Led Zeppelin (3/Cd) For Badgeholders Only

Led Zeppelin (3/Cd) For Badgeholders Only
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Led Zeppelin (3/Cd) For Badgeholders Only
Inglewood Forum, Los Angeles, CA USA June 23Rrd 1977. Zeppelin has toured every year since his debut, but after taking a rest for a plant throat operation in 1974, in 1976, he was not able to tour because of a fracture caused by a plant car accident. . Therefore, the tour in 1977 for the first time in two years was just a big event that brought back Zeppelin. This eventually became the last tour of Zeppelin in the United States. This tour is the last masculine figure to perform in front of an American fan who appreciates Zeppelin prior to his home country.

The 1977 North American tour was a long one that was divided into three parts, with two rest periods in April, May, June, and July. However, during the tour in July, the third leg, the son of the plant died of illness and was interrupted with only 4 performances, and the band entered a period of indefinite rest. Therefore, the schedule will be reduced from the original schedule, and all 51 schedules will be completed when all 44 performances are scheduled. However, it seems that such troubles have been accepted enthusiastically by fans, as it has been a long-time US tour, and the largest ever tour for Zeppelin.

This tour was accompanied by a hard and hard album “Presence”, and the rehearsal for the tour was conducted carefully over the two months from the beginning of the year, partly because the songs of the album were unveiled for the first time. . And on April 1, 1977, the tour finally began in Dallas. [LOS ANAGELES 6 consecutive performances] During the 1977 tour, a large series of performances were held at MSG and here in LA. In particular, the six consecutive performances in Los Angeles, the final region of the first leg, were no exaggeration to say the highlight of this tour. If the first day is “LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE”, the third day will say “FOR BADGEHOLDERS ONLY”, and on this day there will be a number of titles with this title. There are still high-quality audience sound sources on June 25 and 27, both of which have high honors with famous performances. The schedule is as follows.

June 21, 1977 LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE (Wendy) June 22, 1977 June 23, 1977 FOR BADGEHOLDERS ONLY (Wendy) June 25, 1977 SUNSET BOULVARD (Wendy) 1977 June 26, June 27 , 1977 “FULL IMPERIAL COLLAPSE” (Wendy) [FOR BADGEHOLDERS ONLY] The president of the publisher is an unrivaled fan, and Rocking-on magazine is often divided by Zeppelin. An interview with Robert Plant from the solo era was published in Rocking On magazine in the 1980s. “Do you know the badge holder? Is it the best sound quality and performance?” Says Plant. As such, the sound source of this day was a sound source that was famous for a long time as the title “badge holder” adopted by MC of the plant of the day.

Three types of sources have been confirmed so far on this day, and this work makes full use of the sources, and it is still listed as the best title as the best that can be thought of in terms of sound quality and content at present ing. In Boot Poisoning magazine, the main source 2 with good sound quality is that this work has been used for the longest time, and it is clear and natural compared to the planar existing boards with a narrow range of sound quality It is evaluated. In addition, the source 3 used for the sub is also evaluated as the most balanced and stable sound, and this work will be the best and final system as long as the complete board is not out of the sound board.

The highlight of the day is that Keith Moon jumps in and shows twin drums. First of all, during the “Moby Dick”, he rushed into the stage, held a microphone, and gave a loud compliment to Bonzo. Keith Moon doesn’t usually take vocals, so I’m surprised that it was such a bad voice. After the performance of “Stairway to Heaven”, when he appeared on the stage again, while Robert Plant sat on the drum and tapped it, he began to speak further into the microphone, saying “Whole Lotta Love” of Encore The two songs “Rock and Roll” will finally sit on a drum set and perform a twin drum. It is a rare performance in the rock history of two drummers, John Bonham and Keith Moon. Two people who have a habit and a hak, already on the stage are messy, Jimmy’s wonderful performance that folds a phrase with a lot of sounds tends to blur, and only the encore of this day will be unpleasant . The same is true of the “Stairway to Heaven”, and when the drums that are more emotional and assertive are entered than in the first half, the atmosphere changes dramatically.

Also, in “Kashimir”, the composition of the song became messed up, and it was also interesting that the band was playing differently than usual when Robert Plant tried to recreate the song behind the hands. Also, “The Song Remains The Same” and “Sick Again”, which are usually played without a short hair, start with an interval between Robert, MC and earning time, whether there was any trouble with the equipment You can listen to the unusual pattern. In this way, it is a live stage where the charm of live performance is condensed in

DISC ONE 01. The Song Remains The Same 02. Sick Again 03. Nobody’s Fault But Mine 04. Over The Hills And Far Away 05. Since I’ve Been Loving You 06. No Quarter

DISC TWO 01. Ten Years Gone 02. The Battle of evermore 03. Going To California 04. Black Country Woman 05. Bron-Y-Aur-Stomp 06. White Summer-Black Mountain Side 07. Kashmir

DISC THREE 01. Trampled Underfoot 02. Out On The Tiles-Moby Dick 03. Guitar Solo 04 Achilles Last Stand 05. Stairway To Heaven 06. Whole Lotta Love 07. Rock And Roll