John Lennon (4/Cd/Dvd) Double Fantasy Recording Sessions

John Lennon (4/Cd/Dvd) Double Fantasy Recording Sessions
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John Lennon (4/Cd/Dvd) Double Fantasy Recording Sessions
From the mania must-have M Claudel label, the title that recorded John Lennon’s last recording session is re-released. The album “Double Fantasy” held at Hit Factory and Record Plant in New York from August to October 1980, and the fruitful recording session that came to fruition as “Milk and Honey” after his death, this work is that. It contains the song “Double Fantasy”.

This album is now full of famous songs that are already known as standards, and John’s youthful vocals and sophisticated rock’n’roll suitable for the new era of the 80’s became a hot topic. This group of masterpieces was written little by little during the time when it seemed that music activity had stopped since the birth of Sean, and it can be heard from the demo tapes of all stages that it was made by combining the leitmotifs. can be done. This work contains a session at that stage, leaving a huge amount of demo tapes to another occasion, completing the song to some extent, and actually recording in the studio. Many of the sessions held at both the Hit Factory and the Record Plant in New York were recorded, both officially and unofficially, and there were many half-finished collector’s items. This work covers everything with a volume that makes them all unnecessary.

Disc 1 contains two songs, “STARTING OVER” and “CLEAN UP TIME”. It starts with a graphic performance of checking the chords of “(JUST LIKE) STARTING OVER”, which was released as the first single suitable for the new album for the first time in 5 years, with a guitar, and the rehearsal is repeated over and over. is recorded. In between sessions, he seems to be enjoying studio recording for the first time in a while, playing songs such as “Only The Lonely” and “Gone From This Place”.

Disc 2 contains “I’M LOSING YOU” and the session at that time, as well as “I’M MOVING ON”. “I’M LOSING YOU” was originally a session inviting Cheap Trick. John’s rock’n’roll voice overlaps with Rick Nielsen’s very hard guitar, making it a tense session. Unfortunately, the session with Cheap Trick was shelved due to reasons such as the arrangement being too hard. You can tell that it was so hard that it was hard. The session at the time of this “I’M LOSING YOU” has been left relatively long, and it is recorded in the latter half of Disc 2. Forgetting the original “I’M LOSING YOU”, the Beatles’ “SHE’S A WOMAN” (and Paul’s song!) And oldies numbers are happily played. Furthermore, the feature of this work is that not only John’s songs but also Yoko’s songs are recorded, and like “I’M LOSING YOU”, Yoko’s “I’M MOVING ON” is also a hardware that Cheap Trick participated in. It is recorded in an arranged version. It is a single recording without being connected in a medley.

Disc 3 contains 4 sessions of “BEAUTIFUL BOY”, “WATCHING THE WHEELS”, “I’M YOUR ANGEL” and “DEAR YOKO”. “BEAUTIFUL BOY” is a song written for his beloved son Sean, and John’s feelings are strong. I think so. Furthermore, in this album, you can listen to the outtake of “Atana no Angel”, which is relatively easy on the ears.

Disc 4 contains a session of 3 songs, “WOMAN”, “Otoko wa Minega”, and “HARD TIMES ARE OVER”. “WOMAN” has become a standard number now. In contrast to the Beatles, the 1980 version of “GIRL” is a John-like, popular song that effectively uses breath. It actually contains 12 versions. There are versions of John and Yoko for “Otoko wa Nagoga”, but I think the duet version is rare.

Finally, as a bonus track, although there is an interview with the radio DJ, the basic track of “STARTING OVER” and “WOMAN”, the long version that was recorded only in the 12-inch promo of “STARTING OVER”, and the same It contains “MAGGIE MAE” sung by John from the session.

The DVD disc contains footage from Sean’s birth through the househusband era, especially in 1980, in his final years. Director Andrew Salt, who produced the movie “Imagine,” said in 1988 that it was rare for a single person to have so many images. The state of staying in Japan is also recorded.

