Led Zeppelin (2/Cd) Beautiful Reciprocal Arrangment 1973

 Led Zeppelin (2/Cd) Beautiful Reciprocal Arrangment 1973
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 Led Zeppelin (2/Cd) Beautiful Reciprocal Arrangment 1973
May 28, 1973 San Diego show the Sound recording board

Than WENDY label, title was recorded in San Diego performances May 28, 1973 by the sound board arrived. Speaking of the 1973 US tour was recorded movie “eternal poem”, a large-scale tour, which is positioned as a watershed of Zeppelin. that the following tour had to wait until 1975, when considering the process that became to difficult to expand the improvisation only in that was stylized in circumstances such as stage director, the giant was Zeppelin is, the bulk free it is thought to be or was not the end of the tour, which was able to manipulate in. The fact is in 1973 look like decline of Robert from overuse of many years of throat is scattered everywhere, it is also a difference of poor workmanship is large tour can by performances. Are feeling the end of the adolescence of Zeppelin and creed to be exactly represented in the entire body not only musical instrument, it is thought to be the 1973 was such a tour.

But from the European tour in early 1973, the summer of the US tour There are many day called Meien, also famous performances jostling that is blessed with sound quality not only in performance, such as Ke-user stadium and Bonn Reborn. The sound board sound source completely, regardless of the incomplete, which is left in large numbers. May 28 San Diego performances have been recorded this work, the terms of the date, just hit the day before of the foregoing Quai Heather Stadium and Bonn Reborn, will be positioned as those following the Meien and famous 2 performances.

This day audience recording has not been excavated, concert is valuable to hear only the sound board sound source recorded in this work. The sound quality is alright because of course sound board sound source, at that time acclaimed concert report, you can enjoy a particularly San Diego performances success of Jimmy Page has been rave reviews in high-quality sound.

Latest work WENDY label, the San Diego performances May 28, 1973, was recorded in high-quality sound board title. Keza, it is a valuable Zeppelin sound board sound source of lead in Bonn Reborn.

Sports Arena, San Diego, CA U.S.A. May 28, 1973 DISC ONE 01. Tuning 02. Rock & Roll 03. Celebration Day 04. Black Dog 05. Over The Hills And Far Away 06. Misty Mountain Hop 07. Since I’ve Been Loving You 08. No Quarter 09. The Song Remains The Same 10. The Rain Song 11. Dazed And Confused coda only

DISC TWO 01. Moby Dick 02. Stairway To Heaven 03. Heartbreaker 04. Whole Lotta Love 05. The Ocean Wendy Label. WECD-242/243