Led Zeppelin (3/Cd) Rock Saint Louie Roll

 Led Zeppelin (3/Cd)  Rock Saint Louie Roll
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 Led Zeppelin (3/Cd)  Rock Saint Louie Roll
Recorded Live At Missouri Arena, St. Louis, Missouri, USA 16th February 1975. It is an official soundboard sound quality appeared.

In 1975 the US tour was released a lot of sound board sound sources, but the sound quality of this day is also wonderful.

On this day, the members’ performances are very clear as they are the first half schedule of the US tour schedule. However, the performance song was as basic set list and there was no surprise song.

As a digression, this St. Louis performance was scheduled to be held on January 27, but the schedule was changed and rescheduled on the last day of the first half of the tour.

As an auditorium, we are performing “Dazed and Confused” with the intro code of “Train Kept A Rollin ‘” included for a moment. This “Train Kept A Rollin ‘” is a four-member song with the first sound match, “It’s a memorial song that we decided to do with the next four people,” Johnsy said. It is an important song where Led Zeppelin was formed. Such a performance

Disc.1 01. Rock and Roll 02. Sick Again 03. Over the Hills and Far Away 04. In My Time of Dying 05. The Song Remains the Same 06. The Rain Song 07. Kashmir

Disc.2 01. No Quarter 02. Trampled Underfoot 03. Moby Dick

Disc.3 01. Dazed and Confused 02. Stairway to Heaven 03. Whole Lotta Love 04. Black Dog 05. Heartbreaker ◆Recorded at Missouri Arena, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. February 16th 1975.