Led Zeppelin (3/Cd) Drag Queen Of New Orleans 1973

Led Zeppelin (3/Cd) Drag Queen Of New Orleans 1973
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Led Zeppelin (3/Cd) Drag Queen Of New Orleans 1973
Municipal Auditiorium, New Orleans , louisiana, USA May 14, 1973. Digitally Remastered There is no such thing heyday in Led Zeppelin. One of the era also, there is a comparable hard to appeal to each, early, middle, both late, has been subjected to the era of the specific approach as if it were a different band to the music, which they are excellent is are you coexist rather than the level, such as. And to us it recalls to say that 1973, Surely the case is objection to it definitely is a movie “eternal poem”. Video works of Led compared to its left footprints are not many. Of course, photos have been left many, it is possible to follow a visual specific transition of each era, as the Zeppelin that movement, also playing to stab in the coffin in the movie “eternal poem”.

Slimming of Jimmy and crowdedly stage move around suffers from a guitar, nude costume of Robert was to reveal the like of Greek sculpture to shout let Nabika the blonde. Bonzo is rolled slapping to freely like a beast, Johnsy play the silently baseline. Image Such Zeppelin are those formed by the movie “Eternal Poem” without Magou. And also, configuration, but will also criticism from not only a pure live video, wrote that there is no such thing as heyday in the Zeppelin at the beginning, it says 1973 and one vertex of in terms of degree of completion of the performance do not.

Zeppelin live is … is carried out in full force at high volume without cutting corners This is a word of when it was reported at the time the newspaper article. It is a very pithy expression, yet direct, Zeppelin live rumors had bloated is, of showed me the performance of greater than expected was a 1973 US tour. When this time is show up perhaps, also the configuration is standardized, is also no longer a big change in the set list, the across the United States to move in a jet, it can be said is the running of the so-called industry lock. It will also evil, but it therefore perfection of every single concert has become a high. This time of the Zeppelin of the stage meant exactly perfect, though, such as members of the success or failure wave is, the best part performance also listening to what performance has overwhelmed the other bands of the same period. The 70s was a time of Zeppelin.

Even so, in 1973 set list is a perfect configuration. At a stretch spark from the opening “rock ‘n’ roll”. Gagan, is irresistibly cool riff that Gagangagan. And breath without stick lead in the medley to the “celebration of the Day”. In this way of follow up the opening in the medley has become a Zeppelin live classic. “Misty Mountain Hop” and “continue to love you” is also being played in the medley. In particular, the latter is the “etc.” Bruce, can you show off the width of the music is not the only hard rock. Apply effects to the vocals, “No Quarter” in the atmosphere like drifting sea of ​​gelatin, intense Ovachua Following the over “eternal poem”, a quiet and beautiful “Rain Song”. I do not get bored what you listen to pace interwoven. And is the middle of the highlights “are dazzled by”. Dramatic expansion that can be heard here would be good to see a finished form of the same song. About 30 minutes without any is lean, yet a long performance over also, well-honed, also while maintaining the structure that has been crafted in-depth, is perfect who left the room for a play by sensibility. And also Robert of vocal guitar in concert as one of the musical instrument, it can be said that playing a protean “tone”. The way to have the performance of a violin bow, there modulation and thrilling scene, and finally to reprise manner, such as return to the basic melody, through to listen and full of a sense of fulfillment, such as read through like one of the story. “Moby Dick” is a break time of the members other than Bonzo. That Bonzo will that we are that drumming at no stage break, overwhelmed by again Bonzo of godlike power.

“Heart Breaker” has become a medley to continue “a chest full of love”, exactly concert will reach a climax that comes with the said expression snugly “roll into”. Too famous heavy riffs are played at high volume much drown out the cheers of the venue. Eerie sound of the theremin, numerous medley that is inserted halfway. The song concludes back again riff after being subjected to a variety of deployment. Angkor is a “communication breakdown”. Just a perfect set list, charm Zeppelin do not have any chance song order, including is a concert, such as if it had been condensed.

Now what is recorded in this film, from the 1973 North American tour, which is May 14, New Orleans performances. The first half of the 1973 North American tour in early June, placing the interval of about one month, the second half starts from July. New Orleans in the first half, it hits the 7 performances first in 36 performances in whole at an early time of the concert. This New Orleans performances sound board sound source is flowing from ancient times. But there is no sound source only from the middle of the “rock ‘n’ roll”, missing were those found in various places other than it. And this, but is fatal point, it is the poor sound quality while a sound board. Although the sound board, with no flat sound realistic, and range has muffled the overall narrow, it was a light tone of the sound board. On the other hand the same day to the audience sound source also exist in, here is one of the highest class is also compared to the audience in the same period the other performances, has been recorded in a very nice sound quality. Realism is, of course, the day of the air surrounding the whole concert has been a well-balanced recording, will go up tactics in overwhelmingly towards the audience sound source. Thus, the present work is, this high-quality audience sound source in the main, by complementing the missing part in the sound board sound source, is configured in a manner that complete recording of the New Orleans performances. Specific missing part in the audience sound source is a part of “Moby Dick” and “Rain Song”. Since the editing so that there is no sense of discomfort in both the song has been performed, it can be heard through a stable sound quality.

Latest work of Wendy label New Orleans performances May 14, 1973, complete recording by to complement the high-quality audience sound source in the sound board sound source. Audience sound source to be a main in Hitochi things best be compared to other performances of the same time, high-quality ones to surpass even the sound board sound source. It is a title that can be completely reproduced along with the wonderful perfect dramatic live realism of Zeppelin

MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM, NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, U.S.A. May 14, 1973 DISC ONE 01. Introduction 02. Rock And Roll 03. Celebration Day 04. Black Dog 05. Over The Hills And Far Away 06. Misty Mountain Hop 07. Since I’ve Been Loving You 08. No Quarter 09. The Song Remains the Same 10. The Rain Song

DISC TWO 01. Dazed And Confused 02. Stairway To Heaven 03. Moby Dick

DISC THREE 01. Heartbreaker 02. Whole Lotta Love 03. Communication Breakdown