Led Zeppelin (3Cd) Rocky Mountain Hop

 Led Zeppelin (3Cd) Rocky Mountain Hop
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 Led Zeppelin (3Cd) Rocky Mountain Hop
Recorded Live At Vancouver British Columbia, Canada, Pacific Coliseum,19th March 1975. It is an official soundboard sound quality appeared.

In 1975 the US tour was released a lot of sound board sound sources, but the sound quality of this day is also wonderful.

This day is the first day of the Vancouver performance in Canada. I wonder why the plant was very happy to be in Canada and I enjoyed yesterday ‘s evening very much, I sit down a bit of underlying material. In the performance, every song has been released as a long version. “In My Time of Dying”, “No Quarter”, “Dazed and Confused”, etc.

Four shows in the northwest (Seattle 2days and Vancouver 2days) are rated as one of the most wonderful performances possible.

As a listening experience, the best performing “Dazed and Confused” during the tour has been played for nearly 40 minutes, especially including interludes of classical Jimmy songs.

Disc.1 01. Rock and Roll 02. Sick Again 03. Over the Hills and Far Away 04. In My Time of Dying 05. The Song Remains the Same 06. The Rain Song 07. Kashmir

Disc.2 01. No Quarter 02. Trampled Underfoot 03. Moby Dick

Disc.3 01. Dazed and Confused 02. Stairway to Heaven 03. Whole Lotta Love 04. Black Dog ◆Recorded at Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. March 19th 1975.