Led Zeppelin - Glinpse An Axe (3/Cd)

Led Zeppelin - Glinpse An Axe (3/Cd)
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Led Zeppelin - Glinpse An Axe (3/Cd)
■ 6 May 13, 1977 Madison Square Garden concert! ■ freshness preeminent high-quality first-generation tape to overturn the conventional evaluation ■ Past the longest recording using a different source to the sub-sound source.

In Zeppelin live, albeit at a range of at very extremely narrow world, there is what is underestimated. Etc. there are a number of great performance and name sound source, or fewer titles from a variety of reasons, also because the name sound source hidden that is not known too much into the world, there still many. Wendy label wonder hopes to put out into the world by irradiating a spot in such a live, this work also, is one of the live that such has been underestimated. Speaking of the 1977 North American tour, what with the Los Angeles continuous performances starting from Eddie to say it would be famous. Of course, each performance in Los Angeles is a great performance either. However, 1977 also in other than Los Angeles is a large-scale continuous performances in Landau Vernon and New York have been made. This work, the New York than continuous performances in Madison Square Garden, has been recorded in the June 13 performance.

June 11 Speaking of Madison Square continuous performance in 1977 is a well-known, many already issued title, in part are also flowing out sound board sound source. Also on June 7, in recent years to become the sound board sound source outflow. June 10, there is a “Relic From The Different Age” Toi title of Wendy label. However, with regard to the thing on June 13, in addition to the nostalgic TDOLZ Speaking of its outstanding title of “Over The Garden”, there is little release. Why great performance of as this is, almost speaking or has not been released, is probably the thing that was not blessed with the sound quality was the cause. For certainly what high-quality sound is large in 1977, this day Mai deny sensitive shadow was thin. However, although touch even after the terms of sound quality, this work is a much quality at all may be saying different things with it, enough to thin the “LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE”, which boasts no way inferior outstanding sound quality. It is clear that from the generation, upgrade of about overturn the evaluation of now until the sound quality and 1977 that were not blessed with the title June 13, Madison Square performance, one of the best ones among the audience recording of 1977 It would be considered.

Has become a source of this work is a first-generation tape that has passed through only once dubbing from Omoto was recorded at 120 minutes tape. It was digitized, it has become a main sound source and the correction pitch adjustment, the volume others. As can be seen if Moraere listen to sound samples, no high very freshness deterioration sound image is, the more this is something that can be understood as soon as it is first-generation. If the people who have listened to its outstanding title, or will not than be surprised in this sound quality. Spatial spread of the sound, such as the organ of the sound in and “No Quarter,” “Stairway to Heaven”, and go through the dubbing part to degrade in the process have been recorded in a form close to the original state without directly deterioration is are you. Also used in the sub is what still has conveyed that it is first-generation, sound quality although inferior to the main source, such as the cut part that was missing in the main source has been recorded in here, used as a complementary source, and has a past the longest recorded.

The main source is partly that the original is recorded at 120 minutes tape, have become minimal contemplated because the song during cutting. There is a lack of “Bron Y Aur Stomp” In about 35 seconds in the song of the main source, also there is a loss of about 15 seconds during the song “Black Dog”, completely by each be complemented by sub-source and it has a recording. And the most complex of is “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”. This song is I do not have missing also the main source, but one of the original tape state problem of, partially sound shakes place has been found here and there in the song. We hear also the rotation unevenness of the tape, but its cause is unknown, although missing what not, because musically absolutely feel uncomfortable, the place is all replaced by the sub-source has been carried out. But seems to be some pros and cons because the sound quality will change with respect to this process, I would like you to understand that it is edited by sub source of in favor of the only musical nature of the tempo is constant.

1977 North American tour, the June 13 New York Madison Square Garden concert, recorded from the first-generation tape that boasts outstanding sound quality. What is past the longest recording and the same day in the sub use a different source, but of course, anyway, I think I want to hear the great sound quality of this freshness. If you have a pre-departure board is supposed to be surprised too much of a difference. Exactly it would be to name a sound source to the great performance to be counted as one of the highest peak in 1977.

Madison Square Garden New York City, New York June 13, 1977 DISC ONE 01. Introduction 02. The Song Remains The Same 03. Sick Again 04. Nobody’s Fault But Mine 05. Over The Hills And Far Away 06. Since I’ve Been Loving You 07. No Quarter

DISC TWO 01. Ten Years Gone 02. The Battle Of Evermore 03. Going To California 04. Black Country Woman 05. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 06. White Summer – Black Mountain Side 07. Kashmir 08. Moby Dick

DISC THREE 01. Heartbreaker 02. Guitar Solo 03. Achilles Last Stand 04. Stairway To Heaven 05. Whole Lotta Love 06. Black Dog

Wendy label. WECD-265/266/267