Led Zeppelin Cd - Aloha From Hawaii

Led Zeppelin Cd - Aloha From Hawaii
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Led Zeppelin Cd - Aloha From Hawaii
1970 summer American tour by Zeppelin, beginning from August 15, were small ones that for 20 performances between approximately one month. This tour is one memorable played a also an important transformation for the Zeppelin. Although set list until just before of this tour is “We’re Gonna Groove” was the opening, long up to 1971 from the American tour this summer, “song of immigrants” is now located in the opening number than is. This time, the maturity of the band corresponds to a transition period of transition from the initial to the medium-term, youthful members of the strongest of the state, such as the 1969, that to play the number to be continued in the later long stage, the fan it will be the irresistible tour. It can be said that is also a matter of course to have been left a lot of name recording from this tour.

Set list is the “song of immigration” that the medley of “Heart Breaker”, Speaking of Led Zeppelin this! Opening of bulletproof should say. And 3 is also early in the song appeared “is dazzled by”, sandwiched between a short acoustic set during the last thing that concludes with “a chest full of love.” The lengthy content, such as the 1973 and 1977 years of the tour, such as condensed into two hours, both of which become the high density of the concert. In the encore, “communication” and others, and a variety of music is played in the atmosphere of the place, even the name board “Blueberry Hill” has been recorded speaking of is this tour, I think splendor of its performance can imagine.

This work, than its 1970 summer American tour, September 6 Hawaii has recorded Honolulu performances. That is the performance of the two days later in Los Angeles, “Blueberry Hill”. It two consecutive performances has been carried out in Honolulu, but this work falls on the last day. Speaking of why he formed a distant Honolulu from the mainland to the tour schedule, perhaps a concert is incidentally, would not have been a primary objective to enjoy a vacation in the sunny beach. It is evidence, but concert pictures of small, lower the lei around the neck, a member of and photos to smiling arrived, there remain a large number such as photographs that are playing at the beach.

And this Honolulu performances there is a happening from the onset. After the 1 tracks “Song of the immigrant” was over, Jimmy that’s usually quick to play the riff of “Heart Breaker” it does not is going to start the middle people. And I do not know what Meku or Base there was a on the stage, but in the Johnsy starts playing the “been dazzled by”. Suddenly called “Heart Breaker”, “it is dazzled” to the second track to Suttoba, very unusual pattern. And this is not intended for the stage shortened, “Heart Breaker” is neatly played the third song. Whether just a misunderstanding, not clear is whether the thing’s due to some trouble, would be very unusual song order in any case.

This work begins with the greeting of the opening of the moderator, it has been recorded in a recording from close to the stage in a single source through the whole volume. This work has been produced from the first-generation master from those through a digital copy of 2 degrees to the DAT. Because it has been recorded in high-quality sound with excellent almost as if a very picked up the sound of the monitor, recording who has also conveyed a story that gave a copy of this tape to Robert himself.

Latest work of Wendy label, Hawaii September 6, 1970 is recorded Honolulu performances in high-quality sound. Under the sun that beat down and Sansan, in crystal-clear beaches and mild climate, I would like you to enjoy in this work the concert of relaxed atmosphere.

INTERNATIONAL CENTER ARENA HONOLULU HAWAII U.S.A. September 6, 1970 01. Introduction 02. Immigrant Song 03. Dazed And Confused 04. Heartbreaker 05. Since I’ve Been Loving You 06. What Is And What Should Never Be 07. Moby Dick 08. Whole Lotta Love 09. Communication Breakdown

Wendy Label. WECD-262