Paul McCartney (2/Cd) Desert Trip 2016 First Show

Paul McCartney (2/Cd) Desert Trip 2016 First Show
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Paul McCartney (2/Cd) Desert Trip 2016 First Show
Empire Polo Club, Indio, California USA October 8, 2016. Digitally Remastered ■ complete recording of Paul the latest dessert trip the first day in the high-quality sound! ■ Neil Young is co-starring in the impromptu! ■ premiere of “Why Do not We Do It In The Road”! ■ the “I Wanna Be Your Man,” playing an encore!

Paul McCartney will be 74-year-old in 2016. It is a late-stage elderly in the coming year. However, it will come out from where the heck is he such a power of. We fans, without being aware of his age, it is possible to enjoy the show that always over a long period of time. Ichiro, but talk of age is often said in an interview and me do not anymore, Paul also, the actual age would be rare musicians to show me the far performance.

ONE ON ONE tour is a tour title was crowned in a new tour of 2016 of Paul. There is also the fact that the previous OUT THERE was continued to use long, it would be a sign of enthusiasm that it is completely new tour this time. The ONE ON ONE tour was kicked off on April 13, 2016. If the first track is the opening of a surprise that “A HARD DAY’S NIGHT”, that has not been live ever played the song, also, such as the song that changed To radically arrangements, the elaborate stage production, coupled with very nice concert It is grade up. For the first time 14 years the tour in this band, I can not help surprise and more of the pole to evolve performance.

ONE ON ONE tour in North America, Europe, and longitudinal South America and three continents, the number reckon indeed 40 performances. Among such, Minneapolis performances and we play the “Let’s Go Crazy”, and only 300 people of a small bar at the Pioneer Town performances were carried out, but special day There are several, Indio to 8 days and 15 October 2016 concert, DESERT TRIP was done by also, became a special day. This work has been recorded its first day, October 8, 2016 DESERT TRIP.

Is the name of Rock Festival over six days because this DESERT TRIP. The first part is 9 days from October 7, the second parts and 16 days from 14 days, was carried out on a large scale in the city of California Indio. After all performers Legend set. Rolling Stones, Nobel Prize for Literature Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Roger Waters, and THE WHO and Paul McCartney, is a downright gorgeous actors. Like the king, Nagashima, Chohon, Nomura, Kiyohara, Koji et al., Such as partnered the batting in Yamamoto, just rock legend was a historical festival that gathered to Everyone.

Paul McCartney is the second day of the first part, on October 8, 2016, it appeared after the Neil Young. This work has been recorded its performance. Noteworthy point in the concert of this pole there are many. The day before the Rolling Stones first, what I thought was whether the Beatles “Come Tugeza -” it was to cover. This song was not of that was even recorded, it is the Stones played on the stage. Stones will release only of the album cover song in 2016, but may have been playing in the studio as a candidate song at that time maybe. For this surprise, Paul will be a return in the “want to be a boyfriend.” Lennon = McCartney to know the Beatles era did not have a hit song in the Stones is a music that was present. For the first time, but there is that you have played at sound check for the pole, was played in the production stage. Unlike the sound check of the recorded in 1993 “PAUL IS LIVE”, has been arranged and relatively close to the Beatles version. If a return for that you have to play the Beatles cover Speaking greed, if magnanimity enough to cover the songs of Stones to Paul, but I think more and this concert has become something special.

And the other one of the special concert of this day is that Neil Young was a guest appearance on the stage of the pole. Paul and Neil Young, for example, to be carried out co-star stage in Landmine benefit in 2004, Paul is a guest participating in the Bridge School benefit of Neil organized, and like Paul on the stage in recent years of Neil Young is impromptu , I have been at each other deeply exchanges. And good timing, Paul of the stage is after Neil. Remaining Neil Young as it is, it was supposed to be played two songs at the pole of the stage.

The first track of the co-star is “A Day In The Life.” This song is a song that Neil Young has also sang in its own solo tour, probably the order has been taken up here. First to Neil Young takes the vocals, followed by being played in the form of the baton touch to Paul. Thereafter, it has a structure connected in a medley to “Give Peace A Chance”.

And the highlight of the day, would be a scene to sing “Why Do not We Do It In The Road” of the white album what with Neil. This song is Paul in an interview, “after the end of the recording, I’m a guy of John was singing this song alone. In really of John favorite song, I’m sure I wonder I it has been frustrating that made this,” said is the confidence of Paul that was laughing at the nose. Now Paul is singing in Nobutoi voice you’re not using the intention, it is the live premiere of this song. Although the original was short tracks less than 2 minutes, it has a long playing inserting the heavy guitar solo here.

Than the pole of the latest tour, complete recording of the 2016 October 8 DESERT TRIP first day in the high-quality sound. There played with Neil Young, there live premiere “Why Do not We Do It In The Road”, return song to the Stones there “want to be a boyfriend,” Although it is a fine point, “Can not Buy Me Love “is or is played in the third song, such as” day Tripper “is played in the beginning, there is a somewhat changes in the set list, which is a very special set for this day. Permanent preservation firmly press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification. With Japanese band.

Coachella Fairgrounds “Desert Trip” Indio, CA U.S.A. October 8, 2016 DISC ONE 01. A Hard Day’s Night 02. Jet 03. Can’t Buy Me Love 04. Letting Go 05. Day Tripper 06. Let Me Roll It 07. I Got A Feeling 08. My Valentine 09. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five 10. Maybe I’m Amazed 11. We Can Work It Out 12. In Spite Of All The Danger 13. I’ve Just Seen A Face 14. Love Me Do 15. And I Love Her 16. Blackbird 17. Here Today 18. Queenie Eye 19. Lady Madona

DISC TWO 01. Four Five Seconds 02. Eleanor Rigby 03. For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite 04. Day in the Life – Give Peace A Chance 05. Why Don’t We Do It In The Road 06. Something #1 07. Something #2 08. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da 09. Band On The Run 10. Back In The U.S.S.R. 11. Let It Be 12. Live And Let Die 13. Hey Jude 14. I Wanna Be Your Man 15. Helter Skelter 16. Golden Slumber – Carry That Weight – The End Piccadilly Circus. PCCD-261/262