Led Zeppelin Cd - Fillmore West 19690111

 Led Zeppelin Cd - Fillmore West 19690111
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 Led Zeppelin Cd - Fillmore West 19690111
The sound board recorded very early precious live recordings

Than WENDY label, title was recorded live at the sound board at Fillmore West January 11, 1969 will be the release. January 11 of the year just has opened in 1969, after it recorded enthusiasm Afururu show in compatibility good California much is home ground and common name. Still very early live unnamed band, there is no miracle Toka unspeakable that has been left in such a super-high-quality sound board. The oldest is the sound of recorded in this work in the confirmation can sand board sound of Led Zeppelin.

First seems guitar of equipment trouble occurs, while Jimmy is adjusted, has been recorded from the state that Robert is a “connection narration”, in the then began a concert and we are developing a very hot performance. Jimmy feed the improvisation by multiplying every chance, of the “Deception” is used a different version of the lyrics, even Howlin ‘Wolf version original of which are in the “how MANY More Times”, “how MANY More Years” lyrics such as sung in, you can listen to the very performance of initial unique, such as push through in Adorivu the unfinished song. Zeppelin of all members will have been reportedly satisfied with the performance of this day.

Bonus track, the main part of two days before, I have recorded one song from live recordings in the same venue of January 9th. Unfortunately performance of this day are not left only this one song, but compared to its outstanding sound source noise was more pitch instability, we have recorded in overwhelmingly clear state and normal pitch.

Latest work WENDY label, the Fillmore West concert January 11, 1969, was recorded at ultra-high quality sound board title. Pole is the initial valuable Zeppelin oldest sound board sound source.

FILLMORE WEST SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA U.S.A. January 11, 1969 SOUNDBOARD RECORDING 01. Introduction 02. I Can’t Quit You 03. Dazed And Confused 04. You Shook Me 05. How Many More Times 06. Communication Breakdown

FILLMORE WEST SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA U.S.A. January 9, 1969 AUDIENCE RECORDING 07. Introduction 08. Train Kept A Rollin’ Wendy Records. WECD-227