Led Zeppelin (3/Cd) Burn Like A Candle Live At Forum LA June 25 1972

Led Zeppelin (3/Cd) Burn Like A Candle Live At Forum LA June 25 1972
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Led Zeppelin (3/Cd) Burn Like A Candle Live At Forum LA June 25 1972
The Forum Inglewood, Los Angeles CA, USA June 25, 1972. Digitally Remastered

The latest release from Wendy label is “BURN LIKE A CANDLE” which included the Los Angeles show on June 25, 1972. It is a famous board whose title and artwork are known together. The same title was released from the same label in the past, but this time it is a completely different thing not only over there but also overwhelmingly surpasses all the pre-launch boards including other labels in the sound quality. Wendy, including many releases in the past, I would like to find out the significance of this work where I will dare release such a famous sound source now. Since it was closer to complete recording than originals, there may be differences in trivial parts, such as whether fade in / out is present or how cheers are like how the editing technique works, In general it was almost perfect, it was a difficult concert in terms of contents. Naturally as for the work also the longest in the past in terms of contents, the biggest feature lies in its sound quality. Perhaps there is no one who owns the title of this day in Zeppelin · Mania, and many people possess more than one different name disc. Although there will be some people who will acquire “BURN LIKE A CANDLE” for the first time in this work, I truly believe that people who really listened to the already-launched disc might not realistically realize the difference in this work . About that, it is a sound quality that makes a distinction from conventional things.

【Led Zeppelin in 1972】 “LED ZEPPELIN IV” released in November 1971 was a singular one with no title or band name stated in the jacket but it was a big success commercially and still remains the most in rock history is there. Even though “STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN” was not single-cut, the request was flooded to the radio station, and fans told that they purchased the album for this song as if to buy a single. The next album “HOUSES OF THE HOLY” was released in March 1973. This album used a lot of Merotron and synth, it was a perfection degree that made the band’s musicality feel a spread. In other words, in 1972 it was spent on recording and tour. And, on the tour of 1972, of course, it is the songs that are included in “LED ZEPPELIN IV” as well as the representative songs until then, but songs from “HOUSES OF HOLY” that have not yet been released have already been played on stage as new songs are doing.

【1972 North American Tour】 Jimmy Paige himself perceived Zeppelin of this time as one of the musical peak, although there was objection among fans. It also leads to the release of “HOW THE WEST WAS WON” described later. In 1972, the North American tour began in Detroit on June 6, 1972, after warm-up gigs went on two shows in Europe in both May 27 and 28, 1972. On a scale, only 20 performances over June (warm-up · 22 gigs with gig) will be somewhat mid-sized compared with other years. At the same time Stones and others are also doing a North American tour, and sometimes the topic tended to go there sometime, Peter Grant contracted with advertising companies to conduct tours and promotions. In addition, I also contracted lighting and sound with professional dealers, not only focusing on the performance as it was until then, it was also a tour that became a desperate step towards going to the show-up stage.

【set list】 The latest album at this point is “LED ZEPPELIN IV”, but songs that become highlights of the stage after “ROCK AND ROLL” and “STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN”, are still treated as one song in the concert at this time And the main thing was still earlier songs such as “IMMIGRANT SONG” “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE” that the audience’s good response was still sure. Since the set list will be changed dramatically from the Japanese performance that will come after this, this North American tour can be said to be a period of transition in the transition period from the very beginning to the middle term. For that reason, from the opening of the medley of “IMMIGRANT SONG” and “HEARTBREAKER”, from the opening of the old year, such as “DAZED AND CONFUSED”, “MOBY DICK”, “THANK YOU”, long songs to listen to Impro, including the medley “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE” In addition to the composition which became a standard since the mid-1970 year, “Song of LED ZEPPELIN IV” added from 1971, and “HOUSES OF HOLY” of the next year release “OVER THE HILLS AND FAR AWAY” and “DANCING DAYS” , “THE OCEAN” and so on are added, and it is a very variegated thing unique to the transition period. In addition, what is unusual is “LOUIE LOUIE” played in encore. In this way, it can be said that it is a impeccable set list of all-the-best + alpha which can not be heard elsewhere. It is likely that the awareness of the band to try live recording not only covers all the careers at this point but also motivated to play new songs so that contents will not become obsolete a little in anticipation of future releases .

