Led Zeppelin (2/Cd) Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

 Led Zeppelin (2/Cd)  Is Like A Box Of Chocolates
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 Led Zeppelin (2/Cd)  Is Like A Box Of Chocolates
Led Zeppelin From the North American tour of 1973, May 13, 1973 Mobil Performance in Alabama is recorded as a sound board sound source. In 1973 with 1980 it was a year that a lot of sound board sound sources were left, and in itself it is not unusual, but in either case the sound is coarse, the vocals are close to the middle Monaural or monaural-like soundboard sound sources are mostly is there. In such a situation, it can be said that this program’s Mobile show is the sound quality of coloring. Balance is good, clear and sophisticated sound quality can be said to be the quality that distinguishes it from other sound board sound sources the same year.

And the main feature of this work is exactly the sound quality. I want you to listen to the sample sound source rather than spinning words. Almost all of the originating plays were planar and muffled sound quality, whereas the source used for this work is clear and sophisticated sound quality with a very depth. It will converge to the same thing if it follows to the original, but it is a sound quality difference like a different source. It is the title that you want the difference to be felt by all means by those who possess a new title.

As a bonus track, has recorded three songs of “Heartbreaker”, “Whole Lotta Love,” “The Ocean” from July 27, Madison Square Garden concert in 1973, which is also in the sound board sound source. This In the year MSG three consecutive performances are organized, photography and live recording of the album of the movie are known in that was done, the both days of particularly July 28 days and 29 days has been flowing out sound board sound source (Wendy label “MADISON SQUARE GARDEN deux” both title of “MADISON SQUARE GARDEN trois”) is, has not left the first day of July 27, only only concert last several tens of minutes sound board. Unfortunately I can not listen to the first half of the concert in the same situation, on the same audience sound source and coincidentally. This day this work from has recorded three songs in the sound board sound source as a bonus track, part of the sound board in the “Whole Lotta Love” is missing, are supplemented by the audience sound source.

May 13, 1973 Mobil Performance in Alabama recorded as a soundboard sound source. I am planning to compare this by all means with a clear sound quality that is spread as far as it seems as a different thing.

Mobile Auditorium Mobile, AL USA May 13, 1973 DISC ONE 01.Rock & Roll 02.Clelebration Day 03.Black Dog 04.Over The Hills And Far Away Mountain Hop 05.Misty 06.Since I’Ve Been Loving You 07.No Quarter 08.The Song Remains The Same 09.The Rain Song

DISC TWO 01.Dazed Ando Confused 02.Stairway To Heaven 03.Moby Dick

Madison Square Garden NYC NY, USA July 27, 1973 04. Heartbreaker 05. Whole Lotta Love 06. The Ocean