Monkees Cd - Unsurpassed Masters Volume 6

Monkees Cd - Unsurpassed Masters Volume 6
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Monkees Cd - Unsurpassed Masters Volume 6

The Monkees-Unsurpassed Masters Volume 6 CD

Yellow Dog Records LP4-68 - - outtakes and alternates from the 1968 Head sessions. Excellent quality!

See artwork for song line up - information. 41 tracks.

1. Opening Ceremony

2. Porpoise Song (Theme From “Head”) (Stereo Remix - Remixed from the Listen To The Band boxset version - removing the pops on the Rhino reissue version)

3. Ditty Diego - War Chant (Stereo Remix)

4. Circle Sky (Alternate Mix, Studio Version - Stereo Remix)

This is remixed from the Missing Links Vol. 3 version.

5. Supplicio (Stereo Remix)

6. Can You Dig It (Stereo Remix)

7. Gravy (Stereo Remix)

8. Superstitious (Stereo Remix)

9. As We Go Along (Stereo Remix)

10. Dandruff (Stereo Remix)

11. Daddy's Song (Stereo Remix)

12. Poll (Stereo Remix)

13. Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again (Stereo Remix)

14. Swami - Plus Strings (Ken Thorne), Etc. (Stereo Remix)

15. HEAD Radio Spot #1

16. Circle Sky (Vocals Down Mono Remix, Edit)

17. HEAD TV Spot #1

18. Can You Dig It (Early Mono Mix, Mono Remix, Edit)

19. As We Go Along (Mono Remix, Edit)

20. “Hi Friends” (Stereo Remix)

21. Daddy's Song (Early Mono Mix, Mono Remix, Edit)

22. Happy Birthday To You (Stereo Remix, Edit)

23. Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again (Vocals Down Mono Remix, Edit)

24. Circle Sky (Extended Live Version, Stereo Remix, Edit)

25. Merry Go Round (Demo, Mono Remix)

26. HEAD TV Spot #2

27. St. Matthew (Alternate Stereo Mix, Stereo Remix)

28. War Games (Stereo Remix)

29. Rose Marie (Early Stereo Mix, Stereo Remix)

30. Carlisle Wheeling (Version 2, Stereo Remix)

31. Look Down (Stereo Remix)

32. Come On In (Stereo Remix)

33. Changes (Stereo Remix, Edit)

34. HEAD TV Spot #3

35. Ditty Diego (Rehearsal Take, Stereo Remix, Edit)

36. Circle Sky (Album Version, Stereo Remix, Edit)

37. Daddy's Song (Mono Remix, Edit)

38. Merry Go Round (Mono Remix)

39. HEAD Radio Spot #2

40. Closing Ceremony (Excerpt From “Head”, Stereo Remix)

41. Porpoise Song (Theme From “Head”) (Alternate Mix, Stereo Remix, Edit)