Four discs covering John and Yoko’s masterpiece “Double Fantasy”, outtakes, alternate versions, and sessions. Furthermore, the video of the last years

DISC ONE (JUST LIKE) STARTING OVER 01. Chords#1 02. Chords#2 03. Vocal Booth #1 04. Vocal Booth #2 05. Studio Rehearsal #1 06. Studio Rehearsal #2 07. Studio Rehearsal #3 08. Only The Lonely – Gone From This Place 09. Take 1 10. Control Room #1 11. Control Room #2 12. Control Room #3 13. Rough Mix #1 14. Rough Mix #2 15. Rough Mix #3 16. Rough Mix #4

CLEAN UP TIME 17. Vocal Booth #1 18. Vocal Booth #2 19. Vocal Booth #2 Take 1 20. Vocal Booth #3 Take 3 21. Take 7 Instrumental 22. Take 7 Guide Vocal 23. Rough Mix #1 24. Rough Mix #2 25. Rough Mix #3

DISC TWO I’M LOSING YOU 01. With Cheap Trick Rough Mix #1 02. With Cheap Trick Rough Mix #2 03. Extended Raw Mix 04. Alternate Take 05. Take 1 06. Studio Talk #1 07. Studio Talk #2 08. Slide Guitar Over Dub 09. Horns Over Dub 10. Vocal Over Dub 11. Rough Mix #1 12. Rough Mix #2

STUDIO SESSIONS 13. Studio Rehearsal #1 14. Studio Rehearsal #2 15. Vocal Booth #1 16. DREAM LOVER – STAY 17. MYSTERY TRAIN 18. Studio Rehearsal #3 19. SHE’S A WOMAN #1 – C’MON EVERYBODY 20. RIP IT UP 21. SHE’S A WOMAN #2 22. I’M A MAN 23. BE BOP-A-LULA 24. I’M LOSING YOU #1 25. I’M LOSING YOU #2

I’M MOVING ON 26. With Cheap Trick Rough Mix #1 27. With Cheap Trick Rough Mix #2

DISC THREE BEAUTIFUL BOY 01. Sean Visits The Studio 02. Rehearsal #1 03. Rehearsal #2 04. Rehearsal #3 05. Vocal Booth 06. Alternate Take 07. Studio Talk 08. Rough Mix #1 09. Rough Mix #2 10. Rough Mix #3

WATCHING THE WHEELS 11. Rehearsal #1 12. Rehearsal #2 13. Vocal Booth Take 2 14. Vocal Booth Take 3 15. Rough Mix #1 16. Control Room 17. Take 8 Mix #1 18. Take 8 Mix #2

I’M YOUR ANGEL 19. Vocal Booth 20. Rough Mix

DEAR YOKO 20. Vocal Booth 21. Take 1 22. Take 4 23. Take 6 Mix #1 24. Take 6 Mix #2 25. Rough Mix

DISC FOUR WOMAN 01. Acoustic Backing Track 02. Vocal Booth Take 1 03. Vocal Booth Take 4 04. Vocal Booth #1 05. Vocal Booth #2 06. Vocal Booth #3 07. Control Room Talk #1 08. Control Room Talk #2 09. Rough Mix #1 10. Rough Mix #2 11. Rough Mix #3 12. Rough Mix #3 Alternate

EVERYMAN HAS A WOMAN WOHO LOVES HIM 13. Vocal Booth #1 14. Vocal Booth #2 15. Control Room 16. Rough Mix 17. Rough Mix John On Vocal 18. Rough Mix John & Yoko Duet

HARD TIMES ARE OVER 19. Choir Over Dub #1 20. Choir Over Dub #2 21. Choir Over Dub #3 22. Rough Mix

BONUS TRACKS 23. STARTING OVER (BASIC TRACK with Voice Over) 24. WOMAN (BASIC TRACK with Voice Over) 25. MAGGIE MAY (From The Session) 26. STARTING OVER (Long Fade 12inch Promo Version

DVD DISC 01. Baby Sean Early 1976 02. John Gets His Green Card July 27, 1976 03. The Circus At MSG visiting Mich Jagger March 29, 1977 04. Holiday In Japan August, 1978 05. Holiday In Japan August, 1979 06. Cannon Hill Cold Springs Harbor April, 1980 07. Dear Yoko #1 April 11, 1980 08. Dear Yoko #2 April 11, 1980 09. John & Yoko in the Room 10. Cannon Hill Cold Springs Harbor April 12, 1980 11. Cannon Hill Cold Springs Harbor April, 1980 12. Kanpton Hill Bermuda June – July, 1980 13. Video Session At Hit Factory August 18, 1980 14. Mixing Session At Hit Factory October 10, 1980 15. Sean’s Birthday Party October 13, 1980 16. Central Park New York November 26, 1980 17. Sperone Westwater Gallery November 26, 1980 18. Top Of The Pops December 18, 1980