【BURN LIKE A CANDLE】 As well as “BONZO’S BIRTHDAY PARTY” and “LIVE ON BLUEBERRY HILL”, this work will be cited as one of the masterpieces recognized as a title, content, and artwork together. William Stout, who painted illustration of the jacket, is a professional illustrator, and even if it is a professional, it may have been asked as a job whether it is a boot leg jacket or not. Of course he himself likes rock. According to what I heard, I still accept as a work if still asked. The title comes from the MC released by the plant before “DANCING DAYS” “The title of the next album is” BURN THAT CANDLE “”. There is no reason to know why it turned to “BURN LIKE A CANDLE” for any reason, but on the assumption of imagination to the last, what William Stout mistakenly written may have been established as it is . Regardless, speaking of the Los Angeles show on June 25, 1972, there is no objection to this title, that this artwork is a classic title that immediately appears.

【HOW THE WEST WAS WON】 In 2003 the live album was released titled ‘The Legendary Live’. The contents are found to be made by a mixture of the 1972 Long Beach performances and the Los Angeles performances that can be heard in this work. Jimmy Peiji himself only supervised, it was a perfection degree unexpected to be a thirtieth year’s live, and it was a sound making enough to pass in modern times. Although several songs in Long Beach performance had been spilling out on the sound board so far, it is still not possible to listen to the parts other than the one used in “HOW THE WEST WON WON” to the Los Angeles performance. And even this live album is not a simple one such as which song played which day, even in the same song is the situation that Long Beach and Los Angeles are mixed. However, that is why it is possible to find value on a pure sound source only for that day by recording an audience such as this work.

【About sound quality】 This work is Wendy label “BURN LIKE A CANDLE” on June 25, 1972, which is the second release for about 10 years. Contents as well, the titles of previous titles are nearly complete except for some of the medley of “Going To California” and “Whole Lotta Love”, which makes it difficult to differentiate. Although this work is also the longest record in the past, it can be said that there is almost no difference. However, in the part of sound quality, it is very different. I think that you already have a pre-launch board, but probably because it was recorded at a location close to PA, the sound is very close. However, while the sound was close, there was only a flat, something quite mono, with a completely mocked sound. Some labels attempted to pull the treble by equalizing and try to eliminate the defect. However, if you pull the high range, hiss noise is inevitable, pulling the high range and reducing hiss, this time the high range is cut off. It was a good and bad sound source that made me feel the limit of sound processing. While recording at quite close proximity, there is no hiss while eliminating the comory, such conflicting work is impossible at the level of equalization.

Therefore, as the first attempt this time, sound making incorporating the latest AI (artificial intelligence) technology is done. The biggest motivation for releasing “BURN LIKE A CANDLE” newly this time is that there is a prospect of the practical application of this AI technology. In the process of working with the AI ​​technology, in short, “It can correct the original sound that is not left on the tape” is one of the features. Indeed, by bringing out the sounds that I could not hear until now, the sounds of cymbals and snares that were missing in the past have also been properly reproduced in this work. Moreover, it is reborn into a sound that is cleanly and clearly missing, as if the film of the sound that had overlapped many times over was removed. This is clearly not the level that can be achieved by sound processing by equalizing, it was impossible ten years ago, but it is a technology realized because it is a modern age.

AI technology has characteristics in deep learning which learns and learns as much as the experience gains and accuracy increases. In this sense, this work is the first work as a Wendy label, so if it entrusts processing to too much intensity it will become a mechanical sound. So, as a result of trial production as a degree of this processing, this work is considerably conservative. Therefore, it may not feel much change depending on the listener, but I want you to listen to anything.

Of course there is also a harmful effect. When things like roughness and roughness of sounds which were not noticeable when they were combed like the already-to-be-launched board are clearly revealed when they change to such a refreshing sound like this. However, even if minus points are subtracted, you will have to keep silent before this sound quality. Whether this is to be done or not depends on personal preference and does not compel impressions, but it is certain that it is different. I think that this work is the best among a number of “BURN LIKE A CANDLE”. Otherwise, there is no point in releasing such a classic sound source now. It was also released on the Wendy label in the past, and since then it has been saturated in the market where various labels have released one after another. To dare to do it now, it is meaningless if there is no such difference. Again, releasing “BURN LIKE A CANDLE” from the Wendy label is nothing special because there is a significant difference from the pre-launch board, which is sound quality -. Of course both the pros and cons for the sound of this work, there is no doubt that it is at least different from the already launched version so far. Aside from superiority or inferiority, this work presents fans with a new approach to “BURN LIKE A CANDLE” that is different from the original launch. I am looking forward to your reactions in hand.

【Frequent Noise】 If you have a pre-launch board, you will notice that this sound source has frequent intermittent noise that the recording person’s microphone touches clothes, and the number actually reaches hundreds of places. In this work carefully removing each one of them. The noise which affects the actual sound and rhythm is not eliminated, but it is mitigated, and perfectly everything