John Lennon Wall & Bridges Sessions (5/CD) With Slipcase

John Lennon Wall & Bridges Sessions (5/CD) With Slipcase
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John Lennon Wall & Bridges Sessions (5/CD) With Slipcase
First in a series which uses a unique demonstration of solo albums of John , outtakes , rough mix , and monitor mix , latest work M Claudel will be the session of the sound source ” of the bridge . Love the wall of the heart .” Speaking of ” bridge . Love the wall of the heart” , released in 1974 , along with the ” Tsuppashire midnight ” single was co-starring with Elton John is a U.S. number one hit the first of John , and the U.S. number one as well as an album one of the representative works of John who won . Strings arrangement is subject to excessive impression to do now , but it is name record songs of beautiful melody line , view of the world of John has been fully shown . Was the culmination in the recorded song order a session of ” bridge . Love the wall of the heart ,” the album , including the first appearance sound source of up to five disk indeed , just as the catch phrase of the time this film , such as ” Listen To This! ” it is a set of decision board.

In songs in the album other than , outtakes of ” Move Over Ms.L ” , furthermore , will be the album to another after ” Just Because ” , recorded in that recording session this time as the recording of the same period the , While every attempt has been made complete .

Latest work is M Claudel , title was the culmination includes first appearance sound source , the session of the ” bridge . Love the wall of the heart” published in 1974 . As listed in the inner , has been scheduled for release in the volume is not in until now , the album sessions of John future . I think you find it aligned in the series by all means . Press Release Athletic permanent preservation of the beautiful picture- disk specification . Slip case specifications .

DISC ONE GOING DOWN ON LOVE 1-Piano demo sequence 2-Demo Take 1 3-Demo Take 2 4-Demo Take 3 5-Studio Rehearsal 6-Takes 5 & 6 (breakdown) 7-Offline Monitor Mix

WHATEVER GETS YOU THRU THE NIGHT 8- Demo sequence #1 9- Demo sequence #2 10-Demo sequence #3 11-Demo sequence #4 12-Demo sequence #5 13-Studio Rehearsal #1 14-Studio Rehearsal #2

Recording Session #1: 15-Ain’t She Sweet 16-Take 1 17-Take 2 18-Take 3 19-Take 4 (breakdown) / Yesterday parody 20-Take 5 21-Take 6 (breakdown) 22-Take 6 23-Take 7 (breakdown) 24-Take 7 25-Take 8 (breakdown) 26-Take 9 (breakdown) 27-Take 9 28-Take 10

DISC TWO WHATEVER GETS YOU THRU THE NIGHT 1-Take 11 2-Take 12 (breakdown) 3-Take 13 (breakdown) 4-Take 14 5-Take 15 (“Take 14” by engineer) 6-Take 16 (breakdown) 7-Take 17 (breakdown) 8-Take 18 9-Take 19 (breakdown) 10-Take 20 (breakdown) 11-Take 21 (breakdown) 12-Take 22 13-Take 23 14-Take 24

Re-Make Recording Session #2 15-Take 1 16-Take 2 17-Take 3 with breakdown 18-Take 4 19-Take 5 20-Take 6 21-Take 7 (Backing track Master take) 22-Mixing Session Offline Monitor Mix Guitar/Bongos overdubs 23-Mixing Session over Take 7 Offline Monitor Mix 24-Rough Mix Single Vocal 25-Vocal Overdubs over Take 7

OLD DIRT ROAD 26-Studio Rehearsal 27-Takes 11 & 12 28-Mixing Session Offline Monitor Mix

DISC THREE WHAT YOU GOT 1-Demo #1 2-Demo #2 3-Demo #3 (breakdown) 4-Demo #4 5-Alternate Take 6-Take 10 Mixing Session Offline Monitor Mix #1 7-Take 10 Mixing Session Offline Monitor Mix #2 8-Take 10 Mixing Session Offline Monitor Mix #3 9-Mono Promo

BLESS YOU 10-Studio Rehearsal #1 (breakdown) 11-Studio Rehearsal #2 (breakdown) 12-Studio Rehearsal 13-Alternate Take #1 14-Alternate Take #2 15-Offline Monitor Mix

SCARED 16-Studio Rehearsal 17-Take 4 18-Offline Monitor Mix

#9 DREAM 19-Demo #1 20-Demo #2 21-Demo #3 22-Mixing Session Offline Monitor Mix 23-Rough Mix

DISC FOUR #9 DREAM 1-Edit Promo mono 2-Edit Promo stereo

SURPRISE, SURPRISE (SWEET BIRD OF PARADOX) 3-Demo #1 4-Demo #2 5-Studio Rehearsal 6-Alternate Take 7-Offline Monitor Mix

STEEL AND GLASS 8- Demo #1 “Pill” (1971) 9- Demo #2 (1973) 10-Demo #3 (1973) 11-Demo #4 (1974) 12-Studio Rehearsal 13-Take 8 14-Mixing Session Offline Monitor Mix 1 15-Mixing Session Offline Monitor Mix 2 16-Offline Monitor Mix 3 17-Long Version Quad Mix

BEEF JERKY 18-Studio Rehearsal 19-Alternate Take

DISC FIVE NOBODY LOVES YOU (WHEN YOU’RE DOWN AND OUT) 1-Demo (1973) 2-Studio Rehearsal 3-Take 9 4-Take 18 (breakdown) 5-Take 19 6-Offline Monitor Mix

MOVE OVER MS. L 7-Demo #1 8-Demo #2 9-Studio Rehearsal #1 (breakdown) 10-Studio Rehearsal #2 11-Alternate Take (breakdown) 12-Alternate Take 13-Alternate Take 2 14-Offline Monitor Mix 15-Rough Mix Take 3

16-Walls and Bridges Radio Spot

More 1973 DEMOS 17-Just Because #1 18-Just Because #2 19-Just Because #3 20-“So Many” (demo sequence) 21-“The Boat Song”