John Lennon (Two Discs) Rock N Roll Sessions 73-74 Vol 1

 John Lennon (Two Discs) Rock N Roll Sessions 73-74 Vol 1
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 John Lennon (Two Discs) Rock N Roll Sessions 73-74 Vol 1
JOHN LENNON Rock'n'Roll Sessions 1973-74 Vol.1 2 CDS Finally a set that has everything in the best quality! There have been many versions, but not like this! This volume has the 1973 sessions and mixes along with the Jesse Ed Davis tape of the rehearsals (best quality and complete version!) and onto outtakes from the sessions in NY! Over 130 minutes!

DISC ONE: October 17-November 28, 1973 A&M Studios, Hollywood, CA December 3-14, 1973 Record Plant, LA, CA 01 Here We Go Again (Demo 1 Oddities) 02 Here We Go Again (Demo) 03 Here We Go Again 04 Be My Baby (rough long mix) 05 Just Because (rough long mix) 06 You Can't Catch Me (rough mix) 07 Sweet Little Sixteen (rough mix) 08 Bony Moronie (rough mix) 09 Be My Baby (rough mix) 10 Since My Baby Left Me 11 To Know Her Is To Love Her 12 Angel Baby Studio Talk 13 Angel Baby (1986 Mix) 14 Be My Baby (1986 Mix) 15 Be My Baby (Anthology Mix) 16 Just Because Studio Talk 17 Just Because (Rough Mix) 18 Just Because Studio Talk 19 When in Doubt, Fuck It

DISC TWO: Sunnyview Rehearsals Ghent, New York - October 1974 01 Bring It On Home To Me - Send Me Some Loving 02 Ya Ya 1 03 Ya Ya 2 04 That'll Be The Day (False Start) 05 That'll Be The Day 06 Do You Want To Dance 07 Stand By Me 08 Peggy Sue 09 Be-Bop-A-Lula 10 Slippin' And Slidin' 11 Instrumental 12 Thirty Days 13 C'mon Everybody 14 Ain't That A Shame 15 Ain't That A Shame 16 Ain't That A Shame 17 Ain't That A Shame 18 Instrumental 1 19 Instrumental 2 Outakes Record Plant East, NYC, NY - October 1974 20 Be-Bop-A-Lula (Anthology) 21 Rip It Up - Ready Teddy (Anthology) 22 Slippin' and Slidin' (Anthology) 23 Peggy Sue (Anthology) 24 Bring It on Home to Me-Send Me Some Lovin' (Anthology)