much with Novgorovi is impressive. Particularly the part of “Do not Get Around Any More” is Moe Point. “I Saw Her Standing There” is an important stage repertoire of Paul from the Beatles era to the present, but the performances that can be heard here are all different from those of 80’s arrangements. The last “Spin It On” was played as a closing jingle of the program and there is no song.

【COUNT DOWN】 It was recorded December 2, 1987. As you can see from a female announcer that overlaps the intro’s “Jam”, this is the one that appeared in the Dutch program. This first “Jam” is a live performance, but “Once Up

DISC ONE ASPEL & COMPANY, UK June 9, 1984 01. I lost My Little Girl 02. That’ll Be The Day

SOUTHBANK SHOW October 14, 1984 03. FOR NO ONE

THE TONIGHT SHOW, USA OCT 23, 1984 04. Yesterday – You’re My Sunshine

LIVE AID, Wembley Stadium, London July 13, 1985 05. Let It Be (original live vocal/mic failure) 06. Let It Be (studio fixed version) 07. Do They Know It’s Christmas?

THE REAL BUDDY HOLLY STORY September 12, 1985 08. Words Of Love

THE TUBE, UK April 4, 1986 09. 100TH Anniversary Jingle

PRINCE’S TRUST, UK CONCERT, JUNE 20, 1986 10. I Saw Her Standing There 11. Long Tall Sally 12. Paul’s Introduction 13. Dancing in the Street (Paul on Acoustic Guitar) 14. Get Back

ROYAL VARIETY PERFORMANCE November 24, 1986 15. Only Love Remains

GALA UNICEF, UK December 4, 1986 16. Lady Madonna

THE TUBE, UK December 11, 1986 17. Only Love Remains 18. Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On

WOGAN, UK November 20, 1987 19. Jet 20. Listen To What The Man Said

BIRTHDAY MESSAGE FOR ALAN FREEMAN, UK 1987 session 21. It was Sixty Years Ago Today (Sgt Pepper parody)

THE LAST RESORT November 27, 1987 22. Don’t Get Around Any More 23. I Saw Her Standing There 24. Lawdy Miss Crowdy 25. Spin It On

COUNT DOWN, NETHERLANDS December 2, 1987 26. Jam 27. Once Upon A Long Ago

DISC TWO SAN REMO FESTIVAL, ITALY February 27, 1988 01. Once Upon A Long Ago 02. Listen to What the Man Said

ECHOES, UK SPECIAL / THE FAME GAME August 2, 1988 03. In Liverpool

BUDDY HOLLY WEEK, UK September 7, 1988 04. Rave On

McCARTNEY ON McCARTNEY RADIO SHOW, UK May 7, 1989 05. I lost My Little Girl

FANTASTICO, BRAZIL MAY 7,1989 06. How Many People 07. Blue Suede Shoes – Distractions

RAPIDO, UK May 10, 1989 08. Improvisation (voice over)

MENSCH MEIR May 18, 1989 09. Put It There 10. Figure Of Eight

WOGAN May 19, 1989 11. Figure Of Eight 12. My Brave Face

COUNT DOWN May 22, 1989 13. Band Introduction 14. How Many People 15. My Brave Face

GERMAN TV SHOW Date Unknown 1989 16. How Many People

STEVE WRIGHT SHOW June 13, 1990 17. Match Box 18. Blackbird

BUDDY HOLLY WEEK September 4, 1990 19. Introduction 20. Rave On 21. Lucille 22. Oh Boy Misterclaudel. MCCD-553/554